Haul and some sneaks

So, last night we adopted our second puppy from a shelter- we believe that rescuing puppies is important and thought that after a year with our first puppy, that it was time to add to the fur-family. πŸ™‚

Her name is Felicity- the shelter had named her, and we decided to keep the name.

That is her sister in the background, Riley– who we adopted last October. They love each other!

Today I have a haul I filmed about a week ago– sorry, I haven’t gotten it put up til now! πŸ™

So, you may have seen me use some of the things in the video!!

And, I also wanted to tell you that I will be having another Ustream on this Friday- at 8:30 CST. I know it’s Halloween weekend– so I hope it is late enough that most of you can make it! Β During the ustream I will be showing my new collection of Stamps, and doing some giveaways!!

But, for now– here are some sneak peeks–one from each Stamp Set being released!

Keep in mind– not all of them are the whole sentiment–just part of it– πŸ™‚


  • i thought that having the imagine was supposed to cut down on buying paper stacks. lol. can’t wait to see what you do with the big shot. & have fun puppy training!!! she is very cute.

  • I am with Jennifer H, I do not know what a dust buddy is either. I am also one who can hardly pass the paper isles in craft stores. I loved your choice of paper packs, I am going to look for some of them as well, definitely an addition.

  • I too have a DCWV cardstock addition and my american friends help feed it by getting the exclusive stacks from Joanns for me and sending them north to Canada. I have all those christmas/winter stacks on their way and I cant wait to play with them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love the Homemade stack musical notes also. I am going to Michael’s this week and can’t wait. I also have a paper addiction but I think your addiction is a little worse than mine! :0) What is a dust buddy?

  • Boy do I love paper!! It’s so great, love all the patterns and colors…I want more!!!
    Hope to see all the neat stuff you make with it.

  • Wonderful way to store your paper! How do you decide what paper to put where? Since you have so many stacks, do you keep them together? I also don’t know what a dust buddy is either!

  • Paper addict for real, lol! You got some great deals so it’s permitted *haha*. Lovin the new pup. What did you guys name it?

  • I think your paper addiction is an understatement…..you have a problem…..so to help you with it …..please send all to me……heheheheh
    Love the paper you got…..and I can’t wait to see what you do with the super big shot…..and your puppy is adorable……please give her a kiss for me….I love puppy….and you might just need to send her has well…..so you got to much paper and to many dogs…..send them to me……heheheheheheh
    thank you for sharing this with us……I really enjoyed it…..

  • Holy Cow Girl! I can’t imagine buying so much paper at once! Even if it was a couple different orders! I usually only get 1 stack at a time! Lucky you… all that paper and that wonderful Scrap Box too!!!!

  • Love all of your great bargins! Makes creating so much more fun! Thumbs up for the puppy adoption, so cute both of your fur babies! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity with us

  • Oh your new puppie is just tooo cute…… oh the paper….. we just don’t have that many stacks at Michaels, and thats all we have, I think I need to make a trip to the USA and get some paper…..Thanks for sharing your haul….

  • Okay your puppy is too cute! Can you keep us posted on how they Buff works and if you can emboss with it or not. And my husbands thanks you for encouraging me to shop some more this week!! LOL

  • Quick question? Which do you prefer the cuddlebug or the big shot? Sure is only a personal preference thing but would like your opinion. Thanks!

  • Congratulations on your new furkid Felicity. She looks like a really sweet girl. Thanks for sharing your haul video. I’m in love with the DCWV Christmas/Winter stacks too. And I believe you can never have too much paper!!!

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