A good ol’ Haul

A good ol’ haul for ya!

I did some shopping with Kristi from Little Paper Sprinkles, and her etsy store.

She doesn’t have a ton of stuff on her etsy store– but, she does take requests-if there is something you are looking for!!

That’s it—but come back later–b/c I have something SUPER SPECIAL planned with my friend Meriah!! 🙂

one hint: HELLO!


  • What an awesome haul!! Sarah yes you just paint the glam on! But one extra tip for you is that your glimmer mist will repeal from the glam! So you can paint a little on and then spray your glimmer mist for cool effects!! I have all but one color in the glam and glaze it is AWESOME STUFF!! enjoy!!

  • You are such a great shopper. Omg when I started using copics, I had said same thing, I want be coloring everyday, well that statement turned out to be false. I loved coloring, growing up & still do. I like the ciao better, they are easier for me to handle & I have a few main colors & I just ordered refills & do it myself. The odd shape of sketch is hard for me to handle, have a few. I luv glimmer mist! You have fun! Don’t forget your main goal is LLL to work on Gypsy Imagine Bugs!!! LLL

  • i love my copics! they are like butter on oven fresh bread. they just my turn you over to the coloring side. i am so addicted to mine. this is a great haul. i am also loving my spellbinders. it took me a while to buy them because i can do that on my E, but it is sometimes easier to pull these guys out. hope you’re having a great day.

  • Loved your haul !!!! I am getting addicted to the Nestabilities also !!!! And, OMG, I better start using those Glimmer Mist that I got a long time ago ! LOL Sarah, I hace those same Copic Ciao sets. I have A, B, and C. Yes, there are 2 more set of them, the C and the D. I got them of EBAY for $105 each; free shipping. Overstock has had them too. I will go check Little Paper Sprinkles. We gotta help each other !!! 🙂 Martha C.

  • Thanks for sharing about Kristi’s etsy store! I don’t have access to hardly anything in store out here in Hawaii, and when they do get something crafty in it’s always so much more expensive it’s not worth it on ANY salary. I might take some serious advantage of Kristi lol.

    Your haul is HUGE! I’m so jealous!

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