Just a Bite

Okay– the DCWV stack, Immortal Love somehow brings you in with it’s bold black and red pages!  I am not a HUGE Vampire fan- but, I do love this stack– because it is beautiful!

(ps. I know some of you will ask, so Yes, I did read all of the Twilight Books- and watch all of the movies so far….they were all fun, but the last book was my least favorite)

Anyway, back to the paper– as I was flipping through the pages, I knew right away I wanted to make a box for a Valentine’s treat. 🙂

I was actualy skyping, when I made this– but, luckily I didn’t get too distracted.

After the paper, was on–it needed something–so I used my gypsy and Don Juan to weld the phrase together–I thought it would be a fun play on words–since it has the vampirish look to it, but then I could fill it with treats!

I even remembered to add stickles to the letters, glimmer mist to the black paper (though you can’t see it), and rhinestones with my Imaginisce I-rock!

I was thinking of filling it with chocolate truffles, but I didn’t get around to making them today…for some reason, I cannot seem to catch up on laundry this week–so I will blame it on that!  LOL

Here’s the link to the truffle recipe, I use though- in case you want it!

My Valentine will have to settle for Werther’s Originals 🙂

Tomorrow is Design Team Day with the Girls on the Stamp of the Month Design Team– I can’t wait for you to see what these 2 have created!! 🙂


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