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Happy Thursday– and don’t forget later on today is Hello Thursday where Cricut will announce their new cartridges.

Since, I am in the Cricut Circle- I did get a sneak peek at the cartridges–and there are definitely some MUST-HAVES πŸ˜‰

Speaking of must-haves– I didn’t think I had to have the 3 Birds on Parade cartridge– and then one day, out of the blue–I decided I did need it πŸ˜‰

It came in the mail today- after winning it on ebay– the best place to get Cricut Cartridges from, by the way. Β I paid about $20 w/ shipping included for this once-exclusive cartridge!

Anyways, I can’t say I always do this– but, I made something with my new cartridge the same day it came! Β (woohoo for me!)

I really loved the little bird holding the umbrella, wearing his littleΒ galoshes. Β So, that’s what I did!

Isn’t he so cute?? OF course I added some faux stitching with my gelly pen, and some air mail and orange twine-– to tie all the colors together!


(Ps. In case you are wondering, the stand my card is on is called a Floral Frog or a Pin Frog, used back in the day to arrange flowers–they also make a perfect little vintage-looking stand for your scrapbooking projects)

Also, he went perfect with theΒ Pink by Design sentiment, from Spring has Sprung— I had a hard time deciding which sentiment to use from this set, b/c there are several that could go— but, since I have a friend who wasn’t feeling well–I thought this would be the best choice!


You can enter to win one of these sets for yourself – just leave me a comment with your favorite sentiment from this set! Β πŸ™‚


  • I think my favorite would have to be “sending smiles across the miles” since I am 3200 km away from home. They are all pretty cute tho, love the I-rish you a happy st. paddy’s day. Lol
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Jocelyn Orieux

  • Cute card Sarah! I just checking what this cart have this morning and I thought it’ll be a good idea to have one and there you are giving me another thought! Thanks for inspiring!:)
    My favorite one is “Stand under my umbrella”

  • My favorite would have to be “Can’t smile with out you”. It bring back memories when I read this… My husband is in the Marines and well hes gone a lot… so I think this would be very cute in a card!
    Thanks for the chance to win.


  • That’s such a cute card! I like the “Spring has Sprung” sentiment because I say it every year when the beautiful flowers begin to bloom in my garden!

  • Such a cute card and the verse certainly goes so well with the umbrella and boots.
    I think it is a great set of stamps, but I like the one “lucky to have you as a friend”. My friends are spread out all over this country and I like to send them cards every now and then to let them know I’m thinking of them.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    aka Celticrafter

  • sweet card! i think that i got most of my cart stash from ebay. don’t know why i ever thought $30 at the local shops was ever a great deal. & definitely like the i-rish stamp. very clever πŸ™‚

  • I would love to have this cartridge!! I think the birds are so sweet. Sending smiles across miles is a very cute saying I think I would use that alot!

  • his card is so cute- I agree, I wanted to get this cart as well, butthen had to have it and love it!
    “Sending Smiles Across the Miles”is my favorite on this set. I have several friends out of state so this is perfect.

  • Sending Smiles across Miles…since my grandkids are in Missouri and Arizona and I am in Michigan. I would love to win this set. Your card is fantastic. I am becoming addicted to your stamps.

  • I LOVE your card! My favorite from the set is “just because”… I love sending random cards to friends and they are always “just because” I happened to think of you …. I saw this and knew I had to share…etc. Just because! πŸ™‚ And with 238 carts, I’d say about 225 of them are Ebay buys! πŸ™‚

    maria_m_nestor (at) yahoo.com

  • Great card! I didn’t think I would like this one either – I’m not really into birds, but I have used it more then once. It does have some go to birds on it. lol My favorite is “may good luck be your friend” I have been having some bad luck the last few weeks, and this is a great saying for me!!

  • This cartridge is on my wish list too! It has been since it came out. Soooo cute! Your new stamp set is great! My favorite sentiment is “sending smiles across the miles” Great job!

  • I think my favorite is the one you used on this card! So cute!!! And love the Baker’s twine! Can’t wait for my order of Baker’s Twine to arrive – hopefully soon! Cute Cute Cute!!!

