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Happy Monday!!

Only 5 more days til Christmas!!  Can you believe it?  This month has flown by!  My little girl has school until Thursday 🙁 so we will be on our same ol’ routine throughout he week!

I have to say, Christmas eve is my favorite part of Christmas!  I love the happiness that hangs in the air like a glittery fog, I love the magical feeling in the bottom of your heart, as everyone awaits the next morning.  I love the tradition of opening just one gift, taking time to slow down before the big day.  I love the yummy snacks we eat on Christmas Eve– (sausage balls, cheese and crackers, COOKIES–because there are no calories on Christmas Eve) I love the look in my children’s eyes, as they watch the sky for Santa– or sit quietly by the fire listening for sleigh bells.

On Christmas Eve, hugs are a little tighter, kisses last a moment longer, wine tastes a little sweeter, stars twinkle a little brighter–That’s why I think Christmas Eve, and not Christmas Day is the most wonderful day of the year!

Sorry–I just wanted to share a little bit of me 🙂 before I move on to the project today!

Did you know you can cut felt in your Big Shot or your Cuttlebug.  You can even cut felt in your Cricut, if you use the deep cut blade!!

How fun is that?

I know that the Christmas season in general is the most wonderful time of the year–but, which is more wonderful in your family…?  Christmas or Christmas Eve?


  • Awww! How sweetly you wrote about your favorite day! For me (this year) it will be the day AFTER Christmas. My oldest splits her time between her dad and I so I won’t get her until the 26th this year. So that will be the day when I have my whole family together and we can really celebrate! Next year it will be christmas eve/Christmas Morning! The kids get on their christmas pjs and we take pictures. They will undoubtly ask a bunch of questions about Santa and whatnot…I’ll wrap the presents (because I’m a procrasti-santa) and everyone goes to bed excited for the next morning. Then it’s the excitement in their eyes that morning that makes it all worth it! Hard to believe we’re less then a week away already! and crazy that you have school there til thursday! YIKES! Around here this past friday was their last day! 🙂

  • I’m with you! CHRISTMAS EVE is my favorite. Church is so peaceful and when we light our candles and they turn off the lights and we sing SILENT NIGHT…..the feeling is just overwhelming. After, we come home and put together all of our special yummy food. Swedish meatballs, homemade Irish Cream (talk about calories ~ I wouldn’t even want to know how many are in one glass..yikes) etc…and still to this day my children (23; 19 & 15) write letters to Santa and make magic reindeer food, we read one of the many books we’ve colected over the years with the story of THE FIRST CHRISMAS. Oh…I can hardly wait for CHRISTMAS EVE!!

  • i love christmas eve! everything is so much more fun. could it be the anticipation of santa for the kids? who knows. but the laughter is so much more jolly. we have a yummilious dinner, great wine & dessert is usually beyond scrumptious. & the adults in the house have a blast when the kids fall asleep & prep christmas morning surprises. what makes it even more special is having it snow on that night & sledding on my parents’ hill & coming in for some great hot chocolate. yes i am so excited for christmas eve. it is so worth all the craziness prior to that day!!!

  • Christmas Eve is my favorite also, Since I was little my Mom and Dad would have a little celebration for Christmas with me and my sister, because on Christmas day we were always going to my grandparents and were not able just to be together alone. We would always have Lasagna and great things like sausage balls, cheese balls and open the presents from our parents. Well now that my sister and I have gotten older, we still have that same tradition, but just a few more people now, since were both married and she has 4 kids. I just love that we still take the time to spend that one night together as a family. Merry Christmas!

  • chistmas eve is how we celebrated our christmas. we started eating about 7-8 pm and then mingled til midnight, then opened presents. stayed up late. so we slept in christmas morning to get up and play w/ everything and clean up.
    your holly jolly card is wonderful. plain and simple, but wonderful. xoxo

  • Love the card so cute!! I think Christmas Eve Night and Christmas morning if that makes sense…hubby works on christmas eve so the kids and I do all the baking while we wait on him to get home, then after he gets home our holiday begins we go to the inlaws then home and off to bed with the kids so santa can come…then christmas morning there is no phones, tv, laptops, nothing but my kids and the love of my life enjoying each other laughing and talking and enjoying the blessing that we have!!!

  • For our family it would be Christmas Day. On Christmas eve we host my extended family Christmas with all of my brothers, sisters and their families. So we have a very full house and it’s a bit crazy with all the little ones running around. We enjoy the evening and love having all the family in the house, but Christmas day is my husband, I and our kids. It’s a more relaxed time and a special time we get to enjoy our family time and the real meaning of the season.
    I always enjoy your videos. Thanks for all of your time and the inspiration you share.

  • awww… Christmas Eve !!! My youngest is 21, and every Christmas Eve, one of them ( one of my 5 children) puts cookies and milk for Santa on the table 🙂 They take tradition very seriously and when I tray to make a little change here and ther, they unanimously reject it !!! I love my kids. They are the heart of my home and now it’s even better, with the ddition of my little grandson (only one of my kids is married). MeRRy ChRisTMas to ALL !!!! Many blessing on this coming New Year. !!!!! Martha C.

