45 second Gypsy Video on Flipping Images

You might want to flip an image to fit it in a certain space, or to make it look the right direction on a card or a layout–

But, I think most often, we flip images in our Gypsy so that we can make a welded shaped card. 🙂

Before welding, y0u must flip one of the images so that it will fold correctly.  So, here is how you duplicate the image and flip it!

(ps. it only takes 38 seconds)


I thought I already showed you how to weld in 45 seconds– but, I looked and I haven’t –so that is NEXT week! 🙂

Also- I realized I forgot to draw the winner from last Monday for the Cricut Sampler cartridge! (oops)

SO, that winner is Lillian who said:

I have this HUGE stash of ribbon just screaming at me to get creative and with your darling wreath as inspiration, I’m off to see if I can come up with something equally as delightful. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Don’t forget to enter for the free stamp set HERE


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