I do Yudu

Time to YUDU!

I was happy to make something, but didn’t have any new blank t-shirts…but, do you think that stopped me?


My daughter had a plain white, Gap undershirt that I could easily YUDU!

I asked her what she wanted on it–and she said,

” ME and my Mom ROCK scrapbooking!”  🙂

LOL–after much thought, I decided that might be too long for the shirt 😉

First, I decided on a design and designed it in Photoshop Elements– (this took me at least a half hour)

Then- I printed off the design on our inkjet printer onto an included transparency.

While I did that, I prepared my screed with the water and the emulsion– letting it dry seemed to take FOREVER! about 40 minutes

(I kept checking it, by pulling up the clear sheet away from the emulsion…and knew it was dry when the clear sheet removed easily)

I taped the transparency onto the glass- and then was able to burn the image into the emulsion– this LUCKILY only took 8 minutes.

But, guess what? I had to wet it and then let it dry AGAIN!

When I washed it- some of the emulsion that wasn’t supposed to come off, on the screen, started to come off 🙁

(No worries– I just taped up any of those spots)

I was not willing to wait another 40 minutes for that screen to dry–so I took out the Blow Dryer!  This sped up the process a lot- It probably only took 10 minutes instead of 40.

Then I was ready to do the FUN part, the part I had been waiting for…the artistic, creative, colorful part!!


I laid down the plantain with the shirt stuck to it, and then laid down my screen on the top.  I squeezed out pink and purple ink in different spots, and then dragged my squeegee downwards, until it flooded my image! (Alexis asked for Pink and Purple)

Then laid down the lid, and pulled the color again– voila!

PERFECT screenprint!

Well…almost perfect….

I don’t know if it was the shirt, (it was stretchy and had tiny little ribs in it), or that the letters were too small– but the paint did bleed a little, making the little e’s and a’s fill in a bit 🙁

We’ll just blame it on GAP!

Would you notice, by just glancing at someone’s shirt?  Probably not.  Would I notice every single time I looked at the shirt–maybe.

So, I’ll try it again when I have some better shirts to use 😉

But, as for the design– I love how it turned out- I’ve always tried to live my life Creatively– in all aspects of my life, and I hope that my children will inherit that style of living.  Because, in life– things aren’t always cut and dry– you have to be CREATIVE! 🙂

Plus…creativity makes me HAPPY!


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