Black Friday at Joann’s, Michael’s, and More Cricut Sneak Peeks

Here is a quick compilation of the best Cricut deals from Walmart, Michael’s, Joann’s, and Craft Warehouse!!

I found the Joann’s scanned in Black Friday ad–Looks like a normal sale for Joann’s:

9.99 DCWV, 40% off Sizzix–etc.

But, the best thing I saw was this!! 🙂

Yep! The Cake Mini–which is exclusive to Joann’s at 99.99 🙂

They also have 27.99 cartridges and the Expression on sale for 199.99

Here is the rest of the sales ad

If you have a Craft Warehouse–here are there Cricut Deals—I don’t have one near me 🙁

Click here for the rest of their ad

And Michael’s has:

60% off all Cricut Cartridges and the Gypsy for 99.99

But, in my opinion–the best thing they will have is this little coupon for an extra 30% sale prices–I am sure this does not include the “usual” things–Provocraft..etc.

Click here for the rest of their ad

SOOOO–what is your plan of attack?  I still think Walmart has the best deal on the Expression and Lites, but do you want to fight that WM crowd??

And, yes Walmart will have these deals online available at 2am 🙂


  • I wish I lived closer to a Michael’s!! I love the colors of the Walmart cricuts, but my husband got my the ones that were on sale there last year!! All in all these are great deals!!

  • oh i hate going out on black friday especially with a 2 year old in tow. i will do mine all on the web. no crowds. no waiting in huge lines. & i can enjoy the leftovers from thursday.

  • Sarah, I will be totally honest. 5 years ago, I decided to go with a few of my teenage kids to a Walmart’s Black Friday. When we realized there was no way we will ever make it to the electronics dept. we decided to leave. I was already feeling physically ill (dizzy and nauseous). We were trapped !!!! We then couldn’t get out of the store, there was so many people!!! When we finally got out, we decided: NEVER AGAIN !!!! LOL Martha C.

  • I’m hoping to get some great deals online. I tried to shop at WM last year and the people were crazy! It wasn’t worth being shoved and pushed! Thanks for sharing!

  • My hubby works at walmart so we will see if he can get it for me. I like the Create but the Expression would be nice…he already bought me $200 worth of cricut for Christmas, So I’ll let you know what happens… thanks

  • Now that’s what I wanted to hear…..I can shop on line for my new expression….and it doesn’t matter which color either…thank you for telling us about this…..I’m so excited….can’t you see me jumping up and down…….yippee…

  • Seems I am with the Majority. WM for black Friday! I will try the online thing first and see. We can acutually start at midnight or 0001 at the store for everything except the door busters. They don’t start until 5 am

    Michaels here is open on Thursday and I will be visiting them Thursday afternoon for several bargins but will have to go back both Friday and Saturday for the Door Buster items that I want. LOL… Gonna be a busy weekend.

  • I guess it will be Walley World for me. We don’t have a Joann’s Yet…. But they are building one that is supposed to open in the spring. I can hardly wait. I noticed today that the outside walls are up. Neat thing is it is about 5 minutes from my house and right ascross the street from HL. I lucked out this year I have Thanksgiving – Sunday off. That is a lot to say if you work in a hospital as I do. Hope everybody finds all the Black Friday deals they are looking for and Happy Shopping.

  • I’m looking at the Menards ad (Menards is a hardware store/lumberyard in the midwest) and they’re advertising Cricut carts for $12.99, but the carts pictured are Cricute LITEs. What are those doing at Menards??

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