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Our CHA trip was SO much fun!  Emma and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip! WE loved the people we met, we LOVED the food we ate, we had fun teaching the Provocraft Class we sponsored on Sunday….we simply just had a ball!

Emma was a great roommate, and she likes to start her day with Starbucks–just like me…so we got along JUST FINE! 🙂

We were so happy to have everyone come out for our Meet n Greet on Saturday morning–it was so good to meet people “in person”  and everyone was so amazing!! 🙂  We had brunch- and chatted and hugged and laughed–and we even had some giveaways!

Thank you to Action Wobble for coming and giving out their super-fun wobbles!!

Emma and I had a fantastic time at the Cricut Gala as well, where there was dancing and lots of running into people we knew!! So FUN!

My camera was not being very friendly to me on our CHA trip–so I was glad that so many people took photos! If you have any others you would like me to add to the collection–please email them to me! 😉

Be sure to mouse over the pictures to find out who is in them, and what’s going on! You can click on them to see them enlarged as well!


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