Guest Design Spot and another Favorite Thing

Happy Thursday and 2nd Day of December!!

Today, I’ve been asked to do a guest appearance on Erin Lee Creative’s Blog!

Erin, is a bloggy friend of mine, and a designer for Pink by Design stamps– She is a sweet, fun girl!  It is also her birthday week–which is why she’s asked me to guest design for her…she is doing her own “favorite things” on her blog!

So, Happy Birthday Erin– we all think you are AMAZING!  Erin has a FUN Pink by Design Giveaway on her blog, so be sure to check it out!

Erin didn’t ask me to do anything in specific–so, I thought I’d try my hand at my very first Banner!

I have been itching to do a banner since I saw the AMAZING Banner HOP that was hosted by Ruthie at September Ninth, and I’ve FINALLY made one!

DCWV Homemade Christmas and Christmas Combo Stack
& Christmas & Winter Combo Stack
Birthday Bash Cricut Cartridge
I used the Birthday Bash Cartridge to cut both banner pieces out- using the Music Sheet Paper, and the Red Glittery Paper from the Homemade Christmas stack.
Then I cut 3 inch scalloped circles using the Stock Imagine Images, using green paper and the Cut only feature. (Yep, I had both machines going at once–it was awesome!)
I trimmed the green scalloped circles in a cream colored lace and then pop dotted the circles onto the banner pieces.
I cut the letters out of Gold Shimmery paper from the Christmas Combo Stack, using the Birthday Bash Cartridge, and adhered to the Green Scalloped Circles.
Then, I laced Red and Green Twine through the holes, and behind the banner pieces.  I used the same twine to make 2 bows for the ends of the banner! 🙂 I love how it turned out, and it looks so sweet and festive above our fireplace!

Here is a closeup of the papers I used… 🙂  I could either get the red paper to show up nicely or the music paper to show up nicely–but, not both at the same time!

and since I love, love, love the paper I used in this project– I wanted to do another one of my Favorite Things today! 🙂

DCWV paper!!

I love me some DCWV paper–who doesn’t?

I have so many of their stacks–my husband calls it a DCWV addiction–I’ve actually called him from Joann’s to have him check which stacks I have 😉

Anyway– I could NEVER leave DCWV off of my list of favorite things!!

So, I will be giving away a DCWV Christmas Stack to one lucky commenter!

And, don’t forget you still have one day to enter for the Letter Art Favorite thing! 🙂

Please comment below telling me one of your favorite Christmas traditions!!


  • I too am a DCWV addict. LOVE their CS. Beautiful Banner they are so much fun to do. I have to say my favourite tradtion is on I did as a kid and I have continued it with my children. Every Christmas eve we open 1 gift and it is always new PJs so that I can take a pic of the kiddies infront of the tree in their Christmas PJs. I will have to do a LO of that this year.

  • I LOVE DCWV paper!!! One of our Christmas traditions is we open our CHRISTmas gifts on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition my husbands parents did with their kids and we will most likely be passing that down to our kids.
    Thanks for sharing your favorite things!!!
    Yours TruLee
    Ann Marie

  • What a pretty banner. DCWV is also an addiction of mine too. I love all of their stacks. I have them stacked under my table right now because there are too many of them and no where to store them:)

  • Great banner. I’ve also been wanting to make one since that awesome hop. I love DCWV and have printed out the list of stacks to take to the store with me. My very favorite thing about Christmas is shopping for presents. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Cute banner!!! I saw the great giveaway at Erin’s blog I hope I win! I want to try your stamps so bad:) Great giveaway on your blog too,Love DCWV, who doesn’t??


  • This banner turned out so cute! I’ve also been wanting to make one since the Banner Blog Hop but just haven’t gotten to it yet…. I will put it on my must do list ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration. I love the DCWV stacks too. I gave a little squeal when I saw Michael’s is carrying the newest ones too! It’s a much shorter drive to Mikes than Js for me!

    I love baking gingerbread cookies at Christmas time because they make me think of my Grandma. I like to tell stories about her to my girls while we make the dough and decorate the cookies.

