Paula’s Birthday Hop

Yay! Today is Paula, from More than Favor’s Birthday Blog Hop!

First of all, I want to wish her a VERY Happy Birthday! Β She is the sweetest girl ever– and she deserves an amazing, wonderful, fabulous birthday!

For the special day, I wanted to make a cupcake box, complete with a cupcake wrapper. πŸ™‚

I used the wrapper from the Imagine Lori’s Garden cartridge. Β But, instead of printing and cutting–I simply cut it out with my Imagine and patterned paper. Β {Shhh…I didn’t make cupcakes–I actually used a blueberry muffin for the picture–because those sounded better to me at the time!}

I printed and cut the Birthday cupcake topper from Lori’s Garden Imagine Cartridge.

Then for the super cute box, with the cut out flower top- I used, the Sizzix Big Shot Pro Cupcake Box Die– I LOVE, love, LOVE this die– it is so absolutely adorable, and makes the perfect little box! Plus it is quick and easy– and makes the creases for you… I just added a piece of clear cardstock to the back of the flower so you could see into the box! πŸ™‚

I used the Imaginisce Birthday Bash paper to decorate the box and for the cupcake wrapper, along with brown ribbon from my stash.

Isn’t it so cute?? With the matching cupcake liner inside?? I can’t wait to make more of these!

Okay, I have 2 giveaways for this fun hop! I am giving away Β Birthday Bash Cricut Cartridge,

and I am giving away the Pink by Design Take the Cake Stamp Set.

This is a fun Birthday Stamp set, that goes perfectly with the the Birthday Bash cartridge, or for any other birthday project you are working on! Β Don’t forget the awesome sale going on at Pink by Design this weekend!!

All you have to do to enter is be a follower of Pink Cricut- and leave a comment telling me what your favorite birthday memory is!

You can get an extra entry for grabbing my FUN new button too! πŸ™‚

Here is the rest of the lineup!














  • This is too cute! One of my favorite birthdays was my 40th (just a couple years ago or so) and we had an Elvis impersonator who gave a great concert and then it was karaoke. And, I got to sing whenever I wanted since I was the birthday girl. That party lasted for hours and we all had a ball. Thanks to my Mom for organizing the whole shindig! Kelly

  • Sarah
    I love this treat box I am so excited to be here with all of you lovely ladies thanks for sharing and the great chance to win some great prizes. Debbie

  • Wow, your birthday projects are adorable and thanks for the awesome giveaway.. My favorite birthday memory was the year I met my husband the day before my birthday and and he took me shopping to get a gift for a Christmas party I was going too.. While, I was gift shopping I was admiring all the gingerbread stuff they had in the store.. My hubby was so sweet he showed up on my door step on my birthday with all the gingerbread stuff I loved in the store that we went to on our first date…


  • Beautiful box! My best memory of a bday was my 20. My bday is 4 days before Christmas and he bought me a Christmas tree with all the decorations! Thanks for the hop

  • This is an easy thing to comment on. WAy back when I was in 6th grade ( a long time ago) a girl that I didn’t think was my friend, threw me a surprise party. All of the girls from the 6th grade came. It was so much fun.

  • My absolute favorite memory was the day I turned 12. (I won’t tell you how many years ago that was!) My parents took me for a long long drive and would not tell me where we were going. We finally pulled up to this big building and went inside. My parents told me to go open door number 3…and when I did, there was a beautiful sorrel mare with a big bow around her neck. Her name was Sissy. Sissy sure kept me out of trouble during my junior high and high school years! I rode her everywhere!

  • please do not count this as extra entries…I don’t know how I got duplicate posts above this one. Sorry…only count one of them.

  • Thanks for the awesome giveaway! One of my favorite was 39 when a group of friend went to the chocolate factory, ate and made chocolate and drank wine!! How great is that!!!!

  • I love your projects! How cute!!

    My favorite birthday memory. Everytime my family tried to throw me a surprise b-day party, something ruined it. My birthday is in January, and for the first 18 years, it snowed or we got a blizzard, or an ice storm. Well, my 16th birthday rolls around, and it’s snowing. My sister and her hubby show up and announce they are taking me to the Mall. When we get there, it is a lot of running back and forth to the bathroom. They are both sick!!! So I turn to my little sister who came with us and asked her what the deal was? She said she didn’t know! I knew something had to be up since why on earth would they drive 45 minutes to take me to the mall in the snow and they both were sick????
    Well when we got home, there was my party! Although I wasn’t surprised, I was very clattered that they loved me enough to follow through with the plan of getting me out of the house. πŸ™‚

    • I love your projects! How cute!!

      My favorite birthday memory. Every time my family tried to throw me a surprise b-day party, something ruined it. My birthday is in January, and for the first 18 years, it snowed or we got a blizzard, or an ice storm. Well, my 16th birthday rolls around, and it’s snowing. My sister and her hubby show up and announce they are taking me to the Mall. When we get there, it is a lot of running back and forth to the bathroom. They are both sick!!! So I turn to my little sister who came with us and asked her what the deal was? She said she didn’t know! I knew something had to be up since why on earth would they drive 45 minutes to take me to the mall in the snow and they both were sick????
      Well when we got home, there was my party! Although I wasn’t surprised, I was very flattered that they loved me enough to follow through with the plan of getting me out of the house.
      One other note. I once complained to a dear friend that it always snowed on my birthday. He replied “it can’t always snow” but I disagreed! Sadly one December, he passed away. I was heartbroken. Well don’t you know my next birthday rolls around, and NO SNOW! I think it was his way to tell me he was looking out for me….and maybe, just to prove me wrong! πŸ™‚

      GRKIDDO at Verizon dot net

  • My best birthday memory is when I turned 40. All my friends and family surprised me all day long with wonderful wishes. My family put my picture in the newspaper and my co-workers didn’t know it was my 40th birthday until they read the paper. They then posted the picture all over the office. It was a fun day.

