Gypsy Update with Free Cartridges

Okay– I hope most of you got all the new cartridges downloaded onto your gypsy!!

IF you are still having problems, please email and they will be able to help you!

I also wanted to mention, that those who did not buy a gypsy in time for this update– you can still take advantage of free cartridges until the end of November.   You will not be eligible for the exclusive Smiley Cards cartridge- but you will get the other 5!

And…right now has the Gypsy for $125

If you spent $150 on your Gypsy– a few weeks ago–don’t feel jipped, I feel like the smiley cards cartridge is well worth the extra $25


  • Got my gypsy updated but having problems updating my Imagine. Computer keeps telling me “found new hardware, insert disk now!) Got the first update with no problem. Have had some pc problems since then. Will email cs! Also received my Imagine replacement mat today! Yea!

  • I have attempted to sync my gypsy several times and all I get is the following message:

    “An error occurred while communicating with your gypsy. Please try again. If this problem persists, try restarting your Gypsy.”

    I’ve tried restarting my Gypsy several times and I still get the same message. I was able to update my firmware but not the content.

    After being on hold for OVER 2 HOURS… they told me that when they launched the Imagine, they combined Gypsy and Cricut Sync. They are having issues with the Mac version. All Mac users could either download Cricut Sync on a PC and link their Gypsy to get the new updated carts or wait several weeks for the new Mac version to come out :{ I guess I’ll have to wait since we are Mac users with no PC available.

    • Hello Ana! I just got my gypsy and I am getting the same message that you did. Any luck yet? Have you heard if they are planning to fix this problem before I miss the opportunity to download the five free cartridges? Thanks for reading, Susana

    • I have a MAC and had the same problem, i managed to update successfully by going to the help menu at top and using the troubleshooter. Do not use the update box that comes up when you connect your Gypsy, good luck!

  • Hey,

    I thought I would share this with your readers. I kept receiving a message that said “Conneting to Device” but it would never connect – I left it running for hours.

    I found a post on the cricut message board, tried it and it worked!

    It seems the problem lies with those that have Trend Micro Antivirus. If anyone can’t get past the “Connecting to Device” message, try this:

    Right click on the Trend Micro Antivirus icon in the bottom right hand corner of your computer and select exit. Then I clicked on the cricut sync icon again and it should connect and update. Gypsy will power off when update is complete (will be prompted to restart), then the data files will download and then updates will process (be patient, it takes a little while).

    Don’t forget to then turn your Trend Micro Antivirus back on (click start, then select Trend Microvirus)

    Hope that helps anyone having that problem!

  • Thank you and also disneypal. I couldn’t get my download (after trying FOREVER and becoming very FRUSTRATED). Then I read your info on Trend and YEAH! I’ve got my free cartridges! Thanks!

  • I can’t get the Smiley one to download (I had the others already). I’m so disappointed! I’m a circle member & registered my gypsy when I bought it 🙁 I’ve synced it several times, but the cartridge isn’t there – is there something I’m doing wrong? When I click the link I received in email it says something about the beta version is no longer available?

    So bummed!

  • Why in the world would “Us Mac Users want to sync to a PC” that’s the main reason I have a Mac. I don’t want to do anything with a PC ever again.” I think Provo Craft should get on board with Apple pretty quick. I am very frustrated with my Gypsy and don’t think I could give it a very good review at this time. I probably wouldn’t have bought one, but my daughter and I scrapbook together and she lives in another town. The Gypsy was a convenient way to “share cartridges.” Thank goodness… I have the cartridges and she has the Gypsy. I would purchase Design Studio if Provo Craft would get with Apple and do a Mac Version. That’s the way of the future people.

  • Hi. I got my 6 cartridges after tantrums & tears. but the smiley cards will not
    work, no matter what i try,can you help. also how do you get the updates for the
    NEW ARRIVALS & LOCKER TALK that are available. Helen

  • I got a Gypsy for Christmas and have been trying to sync it since. Finally called PC for tech support & got it to sync. Computer said sync successful & Gypsy said still connected. I waited a long time & finally unplugged the usb cord. Attempted to Sync again, per PC tech’s instructions, and I get stuck at connecting to Gypsy (please plug in & turn on msg when it is!!). I’m so frusterated & don’t want to miss out on the 5 additional cartridges by the 31st. Any suggestions????

