For Peeps Sake!

I love baking!

And, I especially love baking with my kids!  I always have– as soon as they were old enough to stand on a chair- they were helping stir, knead, mix, cut out, and decorate!   I think they love it as much as I do.

I have to warn you, that of course it gets VERY messy– and sometimes there are flour spills, and sprinkle spills (have you tried sweeping up those little crunchy balls you sprinkle on cookies??)  But, I would never trade any of that for a spotless kitchen and grocery store goodies.

Here’s a darling cake I made- a couple of years ago- that was a HUGE hit with my kids!  I think I’ll make another one this year– since they are old enough to help even more!

This cake makes me think of Spring & Summer- I love Sunflowers- actually, the kids are planting some this year on our back fence line- so we are all excited about that

(Not Mr. Pink Cricut–b/c he grew up around lots of Sunflowers, so they’re not his thing)



Now you can see why my kids LOVED this cake– because they LOVE Peeps!! 🙂 It is a 2 layer Chocolate Cake- with Dark Chocolate frosting (I used a box mix and store-bought frosting) – and then it is decorated with chocolate chips (this will be the part the kids can help with more this year) and of course the traditional yellow peeps.

The funny thing is I always see PEEPS when I look at it– but at first glance, and while sitting on a picnic table amongst other things- people always just see a SUNFLOWER! 🙂

Wishing you all a SUNNY day or at least a PEEPY one ;)!


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