  • My 40th birthday was the best ever, it was a suprise, my boyfriend blind folded me and drove me to the secret location which was one of my favorite restaurants and all my family and friends were there. we sang danced the night away opened gifts and laughed so much. my boyfreinds freind and one of my dear girlfriends made a love connection there and are now married with twins, how wonderful is that! I loved that birthday so fun and exciting πŸ™‚ My honey did an awesome job!
    thanks for asking this question how fun.
    Your little wish box is so cute. what a great idea. love it!
    thanks for being in such a fun hop on to the next…

  • My favorite bday memory was when I was 8 and I got a new pr of roller skates. The silver ones with a key. Did I just date myself! LOL.

  • What a great project – and what great prizes!!!

    I think my favorite birthday was my 30th – my mom conspired to get me the Cricut Expression…and my husband told me, so I ended up getting it about 8 months before my birthday, since once I knew about it, I couldn’t wait! I have been TOTALLY loving it ever since!

  • My favorite birthday memory was when I went to the beauty shop to have my hair washed and the beautician gave me a free facial. Then some friends and my mother came in the store. They were followed by my husband who was carrying a birthday cake. We all sat around in the store eating cake.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cute project and a muffin is really a cupcake wannabe,(or is it the other way around)lol
    My birthday is the day after Christmas so most of my birthdays where celebrated with family and usually all my birthday gifts were wrapped in the ‘used’ but still useable Christmas paper. When I was little the meal was something with turkey leftover and a great cake. Once my oldest brother got married my day was celebrated at his home with a good feed of homemade Chinese food…the presents were/are still wrapped in Christmas paper! Now that I am much older, married myself, and live far away from all my family I really do miss my post-Christmas family celebrations. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share a memory.
    Cathy S

  • I have to say this past year was my favourite Birthday memory. My youngest was just born so we did not go out or do anything special but I got a TON of cards in from my scrapbooking friends. It made me feel like a kid again and made my birthday so much more enjoyable!

  • Aside from birthdays as a child (single digit age) as I was surrounded by family … it would’ve had to been this past one. Usually people tend to forget my birthday, not sure why … can’t be because it’s after Christmas (almost a month after) but their brains might be recovering from all the holiday stuff. Guess I should say great birthdays are the ones people remember! But I digress …

    A couple friends of the ex, who’s still my best friend, that I hardly talked to (mostly just through FB) insisted we do something, so we agreed following weekend after my birthday we’d go to a movie & 2/3 friends that saw the movie also wanted to grab dinner. The ex couldn’t make it as he had to work but he called when he pulled into his drive while we were just almost ready to leave the restaurant. I joked asking him if he’d just swing by the restaurant & pick me up and take me home. He agreed even though he just got off work & was tired as hell … which surprised me. He dropped the 2 friends off first then me. We chatted for a bit & he apologized he had missed the movie due to work & that he’d make it up to me.

    This was my first birthday after we broke up the previous year … most people tend to forget my birthday but after we broke up, he remembered mine.

    Btw, love your cute projects! I got to get me a Cricut … it’s on my list, just haven’t been able to afford it but I assure you once I do, I probably won’t sleep for nights!

  • OMG…this is the cutest!!! I need to make some. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks for the chance tow in some awesome blog candy too!! You ROCK!

  • Shop trip…line around Toys R Us (Crazy) hour to check out (Crazy)…looks like you had a good time. Your box and holder are so cute. On my 16th BD I got a sewing machine that saw a lot of use πŸ™‚ Thank You for being in the hop and for chances to win great prizes.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  • This is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

    The first fun birthday memory that pops to mind is from a few years ago when my husband surprised me with dinner and a concert with him and my two best girlfriends! We had an awesome time! Lots of fun…

    Have your new blinkie already! Thanks for the chance to win!


  • Thanks for sharing your great project. I would have to say my best birthday memory is turning 16 (or so many years ago) and being able to drive without Daddy in the car with me.

  • So very cute, cute, cute. Would have never thought of making a box but I love it. Favorite memor is going to really date myself, but it was when I was a kid and I got my Little Skittles Watch, so cool. tfs

  • My favorite Birthday Memory was when I turned 23! I had just found out I was pregnant with my now twin boys! It was a birthday… filled with shock and lots of double presents! Adorable cupcake box! I love how you can peek in to see what kind it is! Thanks for being part of this hop and for having fun candy! pjritsema at gmail dot com

  • Love your wonderful cupcake projects and beat of all I love your blog. I am a regular stalker and as far as favorite birthday memories, just about all of them because it means I am still alive and kicking!

  • Really cute cupcake idea! My favorite birthday memory is my 16th birthday…which was a very long time ago and was for girls only. We hung all the crepe paper decorations in the basement and we have pictures of all of us slow dancing! It is hilarious and of innocent days long gone…but it is a GREAT emeory!
    Diana B.

  • Super cute cupcake box and wrapper. You are such the enabler. Now that my Gypsy has returned from rehab, I was going to try and get some crafting done. However, I can’t refuse a blog hop. So I’ll craft afterwards (maybe).

    Faborite birthday memory is the year (about 7 ago) when I received my Yorkie (Dusti) for a presant. We’re the best of buds and she keeps me on my toes.

