Cards for my babies

Since, I will be leaving this weekend for CHA-this weekend is sure to be loads of FUN–but I have to admit, it will also be hard– because I’ve only left my kids a couple of times- overnight.

A couple of times when they’ve visited their grandparents, and once for a trip to NYC with their daddy. Β So, they are used to having me around–all the time…and I am used to having them around. Β We are used to snuggling and just being close!

So, I wanted to be sure that every single day they knew I was thinking of them! Β Of course I will call them each and every night I am away (3 nights)- but, I also wanted to leave them sweet cards for each day that I am away.

So, after they went to bed this evening- I got to work on their special cards!

I loved the shiny paper that is in the new DCWV paper pack , Stripes, Dots and Plaids–but, it was sure hard for me to photograph πŸ™‚

I know Jaxen will love it too!! Β The snake is from Boys will be Boys, and the sentiment is from Pink by Design, Oh, BOY!


This sweet lil kitty is for Alexis– because she LOVES kitty cats! Β I couldn’t forget the bling on the collar πŸ™‚

The inside sentiment is from Pink by Design, Furry Friends–oh, and the kitty WOBBLES with Action Wobbles!


This little truck is also from Boys will be Boys–and the paper from DCWV- The stamp is also from Pink by Design,Β Oh, BOY!

And– the truck wobbles too– Jaxen is going to LOVE it!

I know Alexis will love this little card–because it has her favorite colors—lots of BLING and it it will remind her of her mom, and our special Starbucks dates πŸ™‚

We often say “I love you a latte” to each other–so I know she will get the pun too πŸ˜‰

The sentiment is from the Pink by Design Be Mine Stamp Set


This is a fun little spaceship card for Jaxen, to remind him that I think he is Out of this World! πŸ™‚ I couldn’t add a bow–but, I don’t think the twine looks too girly πŸ˜‰

One last card!

This butterfly is from the Lori’s Garden Imagine cartridge–and it is “stickled up”- I thought it would be fun if it looked like it landed on the card! πŸ™‚

The daughter stamp is from the All in the Family Stamp Set


Now, when that pretty little butterfly moves her wings— you’ll see this:

I manipulated the stamp from the Rock On stamp set— to make it look like the sentiment was also fluttering πŸ™‚


So, 3 cards a piece–one for each day I am gone– πŸ™‚ I will write love notes in each of them and I hope that the cards bring a smile to their little faces!

Also– I should mention, since I got to use all of these stamp sets from my previous releases– if you don’t have them yet– all of the stamps are only 14.99 this weekend, while I am in California!


Have a great Thursday everyone–and be sure to come back tomorrow for Design Team Friday!


  • Very sweet cards! My son goes to visit his grandma for a week at a time about every 3 months (it has gotten easier over time but I still miss him terribly!) but I always make him a card or 2 to mail to him while he is there. He loves getting mail. I am sure your kiddos will love these cards – they are adorable!!! Have fun at CHA!!!!!

  • I love how much you love your children. I’m one of those people…I just can’t leave my kids and when I do it’s very emotional. I’m sure the kids will love the cards. Wishing you a safe trip.

  • I’m so proud to design for such a wonderful and caring person. I’m the same kind of mom!
    I know your children are blessed to have you for a mother, and will cherish those special custom tailored cards you made for them.
    My little one Jonas LOVES email–he just discovered that I check my email. So yesterday he told my husband, I have to check my email, mama is sending me a very important email–hahah! He doesn’t even HAVE email! lol!
    So my special treat to him is to send him an email each night, and boy is he looking forward to getting on the computer to check “his email”. HAHAHA!
    My oldest has Aspergers, and is with my parents right now till we can get moved. Routine is super important for him, so as soon as we found out we may be moving, he went to stay with them till the move is over, so there would be no stress/transistion issues. As we are very very close to my parents–although they live 5 hrs away–he feels super secure there.
    So he prefers phone calls and Instant Messenger (he is 11). He loves to also create artistic things–so he will be interested to see what CHAW is all about via my videos.
    I’ll be gone 8 days! The amazing part? He is coming to spend the weekend with me the weekend we get back from CHAW! I’ve already arranged for his best friend to come over for a trip to Dave & Busters!
    So I totally get what you are going thru. I love my children so very much, and pray for them each day. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life to let my oldest stay with my parents for these 6 mths (all together)! Oh to be a military wife!
    Hugs to you!

  • This is SO sweet! This is exactly the same kind of thing I would be doing if I were leaving. I’ve only left my kids overnight once. We are SUPER close and snuggly too (and we LOVE it that way). Hugs to you and I hope this is a good and safe trip and that your little sweeties will be healthy and well while you are away!

  • I LOVE that butterfly. All of these cards are so sweet! Great idea to let your kids know you are thinking of them while you are gone! I hope you have a safe trip. Can’t wait to read all about it when you come back!

  • Your cards are great! I just know your kids will love them! I have a 5 year old, and I have never been away from him longer then one night (only when he goes for an overnight to his Grandparents), and even that is hard for me. You sound like an amazing mom, and with the cards and notes you wrote to them, I’m sure it will help make the time go by faster for them!

    I received your stamps in the mail yesterday! They are awesome, now I know what all the buzz is about!! I can’t wait to get a couple more sets this weekend!

  • All your cards are so sweet! That is such a good mom to have something special for them each day to remind them of you. TFS Susan

  • AWWW !!! That is sooo cute !!! When my kids were little I did cute things for them too, now I’m a grandma and I get to do it for them πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to start designing with your stamps !

    WOW ! See ya on Saturday πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • You are like me when it comes to my child.lolol I only have one but to me she is all I need. Her dad committed suicide when I was 4 months preg. so it has just been me and her. I never left her for more than 3 nights. It makes me think of all these little children being hurt and killed everyday!!!! It is aweful!!! So to all moms out there “LOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND KEEP THEM SAFE!!” Now to the cards, they are so cute and very nice. I know they will love them. I wish I could see their faces when they read them.llololll

  • They are lucky kids to have a mommy that loves them that much. So special. Have fun at CHA! Your kids will be so excited to get you home again.

  • Hope you have a fabulous time at CHA. You will only be away for three days and the time will fly by and you will be back with your family before you know it!!! Enjoy and keep us posted.

  • You’re family is too adorable! I just watched the film your husband made of him and his kids while you were at CHA last year! Such a loving family! Have loads of fun at CHA!! <3

  • I loved all these cards!!! Your such a wonderful Momma! Enjoy this little break, and have a blast at CHA you will be in my thoughts πŸ™‚ IM sure you will call anyways!!!

    Love ya girl πŸ™‚


    PS…thanks for entering this in on mine and Paula’s challenge!!! We think your super special πŸ™‚

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