Hi everyone–we Β started our black friday shopping–a little early this year….on Thursday– so we just called it Pink Thursday.

Bekah, Kathy and I hit up Michael’s at 4:30 during the soft open– before very many people even knew it was open–and got ott lites, jumbo stickles and more! πŸ™‚

Then, around 5:00 people started piling in–and we got out πŸ™‚

Then, we also tried to go to Toys R Us– but the line was ridiculous–so we finally gave up –and went to Walmart early.

Then we decided to do some price matching at Walmart– I love price matching–it means one less store I have to go to!

So, we got home around 2 am–and my husband literally thought something was wrong when I told him we were headed home! πŸ™‚
Normally my black fridays last til about noon– but not this year! Β I get to sleep instead…. Goodnight and be safe to all of you shoppers out there!! Β I will still post a haul later πŸ˜€

a few clips of our shopping trip

oh yeah–and this is the first most of you will see of my new haircut πŸ˜‰


  • The haircut is very cute. I can’t imagine standing in line for that long (Toys R Us) to only possibly get what you went to buy. I would have left as well. Ugh!

  • Toys R Us was the same here in Tennessee. Went to Walleyworld but our store had everything under covers with notes not to touch. The kids pj’s were uncovered so I got some of them and two of the new lites I wanted (My store would not sell the older ones for $20, I tried) and I was trying to get to another part of the store and a lady told me not to go down that isle because a clerk was taking the sale items away from people. Got part of the items on my list but not all. Just looked around for a while till the lines slowed down and was able to walk right up to a checkout and got home a little before 2.

  • Love the NEw Hair Sarah! Looks like you had as much fun as I did. I too was home early, I still have to get my video clips edited! Tons of people everywhere at my Wal Mart and everyone was terring into the pallets early!

  • LOL thanks for the great video I wish my grilie friends around here were die hard BF shoppers like I am.. Maybe I can get them to do it with me next year. I was on of the crazy ones in line at Toys R Us.. but since I had gotten there at 7pm I was only about 15 people from the door when the opened and my store was letting 50 people in at a time.
    I made a haul video of my Michaels trip and hope to get it posted soon.

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