  • I love them both equally. My husband and I both come from divorced families so we have lots of places to go in just two days. Instead of spreading ourselves so thin that we can’t enjoy it “Christmas” is four days a year for our family. We spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s mother (and others)…it’s a day of veggin’ out….we sit by the fire play cards open presents and enjoy each other’s company. My mom gets Christmas day it’s another day of comfort and spending time with family. Before we leave our house our kids wake super early to see what “Santa” brought them. Our tradition, we don’t put anything under the tree until the night before Christmas after the kids go to bed. The day after is usually spent with my father as it is also his birthday. My husband’s father is squeezed in, the day varies depending on work schedules. I love the holidays….all the yummy food, just talking about it…I feel like a kid again, I’m all anxious and can’t wait for it to be here.

  • Christmas Eve is my favorite. We make cookie for Santa and my husband reads the Night before Christmas an we watch Christmas Vacation (husband favorite movie) then we go to mid-night mass come home and the kids go right to bed.

  • Thanks for the help in cutting felt…I’ve tried before without success….but I’m more than willing to try again.
    Traditions change as the years pass…I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. When my children were younger, we had a tradition of gathering as a family each night right before bedtime, to open a door in out Advent Calendar, light the candles on the Advent Wreath, do a Christmas Bible Study (we all have Luke memorized!) and read a Christmas Book (we added a new one to our collection every year.) One Sunday afternoon and evening, we would invite close friends to join us for a soup and sandwich supper, after which we would share our family tradition with them. It all culminated on Christmas Eve, when we gathered as an extended family with whatever realtives could join us, to change the candles from pink and purple to white, to open our gifts to and from each other and sit down to a *traditional* Christmas meal of Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pudding,Gravy, Honey Glazed Carrots, Razzleberry dressing (a jello dish) and English Triffle for dessert. We would go to Midnight Church (what a breathless service, with carols soaring and the church dim and candle-lit!) The children would go to sleep in their new Christmas jammies (as would the hubs and I) and get up bright and early Christmas morning to do stockings with cocoa and oatmeal cookies (for breakfast!). It was fun and exciting, but the times I think of, when I think of Christmas, are the Christmas Eves.
    Now, my children are grown and gone, for the most part. Although Kate still lives at home, her schedule is way too busy to do Advent every night…and this year, I wasn’t even up to getting all the decorations out. Bill and Kate are both working Christmas Eve, and Kate’s serious boyfriend’s family does their whole Christmas on Christmas Eve. Stockings just aren’t as much fun, and money is tight, anyway. This year, I’m hoping to start a new tradition that will make everyone happy and not be too hard on me…we’re having the children, my mama and brother (my entire family, pretty much) and Brian (the BF) over for a Christmas Brunch on Christmas Morning. We’ll do presents (no pajamas this year!) and eat and just enjoy each others’ company…with everyone bringing a dish, I don’t even have to do more than make the baked French Toast! We’ll still do the Christmas Eve Church Service (because Jesus IS the Reason for the Season), but come home to sleep in a bit and not have to greet people at our door until 10;30 or so.
    I love my memories of Christmas past…but I have every reason to think that this will be equally as wonderful…for, the traditions have changed, but the people and love remain the same.

  • Christmas Eve is when we celebrate. My husbands adult children come over. My son, his wife and their chilren 7& 4 live with us. We have a traditional dinner, then watch on the computer where Santa is flying over the world. We each open a present, then put the little ones to bed. Then the adults open the rest of their gifts.We usually go to midnight mass but with the little ones its be a little difficult.
    Then Christmas morn the children wake us up and then all the wrapping paper flies. The kids always get to much but they enjoy it. We do a special brunch then my son heads off to work, My daughter inlaw takes the kids to her moms. My husband and I have a quiet afternoon watching Christmas movies.

  • Christmas Eve is definately my favorite! The whole family gets together at our house and we have a special dinner, dessert and then open presents. It is always an exciting time. I love the excitmement in my children as we put out the reindeer food and milk and cookies for Santa. It is just soooo sweet, it melts my heart!

  • I love your card, it simple yet elegant! You youngest daughter was born on Christmas Eve. She was two months early. She is an adult now. So I’ve got to say Christmas Eve is probably my favorite due to that and that is when we always exchanged gifts at my mom and dad’s house when they were still living. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Both, Christmas Day for the Christmas holiday and for Family but Christmas Eve is my Wedding Anniversary (24 years this year) So, Christmas Eve is equally important but for a different reason!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Sarah TFS this cute little card and some “me” stuff. I think Christmas eve is special because we go to church and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas that God decided to become a human and come to earth to save us all from our broken/fallen selves. I pray God bless you and your family with a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks for the stamps “furry friends” they arrived last friday and it was a highlight of the day.

  • I love this Sarah thanks for sharing I love christmas eve also better than christmas day. My kids are 17 and 19 then still love christmas and to see what Santa brought them aka Mom and dad and they laugh. We also buy them new PJ and they get to open that one so everyone has new pj for christmas Picture. I remember one year I didn’t get the new pj and boy did I get it so never forgot anymore.

    Merry Christmas Hugs Debbie

  • Your Christmas Eve sounds like mine when my kids were younger. 🙂 Children make Christmas Eve & Christmas Day sooo much better. I’m sooo happy you’re going to have a great Christmas Eve! 🙂

  • Merry Christmas! I always love your ideas and energy. My favorite Chirstmas song is O Holy Night. It just gives me goose bumps.

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