Scraproom Glimpse

So, like I said yesterday– thinks are changing in my used-to-be Formal Dining Room-

Slowly, but surely. ย Nothing fancy or over-the-top…I just feel lucky to be able to have a space to call my own for scrapbooking and crafting. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

With children at home, it is hard to have a spot to “claim” for something like that– so I am very grateful! ย Sometimes, we as crafters have to find any spot to make ours–whether is is a spare room, a spot in the basement, a closet, a laundry room– I’ve seen scrap rooms of all sorts!

I did a quick video for you showing you the changes– and in the video you will see a quick sneak peek of my new stamps coming out on Wednesday as well some other fun stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have any ideas on how I can transform my room– feel free to share, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

I also wanted to remind you that USTREAM is Wednesday night at 8pm CST- come and join in the fun–I am getting prizes and all my fun announcements ready!

Also- I wanted to announce that I will be doing a LIVE Chat with Oh My Crafts Facebook Fan page On Thursday at 2PM CST, so you can chat with me there!

OH! And…. hubby just ordered all 9 new January Cartridges from they are SHIPPING already–and I got them for $217 in a bundle!!


  • well whatever crafty stuff you get rid of like markers you can send to me…. tee just saying… just joking! I love your craft area! I am so jealous!!

  • Sarah, it looks good so far!

    Some ideas I had:
    Look into getting kitchen cabinets with a countertop of your choice. If you can find matching ones to your kitchen cabinets, that will increase the resale value of the house.

    As fat as the ATG goes, instead of a holder for it, why not hang it? The 3M hooks that can be repositioned by pulling down on the adhesive work GREAT! I strung some ribbon on my ATG. I opened up the cover, threaded 1/4″ wide ribbon along where the hinges are, snapped the cover closed & tied a knot with the 2 loose ends. I have it hanging on a 3M hook which is attached to one of the metal legs of my work table. It’s right beside me when I need to use it.

    You could put some of the smaller hooks up inside the “cubby” of your scrapbox to hang things you always use, like scissors, a small calendar, etc.

  • Ill take the whatever you dont want.. kidding.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the way the room looks so far. I have to say that last night I got my cutting mat which is the same one you got.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity to see a glimpse of your space. It’s coming out great. I love that zebra rug! I want one now! I love my IKEA funniture. It’s easy to clean, easy to instal. All the pieces go well together and you don’t have to break the bank. This means more cartridges!!! What a wonderful hubby you have. I can’t wait to see what projects you have. The only 2 cartridges I really need to have is Pixar’s and Disney classic. I’m not working much anymore so I can’t wait to save and get those two!

  • I turned our dining room into my craft room. We have a breakfast area in our home, so when we moved in I knew I needed a space of my own. It makes the perfect space for me….Enjoy your new space!!!!

  • Yeah for you!!! I was wondering how your scrapbox was working out! ๐Ÿ™‚ And what a great deal on that bundle! WOW!


  • Sarah,
    Looking forward to the stamp release. I was really hoping to get mine at CHA–that’s what I was holding out for. Bummed about that!
    Room looks great!

  • Wow Sarah I am so jealous ๐Ÿ™‚ You are lucky to have a great space. Mine is down in my hubby’s “poker room” and I so want to move it somewhere else. I have never heard the the “Bamboo” before so I am excited for you to show us what it is. Thanks for the tour!

  • Once again you are such an inspiration to all of us Scrapbookers!!! Love all the wonderful ideas that you share with us. Keep on Scrapping!!!

  • Great transformation Sarah!! Thanks for sharing wiht us. I am in desperate need of a larger craft space – I’m spilling out of my ‘nook’ more every day. I’m drooling over your Scrapbox!!

  • Thanks for the peek into your space! I love to see where people get creative-Your space is very pretty- love the colors and your stool is to cute! BTW, if you stand and scrap then the counters are the way to go. My hubby is a cabinet maker and made me some in my space. I love them, they hold so much stuff, and I have thiner drawers for older wooden stamps, and stampin’up wood stamps that fit perfectly in them. building this last year is the entire reason I started scrapping again. I posted pictures on my blog of my space, but if I were to add more I would ask that he make them more modular. Maybe he will make me more for the other wall…hmmmm best of luck with your new space- cant wait to see your bamboo in action!

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