9 New Cartridges for Hello Thursday

I saw these 9 new Cricut Cartridges yesterday in the Cricut Circle–and now, that they are on the Cricut.com site, I can share them with you!

(before you say…isn’t there 10??? — there are 10 new cartridges released– but only 9 to the public– the other is a Cricut Circle Cartridge) πŸ™‚

And, I think with this release 9 is PLENTY!!!

I love, love, love this new Cricut Cartridge release–and I think you are bound to love more than 1 cartridge–so wallets Beware!

Life’s A Party

Pack Your Bags

Groovy Times

Nate’s ABC’s

Best of Pixar

Disney Classics

Seasonal Cartridges

Mother’s Day Bouquet

April Showers

Spring Holiday Cards

Yep–I think I’ve narrowed it down to 6 for me–that’s good right?? ;0)

Oh–and while I was checking all the new cricut cartridges out, I noticed that the coming soon, cricut circle exclusive cartridge was posted too!

This is the Cricut Circle cartridge I am MOST excited about! πŸ™‚

It is called Cricut Everyday

Is that not the cutest Cricut-lover cartridge EVER??

Makes my tutorial on how to create your own cricut shaped image pointless huh? Β Remember that tutorial? I had some fun nails in that video too– LOL


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