Black Friday Shopping Hop

I know many of you are out there shopping–but some of you may have opted to stay out of the crowds–or maybe you are already done shopping! 🙂

Well, either way- welcome to the Black Friday Hop!

I have to admit, I am one of the Crazy Shoppers out there right now–but, I also wanted to be able to participate in this fun hop, that my good friend, Jen was hosting!

For this hop, we were to make something shopping related–so here is what I made! 🙂

While, I am having some awesome sales on the Pink by Design store today– I also wanted to do a giveaway.

So for anyone who is a follower and leaves a comment telling me the BEST deal they every got while shopping–you will be entered into a drawing for the
Pink by Design Shopaholic Stamp Set


You can earn an extra entry by grabbing my new blinkie on the top right, or grabbing the I love Pink by Design blinkie on the left!


  • Best deal I got was the Laptop from walmart for $198. I also think the peachy keen sale is the best sale they have every had. Thanks

  • Due to a BOGO and a gift card from some fabulous in-laws, I purchased to 89.99 cricut cartridges for just $10.00! What a great day that was!!! 🙂

    Be careful out there shopping!


  • I hit up Michaels tonight kind of a Thanksgiving tradition between my MIL & I. I got a whole bunch of stuff for $20, I’m all excited! I got christmas ribbon 60% off and then an additional 30% off on top of that! I stocked up!

  • I just went to an outlet mall and got some amazing shoes. It was buy one and get 2 free. What a bargain!!!! Hopefully they will last me until next year’s sale!!! Happy BF shopping.

  • The best deal i got was my kodak camera i think i got it for 89 it included the housing for charging which was a great deal to me..
    Happy Thanksgiving..

  • My best deal lately as we have no Black Friday in Canada was Birthday Cakes Cricut cartridge for $9.99 at Michaels when they were on clearance. I do not have a Cricut Cake but am looking forward to cutting things out in my regular E.

  • Beautiful card, Happy Holiday’s! The best deal that I am so excited for is $20.00 cricut lite cartiages starting tomorrow in WALMART! I am there. I also got my cricut last year for only $188.00 in Walmart last black friday. The 12 x 12 Matt size also because the colored ones that were smaller were all sold out. I got mine for the same price as the small one!
    Contact Info incase I get a change to win your blog candy! Happy Holiday’s! Thank you!

  • The best year I got was when I got the cricut expression a year ago at Walmart for $189 and in the ad they had another cricut which was not cricut expression. I would like to thank a nice thoughtful lady that asked the manager for two expressions one for me and one for herself. I was at walmart that night since midnight and when it 5 am they pulled out the merchandise from the back the cricut on the ad where never found by the employees. She was so kind to ask for the expression to be paid the same as the ad and got one for me. Thank you…

  • Several years ago my daughter really wanted a dress winter coat along with her everyday coat. I couldn’t justify buying her a second coat so I didn’t buy it. At the end of the season, I was able to pick up the $60.00 coat for only $5.00 on clearance. I bought it a size to big and since she is so thin she has been able to wear it for 4 years now. Not bad for 5.00.

  • How fun. Wow, my best scrap deals were at a Provo Craft Outlet sale. They were closing it down and everything was 75%-90% off. I got paper, cuttlebug dies, etc for next to nothing. It was awesome.

  • My best deal was an after CHristmas sale at the Mervyn’s nearby, many years ago. I got up early while my kiddies were still sleeping off Christmas excitement and got some of my most precious CHristmas ornaments at 75% off. Good Memories!

  • Well, a really good deal (I remember) were a pair of stride rite for my son for only $10.00!!! I wanted to buy a second pair, but they did not have a second pair with the same number. I was really lucky!

    Gina L.

  • I absolutely love that project.. I can see it used for so many differnet survival kits. My best get on a black friday.. was a free breakfast 🙂 this couple thought my daughter and I were nuts that we were out at 3 am and here it is 8 am and we were stopping for breakfast 🙂


  • I tried to watch your video, however, everytime I tried there was another video running audio on top of yours. I did check some other You Tube videos and they seemed fine, however, I just could not get your working for me. So, interested too. Anyway, I stay at home and watch HSN for my Black Friday and I purchased a Nintendo DSi for my grandson for about one third off. Yeah!

