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So…some of you may have seen some new Cricut Cartridge Names on your latest Gypsy Update!

If you are like me–you were probably thinking…what? I haven’t heard of these…have I seen them? What are they? Where are they?

(keep in mind, these cartridges are not on there for free use- but just to add to the list of what’s out there)

Here are the list of the new ones that can be found on the Gypsy

  • Winter in the Air Seasonal Cartridge
  • Winter in the Holiday Cartridge
  • Spring Seasonal Cartridge
  • Spring Holiday Cartridge
  • Summer Bliss Holiday Cartridge
  • Summer Bliss Seasonal Cartridge
  • Spring Fever Seasonal Cartridge
  • Spring Fever Holiday Cartridge
  • Ultimate Creative Series Cartridge (with 6 overlays)

Upon further investigation, I noticed all of these cartridges, although titled with new names–were Compilations of already released cuts from other cartridges.  Think Cricut Sampler- 🙂

Well– this rang a very loud bell for me–because I remembered seeing this Ultimate Creative Series cartridge compilation on a website–

This site, seems to be owned by ProvoCraft, and airs this special somewhere on tv…??

Here are the details:

Cricut Ultimate Creative Series with FREE Cricut Machine

Now creating cherished keepsakes and lasting memories is fun and easy—thanks to the Cricut Ultimate Creative Series. This full-length, 10 DVD series will teach you, step-by-step, how to craft over 100 unique and heartwarming projects from paper, wood, clay, glass and more. And the best part? We’ll give you a FREE Cricut Machine so you can get started right away! [baby bug, not the expression]

The 10-Disc Cricut Ultimate Creative Series Includes:

  • Creative Card Making Disc
  • Scrapbooking for Everyone Disc
  • Clay and Wood Working Disc
  • Fabric and Needle Arts Disc
  • Glass Etching at Home Disc
  • Gift Giving and Party Hosting Disc
  • Vinyl Lettering and More Disc
  • Home Decor and Design Disc
  • Stenciling and Painting Made Easy Disc
  • Paper Crafting with Flare Disc

Looks like this bundle cost around $216 plus s&p, Plus they have a payment plan option so you can split it into 4 payments.

My thoughts?

I think it would be a great way to get started in the Cricut World–when I very first started, I LOVED my Cricut Sampler Cartridge, because it had a little bit of several great cartridges.  Since, then I have become crazy- and purchased all of those cartridges 😉

But…still it is a good deal for a beginner.  For those of you who own tons of cartridges, it is probably not the best choice for you- b/c you probably already own the cuts.

If you own the Cricut machine–and are just interested in these compilations cartridges–they are for sale also- except for the Ultimate one…..for $59 a piece of 2 for $99.  I personally think that’s a little steep for a cartridge- but then again, I bought most of the cartridges that are compiled onto those for $13-$15 a piece.

But, again, you can split the cartridge cost into 2 payments.

Here’s the link if you want more details on the Cricut Ultimate Creative Series


  • Wow – that is a really cool package and pretty reasonable for all that you get. As you said, if you are already a cricut user, this may not be for you but if you are new to the cricut, it would be great to have.

  • You seem to get great prices on cartridges, what are your top favorite sites to buy from? PC’s price of $59 is crazy, no one should buy carts for that price.

    • When I started collecting carts about 4 mos. ago, I shopped the internet and
      purchased some from Custom Cropd and have since been ordering from Papercrafting
      Pro who have the best prices I’ve found so far. I have acquired around 30
      and have been very satisfied with their service. Hope this helps.

  • I thank you so much for the info..I looked at the cuts and found some images that i really would want, BUT not at that price, lol….

  • I have been looking for the ultimate creative series, and have not been able to find it on tv anymore, do you know how I can get it? I really would like to have the series, if you know of who might have an extra one or selling there’s please let me know

  • The Ultimate Creative Series cart just recently became available on (you can find it elsewhere on ebay too). Right now until Nov. 27, it’s an amazing $40 (that’s cheaper than you can find on ebay or anywhere else).

  • I bought the ultimate sampler cartridge on eBay. I paid thirty eight for it. Most I’ve paid for any cartridge. Before that the most I paid for a cartridge was fifteen. All cartridges received brand new. Love my cricut.

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