Homemade Vanilla

I’ve had quite a few requests on how to make your own Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Sugar–

so here it goes!

You will need 2 vanilla beans– You can find better ones at specialty stores like little markets or spice stores.  You will know a good bean, if it has a nice waxy look to it.

Stick the whole beans into a jar of vodka- approx 3 oz per bean.  Then place it in a dark cupboard,  and give it a good shake every once in a while.  In about eight weeks you will have vanilla extract. The longer you keep the beans in the vodka, the better it gets.

I have some vanilla extract that has been extracting for over a year now.  It is hard to wait for that first bottle-but, once you have it going–all you have to do is keep adding beans and vodka when you start to run low.

Also, I’ve been known to split the bean open a bit– so the vanilla seeds can really get into the vodka.  I don’t mind seeing them floating around–I think it gives it a very authentic, natural look.

Also, the type of vodka doesn’t matter too much– cheap or expensive–I usually just go with something middle of the road. 🙂

To make Vanilla Sugar– you can take a couple vanilla beans, and split them open with a sharp knife.  Then scrape out the seeds and add to a small jar of sugar ( jelly jar or pickle jar size).  Shake up– and add the bean as well.  As the bean sits in the sugar, it will take on the vanilla taste–and it tastes so amazing in coffee, on fruit and more!

Also, these make EXCELLENT ideas for gift giving–who doesn’t like gourmet sugar and vanilla 🙂

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