$70 Expression?

What??!  I couldn’t believe my eyes, when my sweet friend, LaGala shared this deal she got at her Walmart in Mississippi!

Don’t get discouraged if they are not marked down this low at your Wal-mart yet– because rumor is that they will be clearancing them out by region.  Ps. I don’t really think clearancing is a word–or at least my spell check doesn’t like it 😉

So–keep your eyes on those Walmart Cricut shelves ladies– because this is a deal too good to pass up! 🙂


  • Wow that’s an awesome price. I would grabbed that quick at that price as my expression seems to be on its last leg sometimes. It sure does act up alot.

  • I’ll be checking out my Walmart tomorrow. A while back I got 5 cartridges on clearance for $3 a piece. After that one time their clearance cartridges are $25. I dropped my machine a couple of months ago. I think it fell on the dial size because I can’t change my size on what I cut. So I need a new machine.


  • I don’t think the ones in Grand Island listen to the bosses because they have had the Your Story machine clearanced out for $74 for over a year now. 🙁 I don’t think they will ever go that low on an Expression.

  • I just bought the yellow one online for $175, our Walmart here has them for $195 still. They did however clearance out a bunch of lites for $10 a few weeks ago!

  • Yikes!! That would be worth it for me just to get my hands on the Playtime cart!! LOL My Walmart sold out when they lowered it recently, too. 🙁

  • OMG….. how good it that price! Wish they had sales like this in South Africa;-) ) lol That price is amazing..

  • My Wal-Mart has them for $198.00. I know because I just got the Green one. I was wanting to wait to see if they marked them down. But I was afraid to wait any longer because they only had one Green one left. Glad I got it but it sure would have been nice to get it on clearance.

  • Maybe I should have waited. Seems I finally break down and get a product and they come out with way better deals and my stuff is outdated because Provo Craft has a newer better version 🙁

  • Grrrr my Walmart still have them priced at 195.00 I checked today and all lites are still 39.00 my walmart stinks at putting crafting things in the right places and putting them on sales. You have to search all over for any crafting item. but in my part of Kentucky they are not that low yet. But I will look daily no joke they have 15 left and I want one at that price!!!!! lol I am a girl on a mission ;0)

  • Ok from what I understand, this is the deal. Those Walmarts who have not already done so, are being remodeled into Super Walmarts and for the most part the “craft” area is being removed. Some Walmarts are not making the upgrade for another year or more.. however when they do, you will see a big mark down on craft items and fabrics etc. The area will then become “Celebrations”.. Out with the crafts in with the food.. how depressing. Ive spoken to two shops within a 10 mile range and they wont be making the change for at least another year. Start saving your pennies ladies..:)

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