Cricut Imagine & Lori’s Garden

So… I wanted to share this quick little information with you about the Cricut Imagine!

As of right now the Cricut Imagine is $299 at

On Sale!
Was: $499.99

It’s come down quite a bit- however I don’t believe this machine comes with any cartridges. :/



the once EXCLUSIVE Lori’s Garden Imagine Cartridge- that only came to CIRCLE members who ordered the Imagine on the release date- for the FULL price- is NOW available to anyone on and it’s even on sale right now for $46.19

This cartridge really is beautiful if you are thinking about getting one– I know they were selling for a lot more than $46 on eBay.


Hope you are all having a FABULOUS FRIDAY night!!


  • Well guess that since that cartridge has my name it means I jut have to get it. Would love to have the imagine as well but that doesnt look like it is happening any time soon.
    Good deals there!

  • Thanks for letting me know about the Cricut Imagine Sale. A little bird told me that I am getting it for Mother’s Day, I had better tell the little bird about this sale! lol!

  • Thanks Sarah, Really wanted Loris Garden. When I saw the price on ebay I almost (croaked)and figured it was a lost cause… Your info helped me to get it Thanks again… Dawn RI

    Oh I got my imagine, but this time the Imagine More cart was corrupt, so I checked all the carts Ive been buying for the I, my Kates Kitchen is corrupt also, so they will replace them. Yayyyyyyyyyyy…

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