Border Punch Tree

It seems like every year gets busier and busier–yet, I still think it is so important to take time to do “activities” with the kids at this time of year.

I know- once they are in school- the teachers fill their days with fun Christmas activities– but, it is not the same as sitting down as a family to create together–while talking and laughing and just enjoying one another. Β This year I’ve realized that the kids are growing up way too fast–and I cherish every moment I can with them and time with our little family.

So, I will pass on time with friends, or a pedicure–so I can steal a few more of these moments-that will be made into memories any day of the week πŸ™‚

Tonight, we will be making a gingerbread village together- in the past we’ve only ever done one house together–so, this should be a little interesting!

Today’s card can be done with kids of any age- and can be adapted to just a picture activity- instead of a card. πŸ™‚

What favorite activity do you do in your house during the holidays?


  • That was a fast original card. I like using the border punch layers. Thanks for sharing. I love the FAST card that is still elegant.

    Merry Christmas

  • My son always gets legos as a present. My entire family sits down to help him build it…my brother usually gets the boys (my son and my nephew) these huge lego project sets. It’s a fun time. I love that you skip time with friends to make memories with you children, so many people don’t realize how fast those little boogers grow up and you don’t have that time…you can’t get it back. Thank you for sharing your activity with us.

  • That is so cute and so easy! I’m going to have my kids make some of those as their “thank you” cards this year, since we are trying to get back into writing thank you cards agiain. thanks for sharing!

  • Love that card… and those Echo Park Papers!!!! I’m in the process of building a foam gingerbread house with my daughter. We have to glue the stuff and let it dry in between…. didn’t know I was signing on for a multi day project…. at least I know it will be around for several years πŸ™‚

  • Ive had a problem with my legs and have to elevate them throughout the day so crafting with my grandchilren has been put on hold. I told my grand daughter (4) to draw me a picture because she wanted to sit at her craft table. She drew six circles, with faces {cute}. I asked her which one was each of the members of our family, she pointed them out and I praised her. She was beaming. Later I looked at her picture again, I noticed that 4 of the faces had 3 lines above the eyebrows, and 2 didnt. When I asked her what that was she said “those are old people lines”, Wrinkles. I giggled and she went about he business. Funny thing is that the four adults who live here dont have wrinkles in their forheads, That was just her way of saying we were the older people in the house. That pic is definetely going in her scrapbook. Cant wait to craft with my Grand children again. They so make me smile… Dawn RI

  • What a cute idea! My littlest one loves to hang out and craft with me in my craft room. And she loves my punches, so this one would be fun! (She even knows which scraps she is allowed to craft with!) I agree that they grow up too fast and sometimes life gets so busy that it slips away. At the Holidays, I love baking/decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies with my kids. It’s something that I remember doing every year growing up with my brothers and mom.
    Happy Holidays!!!

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