  • Sarah I’m with you there on the paper addiction!, my stack collection is busting from its shelf space…but who can resist a DCWV one??!! Wow 1 favorite tradition, I have so many…I guess the one that came from childhood and remains today is going light looking. My older sister took my brother & I out 1 year on a sled to look at all our towns lights((many years later we found out Mom made her take us so she could get stuff/presents finished!!))But both my brother and I remember this fondly, we now drive but still pack the hot chocolate and little bag of cookies. Thanks for allowing me to share and for a chance to add to my paper stash.

  • Awesome, who doesn’t love DCWV paper stacks? Your banner turned out so cute. I keep thinking I need to make one, but haven’t got around to it yet.

  • I love DCWV too so thick and gorgeous.

    Just a suggestion so as not to bother Mr. Pink Cricut (especially if you don’t want him to know, lol). Why not make a list of all your stacks and leave it in your purse so you’ll always know what stacks you already have.


  • Fabulous job on your banner, I have not made one yet either, If I win that fabulous paper may have to give it a try:) Off to Erins have a great day!!

  • love the banner idea, my gransons b-day is comming up so I’ll be trying a banner soon.My favorite Christmas tradition is we all sing happy birthday to Jesus, this has been passed down 3 generations .thanks for listening… Dawn

  • Wow! Love the banner! I am also a lover of DCWV paper, I just love the colors and combinations. Happy Birthday Erin!

    One of our favorite holiday traditions is making krumkake’s and eating lefse. 🙂

  • lovvve the banner! I need to make one of those! and I also have a DCWV addiction! Love their paper but dont have their Xmas collection! Anyway my favorite christmas tradition is every year my mom makes blintz for breakfeast. they are so yummy and last year everyone came to our house and we made them! so fun!

  • Great banner. I am a DCWV addict too 🙂 My favorite tradition is bundling f the kids and going to look at christmas lights at Christmas Circle. Their faces glow with happiness

  • Great banner – I too love DCWV stacks! I used their adhesive paper for the first time last night – LOVE IT!!! My favorite Christmas Tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my dad – we’ve done this since I was about 12. We climb in his truck and then drive around looking at lights and delivering Christmas gifts and goodies to my parent’s friends as well as those who worked for my father when we owned a restaurant. 🙂


  • I, too have a DCWV addiction! LOL I love their paper! My favorite Christmas tradition is when all the ladies in my family get together to bake Christmas cookies. We make so many cookies and have such a good time.



  • You did a fantastic job on your first banner. I am also itching to try my hand at banners. DCWV is my absolute fav paper too. We have a vet small JoAnns but they do carry a small supply of DCWVs latest stacks. Thank goodness!! Thanks for a chance to win.

    Stacy at mycraftingtime dot com

  • Great job on your first banner! That was an inspiring hop and so many creative banners there! I too am a DCWV addict!!! My latest was the Winter Combo…love it! If Jo’s weren’t 20 miles away, I’d be there more often to check out the new stacks! TFS!

  • Sarah, you continue to amaze me! Great Baner and such a good idea for decing the halls. We have an elf, Bernard, who is stuffed and comes to my dgtrs. house Dec. 1. The children never know where he will be in the house and have a great time looking for him. He oversees the kiddos behavior and goes back to the North Pole after they are in bed to report to Santa about them. It’s really a great tradition and even the oldest, 12, still enjoys finding Bernard.

  • Great Banner,Christmas Tradition has always been that my 2 children & their families are always together on Christmas day with me,always have big dinner & of course I bake the holiday red velvet cake.TFS

  • Love your banner. I am becoming addicted to DCWV also

    Our tradition: everyone gets 1 gift to open christmas eve and its always new jammies. The family either gets a game or movie, we trade off each year. Then we put on our jammies, get a snack and either play the game or watch movie. When its over then its off to bed so santa can come…

  • Love the banner super cute, and great job. thanks for sharing with us.
    My favorite tradition is letting the kids open one gift before bedtime on christmas eve. I love to see their faces light up in anticipation of whats to come. They usually get to open a gift from a relative we visited on that night. (of course none at our house, santa has not brought them yet) lol

