Calendar that Supports our Veterans

Did you know it is Pay it Forward Day?

I think it’s important to pay it forward–and support people and things we believe in– I know I for one, have a soft heart, and can’t watch a show about dog shelters without wanting to “rescue” them all…

One of the things I feel strongly about supporting is our Soldiers,– ๐Ÿ™‚

Many of you know that my my grandpas on both sides, my dad, and my little brother served in the Army. ย My little brother just recently got out after 6 years– and is trying to adjust into “normal” life after serving 15 months in Iraq.

This transition time is often difficult for many soldiers and their families….which brings me to an AWESOME organization that helps veterans and their families adjust to the big change– by offering a canine companion– (which means it also supports local animal shelters)

By uniting military veterans and rehabilitated shelter dogs, they are rescuing one to rescue another.

Stiggy’s Dogs is a non-profit organization dedicated to the emotional support of military veterans and their families through the companionship, loyalty, and affection of Emotional Service Dogs. We pair heroes and their families with Canine Good Citizenship-awarded therapy dogs for temporary or permanent domestic placement. We are committed to enhancing the lives of both military families and Emotional Service Dogs by fostering a renewed focus on life following the transition of military deployment to the civilian world.

You can read more on their site–about this awesome cause!

Who’s Stiggy?

HM3ย Benjamin Phillip (“Doc Stiggy”) Castiglione dedicated his life to preserving and improving the physical and emotional health of those serving in his unit, and all who serve. He gave his life working as a Corpsman in Helmand Province in Southern Afghanistan, taking care of “his guys” until September 3rd 2009.


Anyway, some of Stiggy’s men got together to make a 2011 Calendar to support this great cause! ย And, when I say calendar, I mean…


and now, I will tell you this part….remember my brother-in-law who is still serving…he is one of the months….

and if you are in the North Carolina area– you might want to stop by Gus’ to meet the men this Saturday– if you go, say Hi to my brother in law ๐Ÿ™‚

I am nowhere close to NC ย :(, but I do have an autographed calendar to auction off on Pink Cricut, with all proceeds going to Stiggy’s Dogs of course.

Look for the auction on the left hand bottom corner of my page– ๐Ÿ™‚

The auction ends 12/10 —

If you want to support soldiers and animal shelters all at once, but don’t need a calendar ๐Ÿ˜‰ , they have other things like shirts and sweatshirts on their site too!

Click here


  • HI Sarah–my hubby is in the NAVY and this is his first year home in 7 years of marriage. He has been home since July! He never had the blessing to see our little ones take their first step, get their first tooth, celebrate aNY of our anniversaries, see them on the first day of school. Etc. He has made HUGE sacrifices, and we’ve been apart more than together. It’s been wonderful having him home, but he’s been in the Middle East alot and it is VERY hard on the soldiers–mentally and family wise.
    I think this is my favorite post of yours so far!

  • Sarah,

    This is awesome. We are a military family and my husband is a veteran. Where in North Carolina is this going to be. I kids that live in North Carolina.

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