  • What a cute card. I love this bird. I am going to have to check out ebay, the last time I seen this cart on there it was going for over $80. My favorite saying is “sending smiles across the miles” I have a lot of family that lives in different states.

  • There are so many wonderful sentiments in this set. But my favorite 2 are “smiles across the miles” and “can’t smile without you”. I LOVE both of them. You can use both of them in so many ways. Thanks for the inspiration you share each day. papermemories4u(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • I love them all but “Lucky to have you as a friend” is my fave! I didn’t think I needed 3 Birds either but then I saw the great phrases on it and thought they would make excellent titles. I was lucky enough to get it with my rewards points though : ) I ALMOST won some floral frogs on Ebay yesterday…. notice I said almost πŸ™ Oh well, will go hunting again!

    Oh, I’m giving away a Cricut Cartridge on my blog: http://mandiesscrappin.blogspot.com/2011/01/300-follower-celebration.html come check it out!

  • My favorite is the April Showers Brings May Flowers. I think because my oldest son was born at the end of April so that saying always makes me think of him. Love the card, the birdie is adorable!

  • Okay, now I think I want that cart too!!! Such a cute cute image!!! Love the stamps! My favorite is Sending smiles across the miles!! We’re a military family and have always lived far away from our families…that’s the one that caught my eye! TFS

  • I love the sending smile across the miles – I live far from home and it would be perfect to make for some cards back home =)

  • Love the card and love ALL the sentiments in this set. I guess my favorite today would be “the sun will come out tomorrow” but again I love all of these.
    mcclusks at bellsouth dot net

  • What a cute card! Your friend will love it!

    My favorite sentiment from this stamp set is “Sending Smiles Across the Miles”…..this is perfect for me since all my friends and family are so far away and I just know when they open it up they will smile! It will also work here soon for my fiance who will be going on deployment and he’ll be in multiple countries over those 6 months.


  • Cute card! I think my favorite sentiment from this set is “sending smiles across the miles” but all of them would be great to have!

  • This card is super cute and those little galoshes as you call them are adorable!
    My favourite saying from this set is Lucky to have you as a friend. I already know who I would make a card for with this saying!

  • I just viewed your video on cricutcartridgestorage.com
    and it said to come here and leave a comment for a chance to
    win one. Either color is nice. Would love to win it
    and get rid of some of these boxes. So put me in the
    drawing for it. Also going back to your home page
    to sign up for e-mails.

  • Read some more on it – my saying favorite
    would be “stand under my umbrella” which
    would/could mean so many things but mainly
    come and let me help you through your hard times.
    That would be special.

  • Do i have to pick just one.. Ok if I have to I would say “The sun will come out tomorrow.” I am a loyal fan of the movie Annie and till this day I sing this song just about every day.. My oldest daugter I used to call Annie because she looked like Annie but her name is Katelyn.. So I would have to say that one.. πŸ™‚

  • I just love this cartridge and your stamps. I can’t wait to get some. My favorite saying on this set is “Stand under my umbrella”..I’ve never seen this before and it says so much..
    I am a great fan of your work. I am a stay at home granny with a new passion. I wish I was much much younger to really be able to work with it.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! “Stand Under my Umbrella” is definitely my favorite sentiment from the set. I will surely be ordering this set in my next MEGA PBD order…LOL!

  • Cute card. I like the sentiment Sending smiles across the miles. I have so many family and friends out of state that it is perfect for card making!!

  • Hi Sara~ Cute, cute card!!! Can you believe I paid full price on HSN for this cart (that I’ve only used once). Love the cart, but still can’t believe I paid full price for it. Thanks for a chance at winning your cute stamp set! My favorite saying is Irish you a happy St Paddy’s day!!!! Probably has something it being my B-Day & all. πŸ™‚

  • Sending Smile across the Miles, and Can’t Smile without you.. Since my hubby is active duty army those would both be great for card to him while he is deployed, which is going to be happening again very soon. πŸ™
    Thanks for the chance to win, and cute card.
    NYGIRL1994 at yahoo dot com

  • Sweet card! You’ll love that cartridge. I use it a lot! This is a great stamp set. My favorite stamp set is “Sending smiles across the miles,” as I have lots of friends who live across the country. πŸ™‚

  • That is a super cute card! If I had to pick just one it would be Sending Smiles across the miles. I would use it to send cards to my family. Thanks for the great giveaway!!
    hperks24 at yahoo dot com

  • Sending smiles across the miles–since my son and dil live half way across the US from me–Texas to Mass. is a long way. I don’t get to see them as often as I want, so I love to send them things from Texas and home. I always include a card and this would be the perfect sentiment.