  • My favorite birthday would have to be my 40th… (which is strange since I still 39 LOL )
    My dear husband threw me a surprise birthday party and invited all my friends and was a great time…

    Thank you so much for doing this hop for with us all
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  • I am a follower. Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite birthday memory is my 30th birthday. My Sunday school class arranged an “over the hill” party in the dining room and bought gag gifts. My brother-in-law played “Taps” on his trumpet as I entered the room. My mother had made placemats with my kindergarten picture blown up really big!! We had a lot of fun that night.

  • My favorite birthday memory is when my big brother (12 yrs older) handed me a ceramic dog in a paper bag and said, “Here, Happy Birthday”. πŸ™‚ I was 4 or 5, and it was the first gift he ever gave me. I was so happy, and I still have my dog. It is a beautiful brittany spaniel that sits on my shelf and makes me smile every time I see it.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful gift!

  • What a cute cupcake box! I’m gonna have to invest in a sizzix now just for that! πŸ™‚

    My fave bday memory is when it rained when I was going to have my 8th bday party, I thought no one would come but it ended up being a full house! I will never forget that! πŸ™‚

  • My favorite birthday was my 40th, this year. My husband sent my mom and my two sisters and I for a long weekend in Chicago. It was fantastic and we have decided to try to do a family trip every year.

  • Add on to previous comment, oops. lol. My favorite birthday memory is the time my mom couldn’t be there to celebrate with me. She made a scavenger hunt all around the house, with a present and clue hidden in each spot. It was a nice alternative to her not being there.

  • such cute projects πŸ™‚ yum a blue berry muffin sounds so good right now! black friday makes you hungry ! My fave birthday memory is going to disneyland on my 40th and meeting mickey πŸ™‚

  • I love your cupcake box and your cupcake wrapper! Cupcakes are yummy but the blueberry muffin sounds like a better idea too. I just learned how to add blinkies and yours are added to mine so I can follow easily!! Thanks for sharing and being a part of this amazing birthday hop!!

  • I like your box and cupcake topper, great idea! One of my best birthdays was my 22nd because I was waiting for the birth of my daughter, which came 3 days later. She was one of my greatest gifts. Thanks for sharing your project and the blueberry muffin sounds yummy.

    Marianne S.
    sthquilter at gmail dot com

  • Great project! I want an imagine!!! My favorite birthday? I’ve had so many great ones, but I remember my boyfriend (now husband) giving me a mug full of change when we were in high school; he had saved his change since we had first started dating to give me for my prom dress…

  • Great projects! My favorite birthday memory is my 18th birthday party which was a surprise and my Mom had a clown come and intertain us. It was a riot! Loved it! You are never too old for clowns! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Forgot to post my fave birthday lol but I also grabbed your button for my blog.

    My fave birthday was this year when my mom and sister drove a little more then 200mi to come surprise me for my birthday.

    THanks again,

  • My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 6 and I got my Cabbage Patch doll!! Her name is Addie and I love her! She is the only toy I keep with me. I still tear up a little when I pull her out of the closet. lol I used to pretend I was feeding her with a baby bottle and I would hold her while she “napped.” I was such a good little mommy. hehe

    I love your projects and I always prefer muffins over cupcakes lol


  • Such a cute lil treat box!! I might have to attempt this! My favorite birthday memory is when my wonderful hubby surprised me by making all the plans himself..he got tickets to see Elton John, he took me out to dinner, and he even booked a sitter for the kids; yes, all by himself!!! Wow! It was really fantastic….and Elton wasn’t bad either! Love the blog hops! Thanks for all the opportunities!

  • Hi super cute cupcake!! My best birthday memory is the birthday when I was given a great job at a copper mine for a birthday present!! I was a single mom struggling working at a small coffee shop. Some of the people I served everyday were the bosses from the mine. I heard there were openings a few weeks before and had been to an interveiw but had heard nothing yet. I had almost given up hope!
    I was having a great birthday, many of my customers were remembering me with cards and a few small gifts. Then my boss called me from the back and told me I had a phone call…it was the mine, they wished me Happy Birthday and told me that I had landed the job!! My present boss, my fellow employees and all my customers were cheering for me in the background…they all knew before I did!! Now that was the best surprise birthday gift!! I finally was able to live better than “from paycheck to paycheck”! I happily stayed at that job for 5 years until I met the man of my dreams and left my much loved, hard-work, dirty job to be a stay at home mom with my daughter and my new husband’s son. With hard work and never giving up hope dreams do come true!! Thanks for letting me share my memory and the chance to win. Hugs, Colleen

  • great box and cupcake wrapper! My fave bday memory was for my 19th b-day (i think lol coulda been 20th) My now husband, than boyfriend.. to me to the beach and we did a long drive down the coast and then went to the aquarium and some tidal pools on the beach.. lots of fun! thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

  • Love your box and card. My favorite birthday was the year I turned 13. It was Friday the 13th and my mother threw me a surprise party. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  • I love your ideas, they are so cute! I especially love the cupcake wrapper! My favorite birthday present came a little late when my second son was born a couple days after my birthday! My boys are the best gifts I have ever received! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great giveaways!


    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

  • Very cute cupcake holder. My favorite birthday memory is not of my own birthday but my oldest daughter’s first birthday. We really went all out. I think we had more fun than she did πŸ™‚

  • Well, first of all you have a wonderful box. Could you please make a video of how you make it? Please!!! ???
    One of my best B-day memories is when I was between 7 and 10 years all and right in the middle of my party a huge storm make all the place so wet and the pinatas were ruined and the playground was so super wet then my Mom started playing with all of us in the middle of the rain then more parents did the same and all the kids were so super happy playing with the water. After few minutes the rain was gone but I will never forget how awesome my Mom was to make my b-party very special.

