Mighty Max Low

For those of you who haven’t been to the Pink Cricut Facebook page recently, I wanted to let you know about a little boy’s story that has touched my heart.

Max Low is a 12 Boy from Neola, Iowa who has leukemia.  As far as we can tell he has been struggling with this disease for the last 2+ years.  He made a wish 2 years ago that he wanted to receive 1 million cards and I would like to see our community unite and make it happen for him.  Here is a portion of a repost from a close Low family friend:

I wanted to update everyone on the most current update on Max Low – as of yesterday, he is still @ Childrens Hospital and will remain there until Max can produce and get his white blood cell count up. Some time down the road will they proceed with the bone marrow transplant as long as his tests come back zero cancer cells – I am not sure of the time frame other than a minimum of 3-5 more weeks before they will know if they will be able to proceed with the bone marrow transplant – until then Max will remain in Childrens Hospital.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that has sent cards, prayers, local friends thank you for the food care packages – it sure helps the whole family out !!!!

In the last couple of weeks – Max has received over 600 cards from all over – It sure makes Max smile and gives him something to do and looks forward to opening his “FAN” Mail – Just to name one card Max received today is a card from President Bush Sr with a really nice note and well wishes !!!! How exciting that was for him – I thought how cool is that … the President took time out of his day to read the story about Max and a little boy’s wish to receive a Million cards and he wrote a note and mailed it to him – THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU and please keep them coming !!!!

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  • Hi

    This has touched me so much, i have a place on the home page reqesting all my members of the forum to send one, i have also set it as my status on facebook – He will receive those cards

    Judie xx

  • hello!!! i’m Isabella and i’m in a group at ottumwa iowa called “Charity” and we’ve almost completed sending 1,100 cards over to max!!!! that’s approxamently a card for every kid 6-8th grades! it’s hard work but every body in my group was happy to help max!!!! good luck!

    ~Ottumwa Charity~

  • Hey Max!
    My mom told me about your story and asked me to mention to the youth group kids. Hopefully we can make your wish come true with more cards. We’ll also keep you in our prayers and you concentrate on getting better. Take care and God Bless!

  • Wish you could update the information on this dear boy…
    How many cards has he received?
    Thank you for clarifying the address as the one I received on line was incorrect,at the West Virginia church…Dec 2011

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