Pink by Design Stamp Release – March 2010

What a night.  It’s 1:40 am here and we are just winding down, but before we do I wanted to share the new releases with you.  In case you don’t know where to find them – you can visit and go shopping.   Stamps start at $9.99 and you will find great deals on all our stamps this weekend.

Argyle Background

Round Argyle

Distressed Music






Distressed Wood



Animated Greetings

Hat’s Off

Our Kids

Our Mothers

Our Teachers

Our Troops

Tool Time


  • What a great Ustream. I have all of your stamps and use them all the time. I love making cards and your sentiments are so great. My grandson gets a nice card every morning in his lunch box and he loves it. I was sick a while ago and couldn’t make his card for a couple of days and he was heart broken so now I have a back up supply in case that ever happens again.

    I have yet to get any of the background stamps though. Your last release hubby said choose and I opted for sentiments. This release mommy Santa said she would bring my birthday a little early and it was another choose thing. One of these days I will hopefully get the backgrounds but if I have to keep choosing it will always be sentiments.

    Precious Hugs

  • Wow, that’s a lot of stamp sets. I see a couple I’d like to have. The Troops set is great, my Grandson is a Marine, so I love that one. I also like the background sets, especially the Music one. I’m drawn to all the music themed things that are popular today. So that one will go on my wish list too. TFS
    Hugs, Jessica

  • The stamps are the best! I ordered them ALL again!!! Can I come work for you? LOL My scrubby said, how many stamps do you need? I said all of yours and Emma’s, so that is what I get! I LOVE THEM so much! Can’t wait to get all the new ones!

  • Sarah

    Last nights ustream was so much fun. Thanks for all the giveaways. I love several of these stamps but especially the Out Troops one. As a mom of a current serviceman, the wife of a former serviceman and a daughter of a retired serviceman I can’t express how much I appreciate your support of our troops. Thanks for that set and for all that you do and share creatively. God Bless

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