  • Last I was at a store they were out of all Christmas papers…or didn’t stock them yet?? Hope I get lucky as I have no Christmas paper. Your banner turned out great and will be a new Tradition for you to put that up every year. I have tree decorations that the kids have made in school with their pictures on them. Our tradition is to take a good look at them every year and pick a good spot on the tree for these special ornaments.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  • Very pretty banner!! I am also addicted to DCWV paper stacks. lol
    Our fave tradition is mixing outmeal and glitter for reindeer food. The glitter is to help Santa find our house. I love seeing the kids faces when we look outside to see all the food gone. Then they know that Santa came.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  • Great banner! I still haven’t tried one! My favorite tradition is driving around to look at lights after mass on Christmas Eve! It’s so muc fun to do with the family!

  • I love DCWV!! Our Christmas tradition is getting together with the whole family on Christmas eve and doing an ornament exchange. It’s use to be just the adults but the kids saw how much fun we were having and had to join in.

  • One of our family traditions is the stuffing of the stockings. We start two weeks before and add a small something everyday. We open the stockings on Christmas on Christmas Eve to ease the anxiety of ” gotta open something “. Beautiful Banner, I might try one myself!

  • Sarah – This was so sweet of you to do this for Erin – you are both fantastic ladies. Favorite holiday tradition:

    One of them would be giving the kids their Advent calendars on Dec. 1st. They get the ones with the chocolate so that they can have a little peace of heaven each day as we wait for Jesus birthday!

    Thanks as always!!

  • Every Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story from the bible and Twas the Night Before Christmas. My dad read it to me when I was little and I have continued the tradition with my kids!

  • Love the banner… I have been seeing them a lot this year and I might even take a chance at one =) As always awesome work =) One of my favorite traditions is sort of new, I have always had fake trees until last year and now I am hooked on real ones. So for the last 2 years me and the hunny set aside a day and go get the tree and spend quality time together =)

  • Super cute banner. I have yet to try one but it is on my list to do. One of our favorite traditions would have to be riding and looking at the pretty Christmas lights. I make a thermal of hot chocolate for the drive in the car and off we go!
    lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

  • LOVE the banner. It turned out great! One of our favorite traditions is decorating gingerbread houses. Messy, but so fun!

  • =) Very nice banner! I’ve also been itching to make one of these since the banner blog. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to work on one. I love DCWV paper too! It’s my fav DP. We have a very small JoAnns but luckily for me the do carry a small amount of the DCWV current stacks. I just need to make sure that I rush out as soon as they come out to get my stack before they are all gone. TFS

    stacy at mycraftingtime dot com

  • We always listen to Alabama’s Christmas CD while putting the ornaments on the tree. My boys are grown now, but we still listen to THistlehair the Christmas Bear & Mary and Joseph’s Boy every year.

  • No way! This can’t be your first banner. It’s perfect… ;0)

    Well, I will make one banner (it will be my first one too) and I just hope that it looks just like yours.


  • I haven’t made a banner yet but I love yours. I love DCWV paper too. I believe you need to buy the paper you like and then let it age before you use it. HA HA HA, I promise, you should see my assortment.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • I love your banner Sarah… they seem to be so hot right now, I may need to make one for Christmas…
    Thanks so much for the chance to win…my favourite Christmas tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my mom, my hubbie and my son, then spending Christmas day at home with my son and hubbie…

  • Great banner! You did a fantastic job on it! My fav tradition is watching the movie Christmas Vacation. We all love that movie and pick a night to watch it. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    booger1 at

  • My favorite tradition is to make peanut brittle. It was something my grandfather did, my mother did, and I do. Now, I need to be sure the recipe doesn’t stop with me!!!

  • My favorite tradition is to make homemade fudge. I have been making every year since I was 10 and once I make it it’s gone!

  • Love your banner! And I love DCWV papers! One of my favorite traditions is baking cookies. I can remember baking and decorating as a kid with my Mom. I have so much fun baking with my kids at the Holidays! Thanks for another awesome give away!

  • my favorite tradion is going light looking. been doing that since i was little and dad would take us all out just to see the lights. oh what fun it was to all lights lite. now my hubby still takes light looking once in a while also just so i can see the lights still.

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