CuttleBug Mania – Black Friday Insider

Happy Monday!  While out cruising around looking for Black Friday sneaks, I ran across an deal that you should know about.

Get some of your shopping done early!

Also, on Black Friday… Mr. Pink C will be doing some posting and giving you the inside scoop on all the great online crafting details, so make sure to stop by and check those out. If you;re like me and love to shop, but like getting the most for you money — I can promise you that there will be deals you won’t want to miss. The best part… will be that you can shop from your computer, and not fight the crowds.

I will be out battling the Black Friday crowds, like I do every year, but I am SOOOOOO excited for the shopping season!


  • Hi! WOW what a deal. Thanks so much for sharing all of your good finds with us, your always so thoughful and sweet. Hopefully someone will be surprised to find this little number under their christmas tree this year…What a steal!

  • I want a cuttle bug so bad. I am sending that info to my hubby. Thanks for sharing!!! I too will be out shopping, hopefully will be coming home with my new aqua cricut 🙂

  • I wanted one too but found it at Jo-ann’s this week on sale for $53.95 and since I have a local store I didn’t have to pay the shipping charges ($15.00+)! Check it out Ladies. This was my anniversary present, Yay!

  • My husband just got me the exact same one from for my birthday on Sept 30.. he had it since Aug though and got it for $39.95 and free shipping. Also just a heads up I saw the green one at Michaels for $39.

  • I’ve been waiting and waiting for these to go on sale. Finally gave up and bought a Sizzix Texture Boutique 2 days ago on sale for $20(!) and LOVE it. It’s lighter than the cuttlebug and cuts (even though it says you can’t, I found a way ;)) Loving it, so I don’t think I’ll shell out the $50, but dang that’s a good deal!

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