  • I do not have a Cricut yet, but if I did, I would defiantley have this one! I love the saying the sun will come out tomorrow. It brings back memories of my oldest daughter and her love for “ANNIE” the Musical!
    I am hoping to finally be an owner of a Cricut here soon, I feel so left out!!!

  • I do not have a Cricut yet, but if I did, I would defiantley have this one! I love the saying the sun will come out tomorrow. It brings back memories of my oldest daughter and her love for “ANNIE” the Musical!
    I am hoping to finally be an owner of a Cricut here soon, I feel so left out!!!
    Ok which is the best one to get??

  • This card is adorable! My favorite sentiment from this sent is “Can’t smile without you.” It makes me think of my hubby. We have never been apart in our 12 years together and I couldn’t imagine a day without him. πŸ™‚ I LOVE your stamps!!!

  • I think my favorite saying from this set is “April showers bring May flowers” I like it because you can use it as an excuse for the rain (here in the Pacific NW) or for April/May or justs flowers. Cute St. Paddies Day also.

  • I-Rish You A Happy St Paddys day is my fav I guess its all the irish blood in me that just loves St Patricks day!! Love your card I am going to have to look on ebay for that cart!
    Have a Happy Crafting Day!!!

  • I love this card, he is soooo cute in his goloshes……
    my favourite would be…Stand under my umbrella…I love that font….so pretty,
    thanks so much for the chance to win….

  • I’d have to say, “I can’t smile without you” because it has special meaning to me and my little sister (the Barry Manilow song) and I’d love to send her a card with that on it πŸ™‚

  • I love the saying “the sun will come out tomorrow” as it reminds me of growing up and singing the song from Annie! It was one of my favorite movies, and I was even in the play while in high school. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Spring has Sprung!! is my fav as I am over this -10 weather! I really like all the different fonts looks like this is a must have…. :)perfect for every card

  • “Stand Under My Umbrella” means so much to me. For family, friends and loved ones who need encouragement, help, a smile, to know that they are indeed loved! This saying makes my heart warmer and my lips lift into a smile. So, how much more for the person who receives it? I would love to win these stamps. I’m quite the mushy person, so sending cards is one of my things! Many thanks! Kelly

  • Hi Sarah. Super cute card! I love it. Love the twine and the cute little duck in boots. I love β€œCan’t Smile Without You” I have lots of ideas for that sentiment. Thank you for sharing your great talent with uis all.
    Honeybearz Designs

  • I got this cart, also from Ebay. I love birds so I knew I just had to have it and it took a bidding on a few of them before I finally won. Your card is very cute!

  • Great card, that bird is real cute. My favourite sentiment in this set is’sending smile across the miles’ perfect to send to my son in Afghanistan when I just want to say hi and keep safe plus my friends and family overseas.
    Kim xXx

  • Sara~
    Wow again, great job again. I love the just because, because I love to give a card or what ever I make just because and now I can stamp it that way…Thanks for the great give-away

  • My favorite sentiment on this set is “Sending Smiles Across the Miles” because my husband’s entire family is on the East Coast (Massachusetts and Rhode Island) and we live in Iowa. They love to get my homemade cards. Thanks for all your posts and fun project ideas.

  • I love how you added the little water detail to make it come alive, and yes that twine does rock!! Spring Has Sprung!!

  • Very cute card and love the twine. Best I get myself some twine. I guess my favorite sentiment is Irish you a Happy St. Paddy’s Day. I am Irish and send out a bunch of St. Paddy’s day cards. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  • Sending Smiles Across the Miles. I have a lot of family that live out of the country who I miss very much and that would be nice to use for sending cards.

  • My favorite saying is “sending smiles across the miles” because my sister lives in CA and I’m in the midwest. Great phrase for a card for her!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Julie L.