  • Adorable projects! You are truley talented and look forward every day to your updates! Thank you! My best birthday memory will hopefully this year when my cousins throw me a surprise party!
    Contact Info: Incase I get lucky and win! Happy Holiday’s!

  • Hi Sarah, This little cupcake box is so cute. I love the flower cut in the top of the box. Everything about it is adorable. My favorite birthday is my 6 year old party. My birthday is the day before Halloween. So it was a costume party. We played the then typical birthday games, Drop the Clothespin in the Milk Bottle, Go Fishing, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The favors were halloween noise makers. But the best part was my daddy letting everyone talk on his new reel to reel tape recorder. We still have the recordings today. I’m sure you can tell I am from the baby boomer generation with the description of my party.

    Thanks for a great blog hop and the chance to win!!

  • OK Gina, I am sorry I addressed you as Sarah. I should not be watching the Alabama / Auburn football game and type at the same time. The excitement of the game is getting to me. ROLL TIDE! Please forgive me.

  • I love this project so so cute! My fav memory well there are many but my birthday was yesterday and my new fav memory was getting my gypsy on black friday today for cheap cause I have been wanting it forever! I am so excited! I really really really want this cartridge I have been wanting it for a while so I hope I win!

  • My favorite memory was of last year’s birthday. My husband was away, but he manage to call me the night before, first thing in the morning, when he got back to work and finally before going to bed. I think he’s the sweetest!

  • Hey!! Great blog hop candy! Let’s see. . . I would say when I turned 21 (now 26). I worked at a retail store and was very close with a few select people. My actual birthday fell on Sunday, so I celebrated with a couple of friends from work at a local restaurant. It was a great time! I miss those days! I had gotten to order my very first cocktail and it felt great! I now have turned in the cocktails for motherhood. But that’s okay! Motherhood is WAAAAYYY better πŸ™‚

  • What a cute little box! My favorite Birthday memory is when I turned 17, which was my golden birthday. My Parents gave me 17 roses and threw me a huge party. It was so very special!!!

    Big Hugs

  • Very cute idea! Looks like they would be a lot of fun to make. If you could make a video of you using the BSP that would be wonderful! πŸ™‚ BTW….I’m luvin’ the new additions to your blog.
    Would sooooooo love to win the cart(I already have the stamps :))! Not able to do any BF buying at all! πŸ™

  • Forgot to mention my Fav B-Day memory.
    Have to say it was when I turned 33 and my best friend showed up from WA State & we then went to NYC. It was a big surprise and one that I’ll never forget!!! We had a blast!

  • So super cute! I need that die cut!! Anyway my favorite birthday memory was this year! I did 80s skate night theme! So much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorite birthday is from when I was 5 – I got a doll cradle and everytime I look at the picture it is just amazing the shocked and happy look I have on my face. Thanks for the prizes Sarah!

  • My favorite birthday is coming up. On 12/16 I will be SEVENTY. I am so proud to be that age and I love my life. My daughter, SIL, and granddaughter will be here to celebrate the big event. Thanks for your talent and your wonderful blog.

  • Cute cute cute! My favorite birthday memory was my 16th birthday, had an awesome slumber party with my best friends! Already a follower! Thanks for the chance to win!

    mlenclade at gmail dot com

  • My favorite birthday memory is from when I was 10 years old – just a FEW years ago! HA-HA!
    Anyway, I had a REAL birthday party with friends from school – my biggest, best party ever!

  • Love your project! It’s so cute. Of course I’m a follower and your new button is one my blog too!

    My favorite birthday memory… I’ve had a lot of fun one’s… the one that comes to mind right now is one where we went to a paint your own pottery place and my mom made me a Garfield cake!

  • This cupcake wrapper is so cutesy and the box is perfect. I do not have any particular birthday that I remember as being different. My birthday is 10 days before my husband’s which I like because it then gives me an opportunity to outdo him.

  • Happy, happy birthday, Paula. You are so lucky to have such friends to celebrate your birthday and the box and the wrapper is amazing. It is easy for me to tell of a BD memory and it would have to be my 18th BD. It’s the only time I have ever had a BD party. What I remember the most is that it was a total surprise up until about ten minutes before the party was scheduled to begin, but it was still a wonderful surprise. TFS your awesome projects. They keep me busy.

  • What a great gifty project, love it! My favorite Birthday memory: I went to Aunts house & spent 55th birthday, Mom & Dad, Aunt Margie & Larry,Aunt Joyce all spent day, relived my childhood birthdays! They got a Angel food cake, frosted & put on a decoration used candy happy birthday letters, like when I was little! Then my Aunt got out Birthday stool I had all my BD pics taken on holding my cake! We went outside to take famous BD pic. decided since was a bit larger now, I would put cake on stool & sit behind it!LLL Mom was in charge of taking pic., well she or Aunt had never used digital camera, she was putting camera right up to face trying to see me, well couldn’t find me, all bent over with butt in air, I was laughing so hard trying to tell her, was hilarious! She got frustrated, cause I could not stop laughing & said if you’d shut your mouth I could take your pic, well everyone at that point were rolling on the ground with laughter! After 45 min & decoration melting & falling in cake hole we got a piture! I had so much fun that day, was best BD ever!
    I have tryed several times to get buttons LLL not sucessfull.

  • Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite birthday memory was last week when my parents gave me a Criut Imagine for my birthday!

  • Great project and I love your blog!!!! I check in very often! My favorite birthday memory was on my 21st birthday and I had my son! What could be better!!

