New Cricut Lite Cartridges

Well–since it is Hello Thursday I went to my Walmart to see if they had the new cartridges out yet–and they didn’t…

But I will keep checking back–and probably still wait until Black Friday when all of the lites  are going to be $20!

Here they all are!  Only the first one is a full font cartridge that will be included with at least the Cricut Expressions at Walmart .

Which ones are on your wish list?

My wish list is: Four Legged Friends, Twinkle Toes and Playtime 🙂


  • Sarah, you rock! Four legged friends and Jolly Holidays definitely! I’m super ‘cited! LOL Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post all this for us! BTW, my Texture Boutique will cut fine through all scrapbook paper except cardstock and I’m assuming velvety type paper…

    XO ~ Amy Jo

    PS. Do you think they’ll have these online?

  • I like Inspired Heart and Jolly Holiday (but not sure I need another Christmas cartridge – I think I have 3 already – LOL!)

    I’d be curious to see more of the Classic Cricut Font since it is a full cartridge. The front of the box shows a sun, apple and leaves but the back doesn’t – so I’m sure some shapes are in there. I like the font but have a similar font already.

  • theres a typo on the cupcake box, it says 4 legged friends. I like twinkle toes and playtime. About the cupcake , what does it do, does it print out cupcake holders or what? have a happy Friday.

  • Mama LoveBug here – I want to thank you for posting these. I like Playtime and Twinkle Toes. I echo the response from above that Cupcake looks like a rehash of Cupcake Toppers. TFS.

  • I love the Jolly Holidays and the Cricut classic font. Hope it is offered for purchase. I have a Pink cricut and don’t plan on changing.

  • I certainly plan on getting Four Legged Friends, Jolly Holidays, and Playtime. Twinkle Toes is super cute, but I don’t know that I’d have a use for many of the pics. Can’t wait till these bad boys go on sale for Black Friday! I usually don’t go out that day, but will probably at LEAST hit Walmart this year!

  • Twinkle Toes! My 2 and a half year old just started ballet and tap, this would be perfect for the years of dance we have ahead.

  • Thank you so much for posting the picks of the new cartrages…I had to work today so I had my boyfriends sister pick me up one of the new colored cricuts with the two cartrages in it. It has been killing me of what they look like so thank you I finally know so when I get I can start using it right away instead of looking at the cartrages….!!! I love them, very cute.

  • I ordered the plum color Cricut Expression from WalMart today – the Black Friday deal for $185. Are these color machines the same quality as say, the white or black ones? I’ve read a few places where they seem more cheaply made, which has me worried.

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