Yudu CardShop

The new thing that is coming out on the 20th is the Yudu Card Shop!

But is that all???

CardShop Photo

Fun and Easy! Screen-print your own cards, invitations, stationery, gift tags, and more in just minutes. Yudu CardShop Machines comes with everything you need to finish your first project including a pre-burned screen, squeegee, adhesive mat, black ink, three-color ink pad, and quick start guide.

For more information check out this page:  http://www.cricut.com/yuducardshop/Home.aspx

Jinger has a great video on that link to show you exactly how this little machine works!

And…remember it will be available exclusively on HSN on January 20, 2011

I just heard from my sweet friend Lori at http://got2bcrafting.blogspot.com/, said she heard it was going to be MSRP 59.99!

I like that price much better than the $80 I was guessing 😉


  • I was wondering what the new PC product was going to be – that is really cool – kind of like stamping and kind of like letterpress. I like it already but not sure I have room for another tool and accessories. Thanks for posting this.

  • This is really cool! Would probably just be a fun thing to do once. I don’t like how you have to buy premade screens. Totally takes the originality out of crafting. Or is it just me?

  • ooooohhhh i think i like and I think I may want…guess it depends on how much the screens/ink cost…i can see where there is room for your own creativity on them 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing looked at the video last night I think that I really “need” this. I like the fact that I can make cards now with out having to use my computer! and thanks for posting the price now I can save up my pennies…lol

  • I just ordered the yudu card studio and noticed that they have some blank screens available. This makes me think that you can make your own screens. The info read that a piece of black foam was included to help block the light and it was done in 4 easy steps. Anyone have any ideas about this? I wondered if maybe you could use the full size yudu to create you own designs…yuk thats another almost $300.00!!!

  • I just received my YUDU Card Shop. Tried it and enjoyed it. Can”t get my hands on other screens. HSN doesn’t have extra ones either. Don’t know why. The only info. they have is about the machine. Don’t go too the YUDU sight for their is no info except that HSN is the only place you can get the machine.

  • Talked to provo craft and found out that at the moment HSN is the only place that has the Card Shop and Accessories….but….after Feb 20th it will be in other stores. Probably the ones that carry other Provo Craft items, like Michaels.

  • I’m catching up on all the recorded shows from hsn and I ordered the card machine in Jan too. Shivon on hsn said they have 3 other screens available. I’m thinking later there’s gonna be an adaptor or something that let’s u make screens. Suzanne runyon said that day if u get it now ur gonna be very happy later on that u did. She hinted at a big surprise about it later on from PC

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