  • I got gypsy december 8 and have tried to update so many times it let me load most of my carts but then said I needed another update so tried over 100 times to get the update finally called PC last night on hold for almost an hour guy came on told me to try trouble shoot it might work if not gave directions to format and restore said it should take about 1 1/2 hours to do and he hung up only was on with him for about 3 minutes it was about 17 hours and still no update had to call back on hold today for another hour was told to do the same thing if it don’t work I need to send it back to them so they can send another is going back, and I so badly wanted to play with it.
    On another note they extended the free carts till feb 28.

    • Yet another call to provo craft on hold today to be told that the person who took my info to forward to someone else to send me the return lable was never forwarded. The same old messages when you sit on hold also like high volume of calls makes me wonder are they selling junk and to update after they are closed, why? so you can’t call them they are closed. You would expect better from this company that we have invested so much of our hard earned money. I was so excited to get a gypsy now I think I made a mistake. Maybe I will get a working gypsy in the next few weeks as they had no idea how long it would take to ship me a new one.

      • Just got the replacement Gypsy today was so excited that I will finally get to play with it and wouldn’t you know it has to go back again as the hole is there where the port is to plug into the computer but no port you can hear it in there it sounds like a baby rattle so I am waiting on yet another return label after being on hold for the 4th time with provo craft over this gypsy. Last time the person forgot to forward my info so a week later I had to call back to get the return label and it took 16 days from there to get another one that don’t work. Phone message still says longer wait time due to high voume of calls so why the high volume of calls could it be none of these things work? They took my money and it was real money now give me a working product………

        • Now it is February 7 and still waiting they did send another Gypsy but was worthless to me as this one has another serial# will they ever make good with this? called on the 3rd of february again and they were going to over night me one but now to figure out what night because it has been 5 now and still nothing……….I think they sold me crap.

  • Just got my Gypsy just before Christmas. I just managed to download the 5 free cartridges today. I am trying to learn how to use it, it’s been a few hours…I came across a problem, I think. When I click on the Search button, the Welcome screen comes back on each time. I tried to submit a question to PC but it always comes back to me as an error so it never went thru. I was thinking of calling them tomorrow. Has anybody come across this problem? Help and thank you in advance.

    • Good luck trying to call them there customer service is terrible. I been callig for 3 days and on hold each time more than 1 hour and no one picks up. Good Luck

  • Got my Gypsy the other day and after hours of charging had to return it because the screen display didn’t work. Got a new one yesterday. I was able to register and download the 5 free cartridges and link a couple of my others. However, after following the directions on the Gypsy update page, none of the updates are working. None of the “new” cartridges are showing up on my display. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Now I’m worried that I’ll lose the cartridges on my Gypsy that I’ve already linked! HELP!

    • Hi Allyson

      I got my gypsy registered and updated via Cricut Sync, but haven’t been able to download my free cartridges yet. Could you please help? How did you get yours downloaded?

  • Cricut Gypsy Is garbage do not waste your money it is full of problems. The customer service at provocraft is worse than anything I have ever experienced. I called there cuatomer service with no exageration 3 days in a row and each time sat on hold for more than 1 hour with still noone picking up the phone. They do not respond to e-mails neither. My advise to everyone save your money until they figure out all of there issues and they have some issues. You can use a mac. they say use a pc. I hate pc and do not own one. The layers do not work on the gypsy. It does not sync properly. You can not reset the machine . When you get to a try to get this crap to work now you have errors popping up on that as well. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE POOR PRODUCT really sad it was a great idea they had but they should of perfected it before releasing it.

  • I’ve updated my Gypsy and all the free cartridges are there. It also shows Smileys as a linked cartridge, but when I click on it, it returns to the load application screen. Anyone else having this problem and has anyone a solution?

  • Hoping someone can help! I bought Cricut Expression with G in mid Jan. Went online and downloaded my 5 free carts, no problem. Then I tried to install “destinations” cart on the G, and it kept saying I needed to update my G. Tried that several times. Tried the reset, all with no luck. I then tried to reformat and restore. After trying that, I saw somewhere that their server had been down (or something), so I waited until Friday 2-25-11 and was finally able to reformat and restore. But when I opened the G, my 5 free carts were gone. I was however successful in loading “destinations”. Does anyone know how I can get my 5 free carts back or if and how to download them again? It is a shame I have had this whole system for over a month and haven’t used it yet, as I have spent all my time trying to get everything on the G! Hope someone out there has an answer!

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