    • Wow, I tried to get the other ones for $20.00 and they would ring up $39.00, I may have to go back tomorrow and try it again. The Black Friday add is a little misleading.

  • I just replaced your old blog button on my blog sidebar with your new blinkie blog button! Nice!

    I’m still trying to decide if I want to be back up and in the car in another 4 1/2 hours headed to Joann’s…..

  • I have fallen upon some great deals in my time, but today I will talk about the one I got tonight. I was able to get 4 Cricut Lite carts at Walmart for $20 each and I am so stoked!

    My next deal is going to be a set of your stamps… Don’t have any yet and you have so many to choose from….



  • Nice project! TFS your video and your certificates with Jen… and giveaway here… I need it for my card… go see…
    The best deal ever was a $398 suit for $15 at Marshalls… and tonight well, I am too cold to go get the $20 lite carts..

  • Wow I don’t know on this one, but it may be the cricut cartridges that I got at couple weeks ago for $17.50 each. I have just about worn them out!!!

  • Just the other day I was able to pick up several flats of pansies for $1.00 at Lowes, and they were in great shape too. Not those scraggly things that they put on clearance.


  • My best deal was a cricut cart I got a M’s a couple years ago–it was on sale and then the associate accidentally applied the J’s 40% coupon to the cart, so I got a new release cart for about $20!!!!

  • My husband just called , hegot the lites at walmart for $20, I ordered my expression the other day for $199, and ordered at peachy keen tonight, thats the best deal so far, my husband is also in line at walmart for the tv, woowooo. Be safe every body, OH you can order the expression online at walmart and they have the color choice. good luck. Dawn

  • Cute survival kit! The best deal I got tonight (besides the new Lite cartridges) was Toy Story 3 dvd for only $10! I’m going to get a couple hours of sleep before I head to Joann’s to get my Mom’s present. Thanks for sharing!

  • The best deal I ever got was pulling up to a store on Black Friday and being 3rd in line!! And that was the year I got my Wii, thanks to the great place in line!!!

  • The best deal I ever got was 2 years ago when my Walmart, just a few minutes from my house, had Cricut Expressions for $169. My sister and b-i-l went with me at 4am because they said I needed protection. We were in and out in under 20 minutes. It was great! Kelly

  • The best deal I ever got was at Riteaid. $170 worth of product and spent $24. Got 20 in mail in rebates and $18 to spend the next shopping trip. So actually made money to shop! can’t beat that! Will be heading there today for more free stuff!

  • I just love your survival kit! So so cute! The best deal I ever got was at Best Buy. I stood in line at Best Buy all night so I could get my son a laptop computer loaded with everything on it for college. I was a single Mom at the time and he was a senior in high school. It was so cold and I almost left. I got his laptop for $298 and he is still using it today…five years later. And yes, he graduated from college in 2009 and is in the U.S. Army. Thank you for the chance to win. I have several of your stamp set and just love them! As a matter of fact, I bought another set last weekend to get in on the 99 cent shipping. Haven’t received it yet…but maybe it will be in the mailbox today. Can’t wait!

  • I am a follower. I couldn’t go shopping this year for BF but the greatest deal I got is four kids and a niece and nephew running around playing as I sat at my scrapbook table. It was free. : )

  • I did my BF shopping at last week and got 5 new cartridges! I’m hopping to drop by my WalMart today and see if there are any of the Lites left that I want too 🙂

  • … no BF here today in Canada, but I dont think I’d venture out anyways. I’m not much for crowds.

    I don’t recall any BEST deals I received while shopping, when I was still living at home, therefore had money, if I knew someone would love it, I bought it if I could afford it. The fact they’ll love it, use it and appreciate the gift is plenty for me.

    Happy Shopping!

  • Can’t think of the best deal I’ve ever got…but honestly spending time with family and watching their joy is priceless.
    Hope you’re having fun.

    keenerfamily at gmail dot com

  • I’m quite sure I’ll be slammed for this by why do people allow mistakes of error? This is what ultimately drives prices up for all of us. When only the limited edition lites are on sale but you make them give you sale price on all the rest or you don’t correct them when they give you sale price on the rest, it’s pretty much stealing in my book. Not much different than when you’re mistakenly given too much change. Good people make mistakes…better people don’t profit off of them…just saying.

