Sneak Peek

Happy Thursday!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!! It has gotten really chilly here–so we took the kids to Incredible Pizza for some Indoor fun yesterday.  They had a ball and so did Daddy 😉

I went with Alexis, and played games- and tried to win prizes–

She found this machine, that you can win “big” prizes in–and it had Justin Bieber dolls in it—so, she wanted to try it.  She tried a couple of times, and then wanted me to try– (this is a big deal, b/c I have previously not purchased any Bieber products–b/c I think she is too young to have Bieber fever).  Anyway-I figured I’d give it a go-and after a couple of times–Mommy won–and she got to pick the Bieber of her choice.  She was so excited to tell her friends, who already have Bieber dolls that she won a Bieber wearing her favorite color– PURPLE.  (ps. her favorite color changes from day to day)

So…Alexis was all smiles– and was walking around like she won the lottery–and all the little girls stopped and stared, and begged their moms to play the same game.  Did I feel like a cool mom–Absolutely!  Because, I never can win at those silly games!

The tiara is the thing she picked out w/ her ‘tickets’– she chose BLUE even though it wasn’t her favorite color–but, because it was bigger than the pink or purple one!  I had to laugh at this!

Jaxen went around and played games with Daddy–who had to refill his “game card” 1/2 way thru– But- they had a lot of fun, and Jaxen purchased a lot of nothing with his tickets 😉

He got 4 plastic airplanes, 5 bouncy balls, 5 plastic dinosaurs and a huge blow up sword, but was pleased as punch!


Okay, enough about our day– ( I did reward myself with a short Michael’s trip–for all of those cool mom points I earned!)

I still needed lollipop sticks for my cake pops!

Okay…now onto today’s project– which is a SNEAK PEEK!

This project is a sneak of 2 sets! 🙂

“Life is like riding a bicycle, In order to keep you balance, you have to keep moving.”


Have a great Thursday Everyone!! 🙂


  • I’m pooped just thinking about your day! And I have someone who’s favorite anything changes from day to day too! *LOL* Your kids look like sweeties! I’m already dreading getting beyond 4. They grow up TOO fast (totally agree with you on the Bieber thing)!!! If only we could have them at this age a little longer…

  • Sounds like you had a blast with your family, blue tiara matched her top! Great bicycle card! Your stories about your sweet chidren, brings back lots of memeories about my kids when young, except Son was oldest & dtr youngest, I was stay at home Mom & loved every min.I now make memories with grandkids! Oh my 4yr old quarters us to death! LLL TFS

  • Glad you had a wonderful time with the children! Got my stamp yesterday, thank you! Love the card!, hope I can make it on the 1st, I have to get up super early the next day for work!

  • It looks like a good time was had by all! I love the tiara, did you get one too? lol Your card is too cute, I love the sentiment.Thanks for sharing your artwork, and your family with us. Don’t you just love smiling kids.

  • What a fun day. As for the card, I have never heard the Albert E. quote used in that stamp but I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see the others in this set.

  • What fun! You’ll be the mom with the mostest for a good while now! (Congrats on winning, too–those machines used to give me fits!!)
    I got my Support Our troops stamps a few days ago–they are amazing. The best stamps of this type I’ve ever seen! Thanks so much for offering such high quality with such wonderful sentiments.

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