Gypsy Update and Free Cartridges are ready

They are uploading and ready to go–even if you had troubles before!!

Go to

it will tell you what to do!!  If you have already done this, plug your Gypsy back into your computer and wait for it to connect to cricut sync.  It will “unlock” the carts!! WOOHOO–at least that is what it did for me, after the cartridges being red since FRIDAY! 🙂


  • Well, I chose to do the firmware update first, then I chose to update the content file after all was well w/ my Gypsy. So it’s been syncing content for quite awhile now, but then again, it’s a total of SIX carts that have to get loaded onto it!! I’m looking forward to seeing the new content!

  • So the free cartridges should appear in black like those we have linked, correct? If that’s the case none of the 6 updated for me. When I plug my Gypsy in and open the Cricut Sync software it says “Your Gypsy is up to date. Digital content rights have been updated.” Hmm, I’m off to the Provo Craft msg board, but if anyone knows the answer off the top of their head, please share. Thank you!

  • FWIW, I am stuck in a perpetual loop–it turns on, (the Gypsy), and when I create something and click the ‘keyboard’ icon, it loops back to the main screen where I can choose to create, open or settings. Lather, rinse repeat. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I will check the website thread provided by Brenda (thanks!) to see if anyone else has this problem. I need some calgon after this!

  • I want to take some time to personally thank you for letting us know about this update. Had I not read it on your blog i wouldn’t have found the update! Luckily i had only purchased the TBBM cartridge so I got 5 free carts today! Love it!! Thanks again! I couldn’t find wha ti thought i was supposed to look for so i click the “new users start here” icon, signed in on that page and then the upload tools were there. You use Cricut Sync to upload from. Oh, and from what i saw is you go to Cricut Sync to download everything and once you have done that you remove the Gypsy Sync from your PC or MAC. Good Luck!

  • Mine is updating right now, I already have a few of the 6 free carts but happy to get the ones I don’t already have!! looking forward to playing around with them.

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