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So, I have been contemplating getting Make the Cut  (MTC) or Sure cuts a lot (SCAL) for quite some time.

I have my Gypsy–so I didn’t need it for welding, or things like that– I just thought it would be fun to design your own projects without the limitations of cartridges.

I had also heard so many wonderful things about the programs, and the possibilities it opened up!

After researching both programs on the internet, and downloading trials of both–I decided that Make the Cut was the one for me.

As far as features go– they both stay neck and neck.  They are both always improving their programs, and I think at this time they both have a feature that will allow them to print and cut.  Meaning you’d print it out on your computer and then cut it out on your Cricut.

I have not played with this feature, and am no quite sure how soon I will– because I do own the Imagine.  But, I always like to experiment, so you never know!

Anyway- here is a video of my first go at using Make the Cut. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait to learn more about how to use it to create my own designs.  Like I say in the video–

this does not mean I will stop buying cartridges, nor does it mean I will stop using my Gypsy– I love them too much! 🙂

But- I am glad that it gives me another thing to show and share with you all– because I know several of my readers were MTC or SCAL fans or users!

You can’t find that on a cartridge 😉

Go Buckeyes! (shh..don’t tell my husband)


Plus, I’ve added a Make the Cut category in my category list- so you can easily find my Make the Cut posts! 🙂

If you want to try it out– Click the link on the left hand side bar!

(I was told it was on sale through the end of the year)


  • Hubby got me MTC for Christmas and I haven’t cut anything but have watched the videos to try to better understand it. Love your card. Go O-H-I-O!!!! We are big OSU fans here. Have a great New Year! Looking forward to your projects even more now. Not sure that was really possible but ya know what I mean. LOL TFS.

  • Thanks for showing this! I use SCAL and rarely buy cartridges and love it. But, MTC seems like it’s more user friendly than SCAL and I love how they have a gallery right there! SCAL has a sharing forum, but it’s not as easy to access as MTC.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year too!! And LOVE that your hubby is a Husker fan! He has good taste! 🙂

  • I have both programs and I almost never use SCAL. I love my MTC! I have been playing with the print and cut and am not thrilled with it, yet. I’m looking at adding an MTC catagory to my blog as well after the first of the year. Hope you had a great Christmas and I’m so looking forward to an amazing New Year!

  • I have SCAL and I still buy Cricut cartridges as well. The site I visit ( has a lot of free cuts for SCAL. Plus there are some theme/template sets for a small fee.

  • I absolutely love my SCAL, but have heard MTC is great too. Infact, when i first got my cricut I used SCAL almost exclusively and did not buy any carts for a long time. Now, I have my gyspy, lots of carts and love to expand my collection of gadgets whenever I can 🙂 Sarah, if you like vinyl, your MTC will allow you to do endless projects with vinyl 🙂 HAVE FUN !

  • I Love MTC. I just recently got it hooked up to my Expression so I haven’t had time to use it much but I do already have things designed so I will be cutting soon. The group is amazing and support is fabulous.

    Happy New Year!


  • Thanks, I too, really like MTC but am still using the trial version. After your post yesterday I played with it some more. FREE SVG cuts are everywhere. Also, if you subscribe to some of the SVG sites who charge for their cut files, they will give free cuts with every or most newsletters. My favorite is MyScrapChick is a favorite. I have used them with SCAL2 but they work on MTC as well.
    No way I will stop buying Cricut cartridges or stop using my Gypsy, MTC and SCAL just give me more options.

  • I think that is cool that you take the plunge and experiment. I am still experimenting with my Expression and I am thinking about getting a gypsy I like a lot of what I have seen that people have done with that. TFS Susan

  • So did you purchase Make the Cut, because I am contemplating which software to purchase as well. I have downloaded the trial version of SCAL2 and found it pretty easy to manipulate. I would love to have a GYpsy, but it just wasn’t in the budget this year and probably won’t be for a while. THanks for your videos and helpful tips and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • I am so excited to see you have joined the MTC family! I have used MTC for nearly a year now and could not even contemplate another software. Not only is it user friendly, the MTC Forum has some of the absolute best people on the web. There are weekly webinars to ask questions and learn from some of these folks and just a great community to get to know. Welcome to the family!

  • Thanks for the video on MTC. I’ve been wanting the SCAL since I saw it on YouTube but I wasn’t sure about it. Then I heard ab MTC and I was torn. I think you’ve helped me make a decision. Looks pretty easy. Also you mentioned in your video about getting 5 Cricut carts at so after I finished watching your video I jumped over there to check it out. I picked up a Gypsy for $87.00 which made me totaly happy because I was kicking myself for not getting it at Michael’s at Thanksgiving when they had it on sale for $99.99. Well now I realize there was a reason why I didn’t get it and it was because of your blog and video. Thank you!!!.. While I was there I also got 4 Cricut carts including the new Best of Pixar for really good prices. Thanks again for mentioning that site, although my Hubby isn’t thanking you. 🙂 LOL…I told him to consider it an early bday present.
    Can’t wait to see your videos on MTC next year. Hope you have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and a properious New Year.

  • please send me your email. I have a Nebraska SVG cut file. I made a vinyl overlay for a glass block and it turned out great. I’m not sure how to add an attachment here.

    I’d be happy to share.

  • i just love my MTC it is the best and they have such a nice web site that you can join and they are always showing new ways to do stuff and they send out news letters. I like the fact that I can design my own stuff that I want that is not on a cart, it just adds to what the Cricut can do can not wait to see more from you.

  • Umm I have SCAL2 and use it on and off I seem to go through phases but I have to say MTC looks alot more user friendly and I love how the gallery is set up that is so much easier than SCAL2.
    Kim xXx

  • I have been looking into purchasing one of these also. Thanks so much for helping me with that desigion. I was not sure how easy it would be to work with. I saw that several sites have cut file a lot less expensibe then the carts. Thanks again.

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