Hello Thursday!

Today is Hello Thursday- at Provocraft- which means NEW cartridges are coming out!! πŸ™‚

Here they are- I wanted to add my thoughts on the cartridges- because it has been rumored that Provocraft is raising their prices to retailers- which means retailers are being forced to sell the cartridges at a higher price point. πŸ™

This means, even for the Cricut Cartridge Junkies out there- like myself, we will have to be a little more selective on which cartridges we get. Β Before, you could easily get the cartridges off of an online store site, for $15 and off of ebay for about the same.

Sadly, even ebay prices have gone up -and the average cartridge sells for at least $10 more- so if they were $15 before- you can now get them for about $25- if you got them for $25 before, you are now looking at spending $42 . This means SAD FACES, all around.

Okay, enough about money–let’s look at the cartridges!

I wanted to start with the favorite of all of the releases–Elegant Edges! Β At first glance, it looks like Lacey Labels, but it has an awesome little feature button called “book,” which means you can make fancy book pages– to bind with your Cinch, your Bind-it-All or the YourStory.

The pages will be flat on one side, and then decorative on the edges-this feature alone, to me is WORTH the cartridge!

Damask Decor, proves to be beautiful and intricate- however, I don’t see myself NEEDING this one– at least not if I am limiting myself.

which goes perfectly with the Our Mothers stamp set


But, here’s another one-that I think is SUPER FUN and will be added to my collection! Everyday Pop-Up Cards

I like the card cartridges- because they tend to have a little bit of everything on them, so it makes them perfect, if you are just starting out your collection. Β Also, I love that even though some of these images, seem to be duplicates from other cartridges (the sewing machine, the wagon, etc)- or very similar– you can make them different POP-up for a fun change of pace!


Here are the seasonal Cartridges- which do tend to be cheaper than the full content cartridges– but with less on them.

Aloha, is a super-cute cartridge with lots of FUN possibilities–BUT, if you own Life’s a Beach– you may already have a lot of similar images–

the good thing about Luau–is the Pink by Design Aloha stamp set– goes perfectly with it! πŸ™‚

The next seasonal cartridge is a MUST HAVE for me, Father’s Day has lots of boy/men images on it- that would make it so much easier to come up w/ those manly cards and layouts!

Pink by Design Stamp sets that could go with this cartridge are:

Got Game, Just 4 Men, Tool Time, and the soon to be released Dads stamp set (wink, wink)

Just 4 Men - the Man stamp


Happy Graduation is perfect for all of those Graduation parties that will be coming up soon–

It goes well with the PBD Hat’s Off stamp set



Lastly- is the Circle Cartridge- which Circle Members get for signing up to be in the Cricut Circle

So, tell me– which cartridges are MUST HAVES for YOU?!!




  • I really like the new Circle one!!! Glad I’m a Premier Charter Member… I’ll get it first πŸ™‚ Also want the Pop Up Cards, looks REALLY cute and Elegant Edges is #1 on my must-buy list!!!

  • There are only 2 on that list that are a “must” for me. Elegant Edges is #1 and Pop-Up cards falling close behind.

  • Sadly, none of this group are must-haves for me…………..I like the Elegant Edges if I can get for a good price……………but otherwise, I think I’ll buy more paper!! πŸ™‚

  • I have to say I wasnt super impressed with these…So popup would be my first choice…Followed by the damask one. The elegant edges one…think I need a better look at. I was really hoping for new Imagine Carts though…They really need to come out with more of those…so if I buy a cart anytime soon it’ll be the Imagine Buckaneer (I think it’s called)!

  • They all look good! I have to have the Elegant Edges, and Pop-Up cards! I’ll also get the Pop-Up Neighborhood by being in the Circle. The others don’t look like something that I need to get right away at least. πŸ˜‰ I do like the Father’s Day one, but I’m trying to decide if I like the images…they seem a little generic, but the more projects we see with them, will more than likely change my mind! I’m still waiting for the new Imagine carts to be released! Gotta have that Buccaneer one! πŸ™‚

  • I really like Elegant Edges.. You didn’t mention YOURSTORY.. I have that and a bind it all.. I see lots of books in my future πŸ™‚ This will be a must have..But I will wait until a good deal comes along.. Thanks for posting a sneak peek.. LisaMH

  • Thanks for sharing! I love you comments about each one too. I think that the only one I really would want is the Father’s Day one because I agree that it would be great for male cards and layouts.