    So…now that I’m off my soap-box, I have to say that this year was the first time I’ve shopped Black Friday anywhere since working in retail during this time years and years ago. The best deal that I got today was a pre-lit tree at Joann’s….normally $120 bucks or something like that but thanks to a rockin’ sale and coupon it was only $27.

    • I forgot to include HOW it jacks prices up (we’ve actually learned about this in economics this quarter)…if 100 cartridges are SUPPOSED to be sold at $39 but are instead sold at $20 (even though they shouldn’t be) the store has lost almost 2k on those transactions…how do they recoup that loss…raising prices of course, and not necessarily on just cartridges…they will raise prices anywhere to recoup the loss.

  • Cute, project!! Where is the chocolate though?? One of the best papercrafting deals that I got was Prima paper stacks for 27cents. Thank you for sharing your project.

    Marianne S.
    sthquilter at gmail dot com

  • Best deals: I do a lot of freecycling and a lot of donating. I got an armoire for free off of freecycle and last night I went to M’s to get the storage units at 55% off. Since the armoire was intended to be an entertainment center, there is a huge space in the center. Four cubes will fit perfectly.

    Got the blinkies! 😉
    Already follow you all over the place.
    Jaye 🙂 jaye.algeri at gmail dot com

  • Lovin’ the survival kit. It’s too cute. The best deals this year was that I’m finally feeling better and I needed to exchange my E for the newer version because I was having problems with it. You probably know that I have been ill. So, I did get there at around 11:30 to get one at 12. I didn’t have to fight anyone and there are still more left (can you believe that 1st of all) but we had to wait for my sis to get some things that she wanted at 5 am. So, I parked some chairs in an aisle, she got me some Gatorade and crackers, and I went to sleep. Long story short, at 5 we got what we needed, were 2nd in line and outta there in about 5-10 minutes. The lines after us though, RIDICULOUS!!! TFS!

    Blog Hop Sista

  • best deal i have ever gotten is a new christmas tree at 50 bucks. lol it’s new to me this year. We just got it.
    michelesscrapycreations35 at yahoo dot com

  • very cute little essential box ~~!
    my best deals were jumbo stickles on sale plus30% OFF, CRICUT LITES for $20 then they adjusted the price of some older ones for $20, jammies for my kids for $4, ott light for $17 !!! whoo hoo

  • I love the deals that end up free. However those are few and far between. I love shopping for scrapbook supplies and getting unexpected freebies from the seller. Those are better than deals!

  • The best deal black friday a Cricut 89. for dd last year and cartridge 25 bux.. This year I did gift cards and bought at vons 150 and then you get 15.00 off 50.00 groceries so that was good since that’s all I am doing…
    whoo hoooo

  • Did a quick run out to the stores, got a air gun, a cricut (purple), Christmas Eve jammies for the kids. Actually got a lot of little Christmas presents for everyone. The best deal was the cricut for my oldest daughter – she’ll be surprised.

  • Such a great idea Sarah! Thanks for being crazy with me and doing this hop! But reading through these comments and seeing everyone’s good deals is almost driving me out to the stores! (but I said ALMOST, hee-hee)

  • I was not going to venture out today… I was going to buy on line until at 10:30 I realized the sweatshirt my son “needed” was only on sale at Hollister in the store until noon! Made it in time. Grabbed the shirt and got in line while the boys looked and brought me more to buy! Then went to Best Buy… the other item “needed” was an online deal only… but they honored it at the store because it was out of stock on line… another save! Then on to hair cuts… as long as we were out. And a trip to Walmart. Was able to get 3 lite cartridges at 2:30 in the afternoon. The only one they were out of was playtime… and yes I did want that one… but it was 2:30 and they opened a line for me to pay so I was first in line! Cannot complain! Totally loved your shopping video! Classic fun! Thanks for sharing your idea… I could have used it earlier… Starbucks! yum yum! Thanks for the hop and always inspiring us!

  • My best buy was a NOOK for my daughter at Best Buy for $100. I also got 4 games for my son for the price of 2, great morning!!


  • CUTE kit!!!! Best deal has to be storage cubes at M’s last night. I’ve been redoing my craft space with the cubes, paying either 40/50% off with coupons ($15 to $17) but last night I got them for $13.

  • I love your project..a survival box was such a cute idea.I didn’t do any in store Black Friday shopping this year, but I did a little online. I got great deals at Walmart, Oh My Crafts, JC Penny’s, but the best deal I got was on the Blu Ray player that my hubs wants…I got it for $79 (orig price $169), so I am pretty tickled.

