Cricut Cake

I didn’t think I would…but, I did!

I bought the Cricut Cake–it’s funny too–because it is almost exactly 1 year since I got my very first Cricut–the Expression!
My husband bought me the Cricut Expression for our Anniversary last year- and our anniversary in less than 2 weeks away–so Happy Birthday to my Cricut Expression! 😀

I sure have added a lot of Provocraft to my life and our home in 1 year 😉

Speaking of Provocraft items– did you know that you can now get a Cake Mini?

image description

And if you buy a cake -you can get 2 free cartridges and an apron?

Click the picture below for the Printable Form

Special Offer | Cricut Cake Promotion

Anyway– I bought it last week–and finally took it out of the box today, and played a little!!

Now let’s see if I can keep up with all these machines!! 🙂

What do you think–is the Cricut Cake for you?? If so–the original or the mini?


  • too funny. i have no place to store the big cake. the mini is more tempting for me. can’t wait to see what you make. your kids must be thrilled because now you have to make cake more often.

  • LOVE this!! You’re so creative. I really didn’t think I wanted a cake, but now I’m thinking i do.. lol Just have to figure out if I have room for it. Thanks for the video 🙂

  • Great video! It really does look like it cuts very nice! Question – what was cleanup like? Was it difficult to clean the blade and the machine? Can you just use regular dish soap, or is there a special cleaner?

  • I love the cake but will not be getting one. I LOVE baked goodies but I dont bake enough to justify having one. I will enjoy seeing your projects that you make with it and will live vicarously through you. Have fun with it, it looks like it would be a blast to have one.

  • What fun for you and your little one! However, I will NOT be getting a Cake Machine. Why? Well I no longer have children at home. My grandkids live in Maryland and I’m in Texas. What about my hubby and myself? We do not eat sweets and we are both lactose intolerant. So it would be a waste of money. It does look like a lot of fun for anyone that has children still at home. Enjoy and treasure the moments!

  • Wow…oddly enough i just came across your fondant birthday cake you had made for your son. I was wondering if you had a cake or would get one! Can’t wait to see some of your creations! I’ve thought about getting one but I’m still undecided – although now is probably the time to buy with the great deals on it! ANyway, have fun with it! And thanks for sharing!


  • I don’t own a Cricut of any kind….so I would have to say no right now. I want the original then I’ll work on hubby for the cake. LOL

  • I wanted the cake so bad when it first came out. Just couldn’t justify the cost for the amount of times I would use it. Have all the carts however & if I could get as good of a deal as you did, I would probably jump on it to. We were blessed with twin granddaughters this year and I am sure I would get plenty of use out of it in the very near future as birthdays start rolling around. I know me all to well – that if I did buy a cake it would have to be the big one. If I bought the mini I would always be thinking that
    “if only I had gotten the larger one I could have…..”. Like your test spin on cheese. Great idea. I’m sure that sandwhich tasted better with superman on it!!!!

  • thanks for sharing your video, wow you made it look easy, and I am so thrilled about this Promotion, I owe you and Michelle big time, she told me about the great price on the cake and now your letting us know about the free apron and 2 carts. I am so excited cause I dont have mini monograms or all mixed up. thanks for sharing this info, your little boy sounds so cute, I miss those days when they were so little, Debbie

  • You make it look easy… If I can still find that kind of sale, yes I will be getting one! Keep the videos and recipes comin …. please! And thank you!

  • Looks like fun and who knew you could cut cheese slices? Pretty cool idea, but I have no need for one personally as I can’t eat cake and have no kids. Very fun to watch though! Would like to see some cake examples as I have no clue how the base is made at all so looking forward to seeing more! TFS Sarah!
    ~ Amy Jo

  • I actually found the same deal last week at my Michael’s. I do bake cakes regularly so I have been wanting one for a while but no way could afford one. I was thrilled when I found this awesome deal and had to get it as well as 3 different cartridges for $20 each! I have played with it a few times and love it. I’m working on a cake for this weekend and have made the cutest little butterflies, can’t wait to make more!

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