  • Great project Sarah! Super cute, as always:) My favorite birthday memory would have to be my 16th birthday. Of course, just like every other 16-year-old, I wanted a car. Well, my parents told me to close my eyes and they led me outside. Then they said open them, and in the driveway was a Hot Wheels with a giant bow on it. HAHA! Not my idea of a joke at the time but it’s a memory I’ll never forget πŸ™‚
    Have a great day and thanks for the chance to win!

  • Oh My!!! I love your project. The box is awesome and the cupcake..err um muffin (love it!) is super, super cute. I always love your projects and videos -you make all of the viewers feel like great friends. You’re the best!!!

  • I am always amazed at your talent!! I love your projects, and this (of course) is another great one!!! Thanks so much for the chance, and thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • What a beautiful project – especially the box – how lovely. Thanks for sharing and for the wonderful opportunity to win some neat blog candy.


  • Sarah this is fabulous. I always love gift ideas they are so inspiring. My birthday is a few days before Halloween so I’ve always had AMAZING costume parties. I love birthdays we always have carnivals for the kids lol. πŸ™‚ I hope you had a great time shopping!!!

  • Awesome box!!! Beautiful!!! One of my Favoite birthday memories would be…about three years ago I got the craft robo and the cutting world was opened up to me. Thanks for the change to win.
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  • Your cupcake holder is adorable!! As far as favorite birthday, it was my 22nd I learned I was pregnant with my first child, a day I will never forget!! Thanks!!

  • Love the cute cupcake box.

    My favorite memories is celebrating my birthday with my baby sister. We are 3 years and 364 days apart. So are birthdays were joined and we got to switch days every year, so I got a early birthday and she would have to wait, lol!

  • My favorite birthday was my 18th one. My friends and I hang out at the local skate ring, where I met the love of my life. He brought so much love to me and showed me how to love.
    I will never forget the moment that we met…..thanks for the chance of winning these gifts, my only grandson will be turning 1 in January and I could really put these to use.

  • My favorite birthday memory is probably when i went to mexico with my boyfriend and they told the workers at the resort and they all lined up in a row and hugged me one after another and sang to me and once they were done hugging me they went to the back of the line to hug me again…this lasted probably 15 minutes lol…hilarious and made me feel like i had friends even in a foreign land πŸ™‚

  • My favorite birthday memory is when my boys were in their teens and would rather be with friends or text or watch tv. We shut off all of the phones and watched a movie together. It was fun and they even had a good time(I want to think so anyways).


  • Oops! Forgot my b-day memory. I was born on Christmas Day so I have so many great memories of my birthday. However, one does stand out- 30 years ago I married my wonderful husband on Dec 20 and we spent or Honeymoon on a Christmas Cruise!

    Carol B

  • My favorite b-day memory is from last year…I received my beautiful little yorkie. He is the love of my life(sorry hubs and kids, lol)and follows me everywhere..and may be the only creature on the planet that’s as nosy as me πŸ™‚

  • This is a great cupcake box and wrapper. Great job! My best brithday memory is when my DH and kiddos made me a cake for my birthday. He is not a cook but they did a great job on the cake and it tasted wonderful.

  • Love your sweet birthday treat!! Can’t wait until my Lori’s Garden comes!!! My favourite birthday memory is of my kids helping my DH to decorate the house for my birthday and then being so proud of how it looked when people started to show up for a surprise party. Priceless!!! (was worth turning a year older!!) Would love to have the Birthday Bash cartridge. Had it in my hand today at BF shopping but had to many carts and had to put a couple back. Boo hoo. Now I would LOVE to win it!!! Thanks for the chance.

  • My favorite b-day memory was when I was about 25. I was super shy and worked in the office of a major retailer. My co-workers consisted of a large group of people who traveled a lot, so I rarely saw them. One lady I had worked with (via phone) sent me a singing telegram for my birthday…a guy dressed in a GINORMOUS red lips costume! Our office cubicles were short, so everyone in the building saw the lips guy coming through and followed him to my cubicle. I was SO SO embarrassed and cried the entire time he sang to me! I was such a dork! LOL

  • Love the cupcake box and matching wrapper! What a cute gift giving idea! I don’t have one single favorite memory, but I do remeber when I was in elementary school I would go to Girl Scout camp each summer during my birthday week. At camp they always made your day a special one, and everyone in camp helped you celebrate! And my Mom would hide a small present and card in my bag for me to open on my birthday! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love your cupcake wrapper and box! I’ve been a follower for awhile now. My favorite Bday memory is getting the game “mousetrap” when I was 7 years old!

  • The cupcake box and wrapper are adorable. My favorite Birthday memory was when my husband tried to surprise me with a 40th birthday party. He and my 2 daughter were trying so hard to keep it a secret. I knew something was up when one of my daughter says where are we going to put all the coats!!!

  • Cute! both the box and the wrapper! Favorite birthday memory is when I was in boarding school my friends sprayed me with water, egg, flour and milk and then they didn’t let me use the bathroom to clean up myself for like an hour and I was end up with fever and cold after that! How I missed those days πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaways! I’ve been a follower for a while

  • Well this is kind of sad and happy. My birthday after my grandpa passed away…my grandma gave me his cane for my birthday because that was the last conversation I had with him was about his cane.
    susanpollock37 at yahoo dot com

  • Sarah,

    Your cupcake box & wrapper are so cute!!! πŸ™‚ My favorite birthday memory is when my husband surprised me by taking the day off work, taking me out to lunch, and shopping for my present! I don’t even remember what the present was, I was so touched that he spent the day with me (he never misses a day of work-even when he’s sick)!

    Thank you so much for sharing and for the chance to win (both are amazingly fabulous prizes),


  • How sweet! What a great idea. My favorite birthday memory was when my husband had a surprise online birthday party for me. He contacted lots of my friends throughout the years and they left messages for me for my birthday. It was the sweetest! Also, I took advantage of your awesome sale and got me and some family members some stamps! I’m so excited to play with them.