  • I Love your survival kit…should of had one with me while I was at Walmart today…My best deal would have to be one of the new Cricut carts that I got at Walmart this morning and at Toysrus I got my son a ds game that was really a good deal.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    I saw your video this morning and wished I had friends to do black Friday with because going by yourself is way too scary….

  • I LOVE this pink survival box. I NEED one! I posted about my deals today on my site. PLEASE come check them out. Embossing folders, storage, buttons, ribbons, cartridges, SO many great deals! It just take a a little time to look.

  • I really like your project. I’m a teacher and it’s a great idea for many things! I grabbed your blinkie. I guess I’m lucky to live by a WalMart that’s not all that busy. I went at noon today and got the one new lite cartridge I really wanted. No lines, no fights, and I got to sleep in…great deal!

  • Really cute idea Sarah! Kind of doing things backwards here..thanks for showing the BSP!
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do any BF moolah 🙁
    Love this stamp set and it’s one that I don’t have! 🙂

  • Such a clever idea! This is the first time I have shopped the early morning black friday deals. The best deal i got was a $130 camera for $70. I am a much better grocery shopper. I save a minimum of %60 every time!

  • There isn’t black friday in Canada– but, I did get some online shopping done! 🙂 Love your little survival kit, you are so creative!

  • I was able to get the Baby bug at Joann’s for my daughter this morning. I picked up 3 of the new Cricut Lite cartridges at Walmart at midnight last night. I even helped a lady get a plum Expression–she was thrilled. I am a follower and have your blinky on my blog

    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  • I didn’t get to go to Michaels until later on this evening and guess what I entered a for a drawing and won a Cricut cartridge!!!!! Who would think…late shopping paid off… I chose Sesame Street Friends because my grandson who is 10 months old loves Sesame Street!
    I also got to use my 50% off coupon on a Martha Steward scoring boards, $10 Today was great. I hope you enjoyed your day and I love your project. I also have your blinky on my blog.

  • I LOVE this little bag, and your daughters is too cute! she is following in mama’s scrappin steps!LOL
    Kind of crazy, but one yr, I bought a puppy, and got the 2nd one half off… THAT was a wonderful deal to me, normally I stay away from the crazy stores in this time!
    I am already a follower
    TFS and a chance to win
    Bonnie C

  • Hi Sarah! Can’t wait to hear about everything you bought today! I have been super sick since Tuesday (with my fibro) and haven’t even been able to get out of bed. 🙁 I did get some online shopping done, but was soooooo bummed that the cricut lite cartridges were out of stock b-4 I could get the two I wanted. If you have any extra to sell, please let me know! Looking for Four Legged Friends and Jolly Holidays. Anyways, my best purchase was from Charlotte Russe. I got a TON of clothes and accessories of every kind all for under $100!!! They are having a storewide 25 – 50% off sale!
    Hope you had a fun day!
    XO ~ Amy Jo

  • Hmmm…I don’t know where my comment is…I thought I posted here earlier. Either way, Love this survival kit. I could have used it last night for sure. My best deal so far was a woman in the dairy isle at the grocery store gave me a coupon for a free flavored creamer. I got the Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha. YUM YUM! FREE!

  • Love your survival kit. I could have used one of those this morning! Except we hit up Panera instead of Starbucks. Mmm… a Chai Latte and Pumpkin Muffie! Perfect for Black Friday shopping. My best deal this year was a $3 crock pot at Wal-mart. For that price, I got two! 🙂 And half off Cricut accessories at Hobby Lobby! YAY!

  • Love your project. The best deal I got was the Cricut for $189.00. I got it last year at Wal-mart.. and boy did it jump-start my scrapbooking! I just love it. Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful stamps.

  • Adorable boxes. I just ordered my cuttlebug so now I can start buying dies and embossing folders. Can’t wait to get it. thanks for the great instruction video and the chance to win the stamps, they are great.

  • Love the survival kit! My best deal was getting the Four Legged Friends cartridge today without having to get out (we are out of town for the holiday anyway). I grabbed it online and had it shipped to my local store. That’s my kind of shopping. 🙂 I missed the Jolly Holidays what was the other one I really wanted, but hopefully I can find it at some point.

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