  • I love “Can’t smile without you,” I could totally see myself using that phrase a lot!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Lucky to have a friend like you, is my fav quote from this set! Love all the ideas you share πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the chance to win!
    Sherri Riley

  • Seeing as Im alone here in VA and My family lives so far away I’m going with “Sending smile across the Miles”

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • My fav is: Sending Smiles Across the Miles. With most of my family living in other states and both my daughters in the Navy that sentiment will get lots of use. TFS.

  • My favorite is “Sending Smiles accross the miles”! I just love this set. My family and friends live thousands of miles away.

  • I like the saying “Just Because” … You don’t always need a reason to send a card to someone. Anything to brighten someone’s day.

  • i definitely love SPRING HAS SPRUNG because it is part of a little poem that i’ve known and have recited when spring begins…since i was about 3 years old.. (I am now 53!)

    spring has sprung
    the grass has rizz
    i wonder where the birdies is

    re the poem…my daughter has said…
    adorable at age 3…
    corny at age 53..
    but i’ll be saying that every spring until i’m an old woman in a rocking chair.

  • What a great card! I love this cartridge–and your stamp set enhances it perfectly! My favorite sentiment is Happy Everything! It’s so cheerful and could really be used for about any card you need (except maybe sympathy!) I alos love the twine–I bought your sampler pack and it’s just such a generous and fun collection. I’ll have twine for anything I want to use it on!

  • Three birds is on my want list too! Your card is so cute :). I love stand under my umbrella! It is perfect for all those cute umbrella cuts. Thanks for the chance to win. I wish that new stamps were in my budget right now, but they just aren’t πŸ™ TFS such an adorable card!


  • what I cute card!! I love my 3 birds on parade cartridge. My favorite sentiment in this set is Lucky to have you as a friend. thanks for the chance to win this cute set! I love it!

  • Your card is cute! You got a great deal on the cartridge, way to go. I have two favorites in this set: “Lucky to have you as a friend” and “Sending smiles across the miles”. Thank you for sharing your projects.

  • your card is super cute. i love ebay too. i like stand under my umbrella. I think you could use it for many things. like ive got your back, were in it together.

  • Awesome card Sarah!! I have been eyeing that cart for awhile now. I think I need to go on Ebay again and try to get a good deal like you. I can’t believe, $20!!

    I love those stamps. They are ALL great sayings, but I think I like Can’t Smile Without You a lot. That is such a cute saying for a Thinking of you card or a Just because card.

    Thank you for the chance to win that set too. I would love to win it since I have not had a chance *yet* to buy any of your stamps. This would jump start my collection, hint…hint! LOL!


  • I love your card, it is so cute! My favorite sentiment is the “Lucky to have you as a friend”, because I’m lucky with my friends:-) Thanks for the opportunity to win this great sentiment kit:-)

  • I love your card! I don’t have any of your stamps yet, but hope to after my buying freeze is over.=) Here’s hoping I win my first set. My favorite saying is the one you used “sorry your under the weather”.

  • This set is definately on my wish list. I think two of them are tied for my favorite…Can’t smile without you & The sun will come out tomorrow. I just want to burst into song when I read them. πŸ™‚

    I will have everything possible crossed that I am picked to win.


  • I don’t have many sentiments stamps in my crafting cache as they never really say what I want them to say. THIS set, however, is so fabulous. My favorite sentiment is definitely “stand under my umbrella” … what a great phrase that can be used in so many different settings. LOVE IT!

  • I like the one that says Just because… Their are all good sentiments wordings, but my favorite is JUST BECAUSE.. You don’t need a reason to give some one a card, so that is why is my favorite one… Thanks

  • Sending Smiles Across the Miles is my fave. And it’d come in handy for all my college friends and others that aren’t close by. Actually, all the sayings are good for numerous situations – nice set!

  • Cute cute cute!!! I’d say my favorite saying on this stamp set would be Happy Everything since you could use it for so many different things.

  • Adorable card! The sentiment I like is “sending smiles across the miles” because I could use it on cards I mail to my out-of-state friends. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

    coupondenise at live dot com

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