An overdue Haul

So, it’s been a little bit since I have done a Haul Video for you all–

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shopping! 🙂  So, I am going to try to catch you up on some of my recent craft shopping, including Oh My Crafts, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and More!!

You can still use the 50% off Martha Stewart Coupon–.

Feel free to print this one off!

I mentioned a card I made using the Couch Stamp Set, that is featured on Scrap’N Tote today– here is that LINK

You should definitely go check it out–because that site is also giving away an IMAGINE!! Click to see how you can enter–and tell Marlo I sent you!  I will not be entering for the giveaway–because I have an Imagine–but, I wanted you all to know about it!!

Other Links for Stores mentioned in the Video:

Little Paper Sprinkles is the place I got the I-Top, Nikki Sivils Paper and Echo Park Paper


  • Really enjoyed the video and I am totally swiping your idea for storing Peachy Keen Stamps 🙂 But I have to tell you…Nikki is right about the Prismacolor Pencils 🙂

  • Prismacolor pencils are GREAT, but pretty pricey. My brother is an artist going to art school and most every artist I know swears by this brand. He’s let me use them a couple of times and they are so true to color and smooooooth :)They’re a great investment.

  • Oh my goodness you have been busy! That’s alot of loot! Love it!! I was using the OMS and the colored pencil technique alot myself until I discovered the dove blender and it was waaaaay easier for me and I realized that I no longer ran the risk of accidentially dumping out the OMS onto my project… I had poured the OMS into a bingo dauber to try to stop spills but… sometimes kids and animals can get in the way. However, now I have a huge bottle of OMS sitting around…. Thanks so much for sharing your haul video, I really enjoy those!

  • Sarah, I love your haul and I see that your scrapbox is put together! Will you do a video and show us all! I want one so bad, but have to wait! I hope I win the one that you have posted!

  • Glenda-
    There’s a few video’s back of the bringing it in and things orginzed for the most part!!! Before the scrapbox played nice and let her put her supplies in it, it beat her up!!!
    Awesome haul Sarah!!! I gotta do some more shopping sometime soon. What is your favorite ink brand (especially for coverage on your stamps, and the peachy keen stamps)?

  • Wow, that’s quite a haul! I don’t know if you’ve heard of, but I’ve seen letter press stuff on there before. I have no idea what it is so I’m excited to see a projct and video from you in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • i just got my i-top too!!! & i am going to do some headbands. fun fun stuff. you got a great haul. can’t wait to see what you create with it all.

  • Great haul:>) With the prismacolor pencils, try using baby oil and a blender pen it works absolutely well in blending.

  • Whew! You’ve been busy! I’m on the hunt for Christmas stacks this week but I won’t pay $20 for them either! 🙂 You always know (or can be pretty sure) if they’re not on sale somewhere this week, they will be next week! 🙂 Great haul! Hope you’re enjoying your workbox too!


  • Wow! You got some great stuff! Where did you say you got the Tree Love paper stack? We had pet squirrel(indoors!) for 2 years and that paper would be great for the album I am doing on him! Thanks, Denise

  • You got some great stuff, like your choices. I am on my second making memories cutter, I wore all markings off 1st one, Michaels had them on sale a couple of weeks ago & broke down & got another is my favorite, 🙁 didn’t know they had pink. 🙂 It will spoil you, your going to love it.

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