  • withthe prices right now.. neither.. i’m thinking of just getting another machine.. I love my cricut expression which i will still keep the one i bought (still in the box) and sell the one i’m using now.. and try to get another cutting machine sooi can buy svg files when SCAL no longer will cut on my cricut.. as of right now its till cutting svg files.. but i know it won’t later one.. need to save my $$.

    love my cricut and my carts.. thank goodness i bought those carts for 9.99 at M’s and those 13.95 sales at cricutmachine.com …

    do more ecraft vids!!! tempt me more! lol


  • ok, this may give a visual your don’t want. I felt like a Saint Bernard when I looked at the new carts. My jaw hung down and I slobbered! The All the seasonal cartridges are must haves and the Everyday Pop Up is Super! I like the intricut designs but I tend to have difficulty cutting. πŸ™

    Ciao for now!

  • Love “Hello Thursday!” …. my favorites are: Everyday Popup Cards, Father’s Day, and Happy Graduation. These are going to be my “must haves”. :o)

  • None of them really spoke to me. I’m a little miffed at Provo Craft anyway. I bought the E last November and since then have bought Design Studio, a Gypsy and a Cuttlebug along with 25 or so cartridges and alot more than that of embossing folders. Having SCAL has not kept me from buying their products, but when they did not have what I wanted, I created it myself or purchased from SVGCuts.com. I will not be updating my Cricut until my Gypsy and Design Studio will not work without it. Then I’ll be buying a new cutter and it won’t be from PC.

  • I guess, as with all the cartridges that Provocraft releases, there are only a few things on each of the cartridges that I would use. This does continue to make them cost prohibitive. I would like the Father’s Day cartridge and the Pop Up Card Cartridge, but I do not know if I am going to pay that price. I know you have probably heard it before, but do to what is going on now I will probably be limiting myself very much on what I buy from Provocraft, except for replacement blades and cutting mats. Sorry to say, even though I do not totally disagree with what they have done, I am very disappointed. I recently invested in MTC and using with my Expression has so expanded my horizons. I am loving everything that I do with that program and, therefore, will not be doing any further updates to my Design Studio (which I have 2 copies of on different computers and hardly ever used, or my Gypsy (tried to do the last one and it did not work anyway–typical) or my Expression. Going to leave well enough alone until Provocraft gets over themselves. Sorry to spout off, but it needs to be said.

  • Elegant Edges and Damask Decor for me. Since I don’t have young children, I don’t do cutesy but Pop-Up Cards looks interesting. I would have to see all the images before I’d fork over any money for it though. I’m sorry to hear that PC is raising their prices. I wonder if this has anything to do with the MTC lawsuit settlement. My days of spending an arm and leg for cartridges are dead and gone so if I can’t get them at prices I can afford, I won’t get them at all. I have long been of the opinion that PC can get a bit greedy and it’s at the expense of their long-standing customers. I know a lot of people will defend them to the death but there ARE other machines out there that do as good a job, if not better than the PC machines do. I already have a Silhouette which I love and I may branch out even more in the future rather than sinking a lot more money into PC products. And I don’t even own MTC or SCAL so that situation has nothing whatsoever to do with my opinions.

  • I absolutely love the Father’s Day Cartridge. I love my Daddy and I am thrilled they came out with a cart that I can use just for him.

  • I love Elegant Edges and would probably also get Father’s Day. But there’s no images shown for Father’s day.

  • Speaking of Cricut Cartridges and Ebay, I have been watching to try and get the exclusive “French Manor” cartridge from the Circle Club. What I have found is that there is ONE seller that keeps selling it over and over again. EXCLUSIVE? So, I emailed the saler, NO RESPONSE. Then, I called Cricut and was given the email address to the “person in charge at the Circle Club.” NO RESPONSE. Am I crazy or are we being taken?

    Please go and check this out for yourself and help me share this information with other people and spread to other blogs. I am normally not a person to pursue something like this but I think it is NUTS for them to charge so much for that stinking club and with the economy the way it is, it makes are precious hobby even more expensive.

    My email is privilegedmom@gmail.com. I am going to continue to “stalk” Provo Craft until I get some answers. Does anyone else agree??

  • I’ll get Elegant Edges and the pop-cards. I just bought the Father’s Day one at our Fred Meyers with a 20% off coupon. I couldn’t believe they had it, usually they are way behind the times on current releases.

  • I will definitely be more selective as well. I will definitely be purchasing Elegant Edges, Damask, Everyday Pop-up, and Father’s Day Cartridges. I am hoping to purchase your matching stamp sets.

  • Is this circle cart for those of us who signed up at the beginning (last year) or for new members?–or is this the 4th qtr cart?
    I thought our 4th qtr cart was to be shipped in mid May. Haven’t received mine.

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