  • Love your cupcake holder and box, they both turned out wonderful. My favorite was when I turned 16, had a great party and went to the show with my friends afterwards.
    angel hugs

  • I love the adorable cupcake set and box! My favorite birthday memory is when I turned forty all my friends who were also turning forty that year(including our pastor!) took me out to lunch and made it a surprise birthday luncheon for me! I felt so blessed to be surrounded by such loving friends.

  • Happy Birthday to Paula!!!

    Love the projects!

    My favorite memory is my 21st…when friends totally surprised me for a wonderful night on the town….not saying anything else…heehee…

    And I grabbed your button for my blog! Love it!

  • My favorite birthday memory is probably my 18th, when a friend threw me a surprise party. I’m still touched by the thoughtfulness πŸ™‚
    Thanks for a chance to win, now I’m off to check out your SALE!

  • Wow! What a cute box! I like the muffin idea better, healthier choice! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I have really been enjoying your blog and appreciate all the effort you put into keeping it up as well as everything you do for the scrapping community!
    mtmcbroom at gmail dot com

  • What an adorable little box! Yum Blueberry muffins too!

    My favorite birthday memory is when my DH took me and my whole family to Claim Jumpers when they first opened and they tucked us in a corner and forgot about us. 45 minutes later, my DH went and got the waitress, She took our order and forgot about us for another hour. Finally the DH went and got her again and she brought half the food and forgot us again. Finally my DH went and got the manager and he said he would comp the whole meal. The event was wonderful in that I got to spend like three hours with my whole family. The food was eventually great and I will never forget it!

    jvilla95ar at gmail dot com

  • What a cute box, thank you for sharing. About 3 years ago my daughter arranged a surprise birthday party for me, I came home from church and had a house full of people a great dinner and wonderful fellowship with friends and family. I loved it!

  • This is a great blog! My favorite birthday memory is when I threw my husband’s 30th birthday. We had so much fun that night! I love the cupcake package!

  • Hi Sarah~

    I love your little cupcake box and wrapper! Very pretty, and I love the papers!
    I am already a follower on your blog and facebook, I have added your new blinky to my blog.

    Hope this is OK, I have 2 favorite Birthday memories.. On my 22nd Birthday, it marked the 2 weeks (to the day) that my oldest baby girl was born.
    Then on my 26th Birthday, my youngest baby girl was 4 weeks old to the day.. These are the biggest joys in my life, and I was so happy their special day was very close to my special day.
    TFS and a chance to win
    Bonnie C

  • Cute box and liner! My fav birthday memory is we got to stay home from school on our birthdays if we wanted… but of course all our friends at school wanted us at school so we could celebrate together so I always went to school and had my birthday after school with my family!

  • new follower! thanks for the giveaway…

    favorite birthday memory is actually not my own, it’s my son’s — he was adopted from Ukraine in May and celebrated his first birthday ever in the US with us on vacation. he was so grateful and excited!

  • Cute cupcake treat box! Thanks for sharing.

    My favorite birthday memory was when DH took me to Disneyland for my birthday. It was the best surprise ever!

    coupondenise at live dot com

  • Cute cute cute. My favorite BD was when my son was a teenager and took me to see a movie I really wanted to see. (Three men and a Baby.) My husband is not much of a movie buff. I couldn’t believe he would take me. I know he was praying we wouldn’t see any of his friends.

  • The cupcake box is adorable! My most memorable birthday…My birthday is a few days after Christmas,so most gifts I recieved growing up were combination Christmas and Birthday. I never had a birthday party, but all 3 of my siblings did. The March after my 15th birthday, my family had a (what I thought at the time) pretty lame party for me. There was a cake and they did sing to me for the very first time that I remember. But the gifts were deodorant, shampoo, a new toothbrush,those kinds of things (we did not have much money). We laugh about that birthday at least once a year when I give my mother those same kinds of gifts for her birthday.

  • So cute!! My most memorable birthday was my 21st when my boyfriend at the time threw me a surprise party. I had absolutely no idea what was going on and everyone that I would’ve wanted to share it with was there.

  • Happy Birthday Paula! I have had many wonderful birthdays, but the best is yet to come and tomorrow is my birthday. So I am going to say my best birthday is tomorrow.

  • Happy Birthday Paula! One of my most memorable birthdays was when I came home from work and my married daughters were in my kitchen with my favorite meal cooking, my husband had my favorite cocktail waiting for me, and they ushered me out onto the deck to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather with my grandchildren. It was such a surprise and so enjoyable!

  • Happy Birthday Paula. I hope it was a fabulous day for you. May all your dreams and wishes come true, just know your a gift from God. I have so many favorite birthday memories which were all made with my husband who sadly passed away five years ago, I can’t narrow it down to just one, I’m just grateful I have all these beautiful memories that remain in my heart forever.

  • Unfortunately, my birthday is a few days before Christmas, so it always gets lost with the holiday rush. I love the cupcake box, I’m having a great time hopping this morning.

  • Happy Birthday Paula! One of my favorites was last year when my Husband gave me a suprise b’day party with my family and friends. I love your cupcake project and love the box! Thanks for sharing. Linda

  • I never thought of putting the cupcake holders in a box to match. So So cute. This would be a great idea for the cupcake socks too. My favorite birthday memory was when I was 12. My birthday is in September during the time the Midsouth fair was in Memphis. My parents took me for a day at the fair without my 2 younger brothers. Just a day with my parents and me. I had no idea that was where we were going until we arrived at the fairgrounds.

