Gypsy Owners get Free Cartridge Downloads

I thought I’d add this to the Gypsy post– to remind you why the Gypsy rocks! 🙂

The new Gypsy update is out!! I just updated mine– didn’t take long at all–and this is what the update is supposed to do:

New Gypsy/Imagine update is ALL READY! Edge-to-Edge printing (full bleed), some pattern caching (so you can use patterns from one Imagine cartridge with designs from another Imagine cartridge), PLUS now you can use Gypsy with Imagine using your Classic Cricut cartridges (just cutting for now). This is just the first of many updates on our roadmap! Enjoy!!

Just announced: My reactions in PINK

Buy and register a Gypsy by Cricut by October 31 and receive 6 free cartridges downloaded to your Gypsy – including the exclusive, all-new “Smiley Cards” cartridge (and don’t forget about Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy font cartridges that come pre-loaded on the machine). It’s a $419 value!
Free cartridges include: I for one, have none of the ones they are giving out via download!
– Smiley Cards (new and exclusive to this promotion)– how exciting!!!
– Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (not available in retail)– I’ve been wanting this cart!
– Christmas (not available in retail) — Love Christmas!
– Blackletter (not available in retail) —eh, I’ll take it 😉
– Printing Press (not available in retail) – this one is actually pretty cool- for the ‘old typewrite’ look 🙂
– Indie Art (not available in retail)– Some fun images on this one too

Clap With One Hand As You Design With the Other

All current Gypsy owners included! Simply register your Gypsy by October 31, 2010 and get access to all downloads. Register at

Downloads will be available through a special update to your Gypsy starting November 1st.

New Gypsy cartridge downloads are easy! Just connect your Gypsy to your computer and you’ll automatically be prompted how to start. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to download all six cartridges containing thousands of images! And with Gypsy, you’ll have all the cartridge artwork and keypad overlays on your Gypsy screen, so there’s no actual cartridge, handbook, or packaging.

You only have a few weeks. Don’t miss out!!

So, for you current owners–I ‘think’ that when we update our Gypsy on Nov 1st–we will “magically” get these cartridges– so don’t fret–you don’t have to buy ANOTHER gypsy!! 🙂 — Please don’t quote me on this…it’s just my guess of how it will work!


  • WWWWOOOO HHHHOOOO I have none of these and I know the tags, bags, and boxes are spendy on Ebay…. Awesome you sure made my day, thank you Miss Sarah….

  • Wow… I hope that this is as good as it sounds…. I don’t want to be the one to be a downer but, unfortunately if it sounds too good to be true it usually is…. Which would stink… It would be great if we did get them all because I have a whole slue of cartridges but, there are a few of those that I don’t have so that would be a nice little gift from Provo Craft. Here’s Hoping it’s true!!!

  • Okay, if this is true for existing owners, I will love my gypsy even more than ever before. I am excited for Nov to come. Thanks for sharing. Please send more updates as you hear more on this special.

  • I just got my gypsy two weeks ago and have all ready registered it do i need to re-register it? Thanks for the information. Cindy

  • Can this be true oh I hope I am not dreaming. I love to use my gypsy so much. I carry it more then my purse places. Thanks so much for this info. I am so glad that Im a follower of you and your website.

  • WOW Sarah…thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!! I hope you are right about the update with these carts on it….how AWESOME would that be!!!!!!!!!


  • Can someone tell me if you can take designs from the Gypsy and put them on your computer as a backup? or what happens if the Gypsy breaks in 6mths or 3 years?

    • Gloria,

      You can transfer files that are saved on your Gypsy to you computer, although I suggest an external hard drive or a flash drive, just in case. You can then drop them back on your Gypsy when you need them. Also, you can only open/convert the .gyp file with a registered version of the CDS and vice versa.

      If you Gypsy breaks and it is under 1-year warranty PC will replace or fix it for you. Other than that it would seem you are out of luck.

      I hope this helps!


  • it is definitely true that ALL of us registered gypsy owners will get these carts. pc let everyone know on the fb page. so HOORAY!!!

  • Seems its for real it was announced this afternoon on facebook
    Soo Thanks for letting us all know
    Im so so happy

  • Thank you for the wonderful info. I am an old Gypsy owner and have updated my Gypsy many times. I need to use it more, however when I do it works well.

  • I am bidding on a Gypsy on ebay. Hope I win it and get it before the 31st. Maybe I’ll have to get the Amazon one instead?

    • Trish… I hope you didn’t win the auction. Go to have the same gypsy you are bidding on w/ the free additional 4 cartridges (plus those 5 on Nov 1)for only $169!!!. The seller on ebay, proudparents2005 also own, & diecutcentral!! I just recently found this out the hard way and I’m highly pissed!!..but it is what it is. I paid more on ebay for a few things (to include the Gypsy) and then they turned around and had a big sale (even b4 this current one)!!! They also have like 50 cartridges for $19.95 right now so everyone go check it out! Glad I found this websute and post! Hope I helped! 😉

  • Ohh that’s brilliant news, I thought it’d only be for new ones!!- on the downside, set my alarm for 5am to bid on tags bags am paying about $65 + shipping !! Ah well lol

  • i passed up a TBBM at my Big lots a few months back only to kick myself in the backside for doing so! I lucked out and was able to get one with my cricut rewards!! Now if what you say is true for us “older” gypsy owners I along with everyone else before me can’t wait until November 1st we better make a schedule now so as to not overload the system with our downloads. So just to be fair, i’ll go first at midnight!

  • I bought my gypsy today at Micheal’s and I updated it but did not get the free carts. Then I realized the free carts are not available until Nov 1st. I felt silly. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gypsy already and even without the free carts, I will be using it A LOT. I will get more use out of my Cricut! Thanks for this info.

  • This is great! I got mine during the HSN World Launch. I’m sure I registered it then, but how can I confirm I’m registered? I’d hate to miss out on the 6 free cartridges. When I go to I have a login that works. Does that mean I’m registered for certain? Thanks.

  • Yeah..anyone notice that “Proudparents” on ebay (aka provocraft) now has Nov 30, 2010 listed as must be reg date? Kinda peeves me as I could have waited for a black friday sale to land one of these..instead I rushed out and bought this month.

  • I just received my Gypsy and it downloaded probably 30 cartridges. Is it supposed to do that? Not that I’m complaining but I just bought 5 of the ones it downloaded.

  • i registered and did the update but the cartridges don’t download…been fighting this for over a week…what’s wrong with it?

    • I was having the same problem! Was never offered an opportunity to load them BUT tonight while I was googling for help on how to load them. Someone had responded to another frustrated gypsy owner. They said look in your gypsy index and see if those cartridges names come up in black. If they were not downloaded they would be in red! I’m so excited!!! They are in black and were loaded!!! Would be nice if they would give you a confirmation that they were done!

      • How do you get them downloaded the ones that are in red I keep getting a message that doesnt have the right to print. Looked everywhere and cant seem to find any help

  • I am able to use the ones in red, but I havent hooked it up to my machine to actually cut though. If they are in red that means they are not usable?

  • The ones in red you cannot use to cut. Only the one in black that you have loaded on the cricut or downloaded. If you updated your gypsy, but the offered ones did not download, hook your gypsy to the computer and opend the gypsy program you had to download. I did this and it looked for updates and did it automatically. Mine did not do so the first time I was updateing, not sure why.

    I would love to have smiley cards, but how when it was a promo when I was not a gypsy can I ever get it. I would not have knwon it existed if it hadn’t been in red on the list.

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