Pink Scrap n Tote

I’ve been asked a few times this week, how I store my Cricut Cartridges– so…I am going to repost the video I made of my Cricut Cartridge Storage….

I use the Pink Scrap’n Tote and I LOVE IT!

It holds my Cricut Cartridges, and my Imagine Cartridges– and, I’ve almost outgrown the one I have!

(click the scrap’n tote to be taken to their site)

And, right now Scrap’n Tote has a GREAT sale going on, with the Pink Scrap n’ Tote. It’s the VERY FIRST time the PINK Scrap n’ tote has been on sale!!

Plus you can get an extra 10% off the sale price with this coupon code:


Here is the repost of  my video–showing you up close, how it works–and what it looks like!

** You can also fit your overlays in here–I’ve since added my overlays

Plus, I can double up the LITE Cartridges, because their books don’t take up as much room! 🙂 Can you tell, I’ve almost outgrown mine- LOL

Also– Scrap’n Tote has a GIVEAWAY on their blog right now, where there will be 3 Winners!

You can win a

New Champagne Cricut Expression, a brown leather tote, and a Scrap’ n tote!

or.. A gypsy and a Scrap’n Tote

or…A Scrap’n Tote

Hop on over to Scrap’N Tote Blog, and enter that contest!

Just click on Specials at the top, and then click on CONTESTS!


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