  • This would be a great idea for a school birthday party!!! Each student would have their own individual box, how cute! My favorite birthday memory was my 16th birthday… My dad took me early that morning to take my driver’s permit test, and that night a bunch of friends came over for pizza and cake πŸ™‚

  • What a cute cupcake box and cupcake wrapper. I do not have the Imagine but I can imagine making this with some of the Cricut cartridges πŸ™‚ Now that I am an almost grandma my favorite birthday memories are of the parties for my children. One that was especially fun was a 13th birthday for my daughter. It was a fashion design theme. The girls were divided into teams and used supplied fabric, ribbon, decorations etc. to design outfits. What fun! Thank you Sarah for all the great fun at Pink Cricut!

  • What a cute cupcake box! I think it’s adorable.
    My favorite birthday moment was this past August(my 30th), my mom called me and asked me to go shopping, which was odd for her on a Thursday night, anyhow we went shopping and our last shop was Walmart for wrapping paper, and standing in the wrapping paper isle was my sister, who flew in from out of town to surprise me! It was so well planned and so unexpected!

    thanks for sharing your project and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA!

  • Cute cupcake wrapper and box even with a blueberry muffin in lol. Love the pretty tag too. Thanks for the chance to win I am already a follower of your blog.
    Kim xXx

  • I added your blinkie on my sidebar. Also I forgot to add the memory to my last comment. For me my most memorable birthday was my 21, it was the day I got married and also found out I was pregnant too oops. I had been so ill for the past couple of weeks and was putting it down to nerves before it suddenly dawned on me lol.
    Kim xXx

  • Sarah, I Love the little cupcake box and wrapper! SO cute! My birthday is on Boxing Day so I have lots of good memories of time with family, but my favorite was when we went ice skating on the pond with my cousins.
    qtme2003 at yahoo dot ca

  • How CUTE! I love the little box. I have never used cupcake wrappers but may start. One of my favorite birthday was when my family was taking swimming lessons at a local lake taught by the local YMCA. We did some sand paintings and we each got a 45 rpm record of our favorite singer. I am a twin and my sister got Ricky Nelson and I got Pat Boone. It was our 16th birthday. Boy, I am really telling my age.

  • Cute Box, I like the flower in the top, for a peek a boo lol, too cute!
    I doint think i HAVE A FAV BDAY memory, the one I remmeber the most is coming home from school and a strange lady being at the house because my dad was badly injured and in the hospital. nice b-day memories HUh? LOL

  • A truly amazing memorey is one of a special # birthday in which my whole family surprized and not one person slipped. People came from over 100 miles to share it with me. It was GREAT. Love the project by the way…gdobberteen at yahoo dot com

  • What a great project Sarah! I just ordered a Sizzig Big Shot, and now I’m thinking I might need to get that cupcake box die to create a cute project like yours πŸ™‚ My favorite birthday memories always involve my family – my husband, my parents, and my sister πŸ™‚ Hard to pick just one! Thank you sooo much for sharing this project and the giveaways!

    Ashley “Scrappin’ Pink Piglet”

    P.S. I already grabbed your new button for my blog πŸ™‚

  • My favorite birthday memory was the year my husband proposed to me, October 11, 1974. It was a very special birthday 36 yrs ago. He was so nervous his hands shook. I don’t know which one of us cried the most! He’s a very special man. There is no one like him! And we still love each other like a couple of teenagers. I still sit next to him in the car; we still hold hands when we are out together. And we still go to drive-in movies during warmer weather! I thank God for him every day!

  • My favorite b-day memory was the 1st year I spent x-mas(also my b-day) with me husband. Since my b-day is on x-mas I’ve never really had a birthday, it’s just always been x-mas. Anywho, he went out of his way to make sure I had a HUGE b-day party and homemade cake(that he made) Ever since then he has made my b-day super special.

  • My favorite birthday memory is when my boyfriend, asked me to be his wife. We are still happily together and in love- after 27 years.

  • My favorite birthday was my 12th, my parents surprised me by taking me to get my ears pierced!! It remember it hurt alot, but couldn’t wait to go back to school, and show off my new ears!!!

  • My favorite birthday memory was when my hubby surprised me…he called and made arrangements to get a day off work with my boss and then we (the whole family) went to Grand Rios (water park hotel) and stayed for two days. Super fun for the whole family! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorite birthday memory would have to be all of them from 5th grade through 9th grade. Every year I would get to have a sleep over for my birthday, and since my bday was in January, and we lived in northern Illinois, we always had a blizzard. So we would get to go outside and play in the snow, and go sledding. Then we would come in, and my mom would have homemade pizza ready for us! So much fun!

  • What a cute box! Thanks for being part of the blog hop. This is the 1st one I’ve participated in. My favorite birthday memory was of my 50th when my husband arranged for our family to have dinner and a cruise on a Missouri Riverboat based in Omaha. Such fun and it was a beautiful night.

  • I just love that cupcake box with the flower cut out…so cute! My fave birthday memory was 2 years ago when my kids (all under age 10) made me breakfast, then gave me a list of things we could do for “my” day…like play kickball, go to the playground, go to a museum. We ended up taking a walk together in a local nature reservation…a beautiful way to spend the day…and I scrapped pictures to prove it!! πŸ™‚

    ~Sharon C.

  • My favorite birthday memory is my dad taking me out to Chi-Chi’s for my 12th birthday. They came out singing and put a sombero on me. I was so embarressed, but thankful to have some father/daughter time. My brothers still complain (20yrs later) that they didn’t get to go. LOL

  • My favorite birthday memory would be when all my closes friends from middle school came to my birthday during the summer time.
    Plus on my 21st birthday. Hubby & I had a blast with over 100+ people came over to our new home to celebrate!!

    created2bunique at ymail dot com


  • Firstly, I’ve been a follower for a lonnnnnng time cuz I absolutely LOVE your blog! I’ve had your button on my blog for eons, too! πŸ™‚

    My fav. birthday memory has to be today!!! Not “my” birthday but one I planned as a surprise for my hubby. The look on his face, when he saw 27 friends awaiting him, was absolutely priceless. I was able to pull off the surprise without a hitch which made it the best ever!!

    If I were to win the Birthday Bash cart and stamp set, it would totally add to the memories we made today! Thanks so much for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  • Love the cupcake (Muffin) box and holder. My fav birthday memory was my 60th. Friends picked my husband and me up at home in a limo and took us out for drinks and dinner. Great fun.

  • My favorite birthday memory would have to be when my daughter turned 1. Don’t we all love our child(ren)’s 1st birthday. Them smashing the cake. She very lightly touched the cake, then realized it was pure sugar she ate it right up. We then took family photos (with my late Grandma’s pearl necklace)my daughter wore them. It was so special. Super cute wrappers – we won’t tell its only a muffin.

  • Hi, Sarah,
    My favorite birthday memory (one of them) was the first time my parents gave me a surprise party! I was 12 (a longtime ago) and they surprised me good! My dad wanted to go to the beach, so we set off in the car to pick up inner tubes at my dad’s gas station. We stopped at the men’s store in town and my dad bought a shirt for him (?). I should have known something was up! When we eventually got home, I was showing my mom his new shirt, when my friends jumped out from the hallway, yelling “Surprise!!” I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t even realize my friends were dressed for the beach! We had a fun time at my beach-birthday-party!

  • What a super cute project! My favorite memory was my 30th. It was my first one as a new mother just months after my first child was born. It was a hard birthday with the number, but having that baby girl made it all worthwile.

  • My favorite birthday memory is my daughter 1st birthday, watching them eating threir first cake and getting it all over their face and including the rest of their body, cleaning part wasn’t fun but i wouldn’t change a thing

  • What a cool giveaway. My fave b-day memory… hmmm not sure how old I was, but must have been the party my mom threw me at the local pool. It was very fun. I am a follower, and putting your new button on my blog now. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I love the cupcake box and wrapper. Too cute!! My favorite birthday memory is when my boyfriend gave me a promise ring on my 20th birthday. We have now been married for 23 years and he is my best friend!
    lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

  • TFS, this is Super Cute. My favorite Birthday memory is when my hubby asked me to marry him. The whole day was magical from start to finish. We’re celebrating 6yrs now and a Beautiful 18mo daughter. Smooches…

  • One of my favorite birthday memories is on my 24th birthday when I met up with my now husband for thefirst time in like 6 years. And we’ve been together ever since πŸ™‚

  • Love the box & wrapper. My favorite birthday was my 16th. My Aunt & Uncle gave me a plane ticket to visit them. It was my first flight and I spent one glorious week with them.

  • Awesome idea as usual =) I hope Paula had a great b day blog hop. A good birthday memory – might even be this years. This is my first full year living in the states away from my family and my bestie from back home, even though she was going through alot, made sure I had a good day by arranging for my hubby to buy me a new sewing machine from her =) So sweet…

  • One of my best birthday memories is a surprise 50th party that my darling husband and dear friend arranged for me at a Victorian tea house with 20 of my closest friends. We all got to dress up in costumes and sip tea and eat little cakes and sandwiches. It’s so special because I really am hard to surprise but I am totally a girlie girl and my Husband truly gets me. I pray Paula has a great BD and Thanks for the giveaway.

  • loving the hop!! great gift box sooo cute!! my favorite birthday memory would hve to be the year my mother got me a cat cake. i was obessed with cats as a child and she got me the cutest white fuzy cake cat from the best cake store in town!

    craftymomma cricut circle mb.

  • Since my birthday is in February – it always snowed. I always had a snow date for my birthday… so I decided that for my 30th birthday – I was going to go away and not worry about a snow filled birthday! 10 of my friends & I went to Vegas and had the most fabulous dinner at Emerald’s Steakhouse πŸ™‚ It was the best birthday ever! πŸ™‚

  • great project. my favorite birthday memory was 5 years ago . my birthday is on valentines celebrated with my first grandchild.

  • What a great box. TFS!! My favorite birthday memory was the year that I was pregnant with my first son. It was the night that I felt him move for the 1st time. πŸ™‚

  • what a great giftbox, love the colors!
    I don’t have a specific favorite memory, just every year since my kids were born. Having these little people that you made tell you happy birthday and enjoy the day with you, that’s the best. Can’t ask for more than that πŸ™‚

  • I love your cupcake box and wrapper. It is too adorable!! I am a new follower and my best birthday present was my Cricut I got last year for my birthday. It was awesome!!!

    ScrappinAsh at gmail dot com

  • Very cute! My favorite b-day memory is when my grandpa took me and my whole family (7 boy cousins and my parents, brothers and aunts & uncles) to Crystal Pizza just for my b-day. It was in a building made up to look like a victorian house with no really dining area, just little areas like a real house and a movie theatre that played only cartoons and you got to go to the sundae bar, too. Cool huh.

    Love the project and the great blog candy. Thank you for sharing both.


  • I have to say my most memorable birthday was the one where I turned 31. I had never drank before and I kept ordering Pina Colada’s and I thought boy I can really drink with no problem, but what i did not realize was that my boyfriend at the time (now husband) was throwing away the liquor. LOL. And I thought I could handle a drink or two. Still can’t. Thanks for a chance to win.

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