Lots of Winners!!

First of all for thank you to all who played along in the Thursday’s Man-Stamp Contest, my DH and I had a ball reading all the entries!   As promised, I let him pick the winner and here’s what he had to say:

This morning while at work – I got an instant message from the sweet Pink Cricut.  She said, “Did you pick a winner yet?”  Since I am the ever-responsible husband and I forgot, I figured I would borrow a few of my favorite sayings from the giveaway and take ’em for a test drive.

My first thought was flattery… that’ll save my behind – so I responded “you’re the bomb.com sweetie” – Erin and then I said, “you know, you’re my hero” – Ginny.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” she quickly typed back.

Now, I am not a dope and knew that my next response had better lay it on thick or at least be quick witted, so I responded, “After all these years you still rev my engine” -Rhonda and when that didn’t work I typed out – “Does this hammer make my muscles look bigger?” – Ruth

“You’re not making sense, and  hammers do not make your muscles look bigger.  Just pick a winner,” the message box annoyingly informed me.

That’s when it hit me there was only one way out of this… “I apologize” – Melissa “I didnt realize, that when I married Mrs. Right, I discovered her name was ALWAYS'”- Jann and “I only argue when I am right, so I must be right.” – Debbie

We were now at an impass, and I was again informed, “JUST PICK A WINNER”

Being the mature husband that I am, I spouted off the first thing that came to my head, “I like boobies.” – Nana Jo Probably not the most appropriate thing to say because my chat session instantly ended.  So I will take this opportunity to apologize, “I’m sorry babe, its the dogs fault.” for my lack of maturity.  Below are your winners.

I must say I laughed really hard while reading these, and since yesterday I was sick on my birthday it was a great reminder of how fun life is.  I also decided to increase the winner pool to two.

Runner Up – Winning Oreos

Kim Harris: My husband and our 5 year old son always say to each other
“Pals to the end… Don’t forget it!”

Winner – $25 Gift Certificate

abusybee:Not now I am on a man-cation!

I can’t stand when he says that to me but I always laugh!!

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes and I’ll leave you with the guys tops four get out of trouble sayings:

And now, from the super-fun Oh My Crafts promotion this past weekend– I have the winner chosen, through random.org for the Halloween Stamp Set!

The Winner is….


Hello, I met you at CHA and I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy you listen to my request for fashion stamps. I love all the puns but there was a major need for fashion and feminine sayings. You’re ahead of the stamp game now. LOVE IT!

I did meet Jovan at CHA–and she had already seen my first release of stamps–and told me that she would LOVE it if there were fashion and girl sayings!  I like to listen to what you guys want to see –whether it is in videos or stamps, or whatever!  So, thanks to Jovan for talking to me at CHA and congratulations on winning!

The winner of the fantastic  Halloween Paper from Oh My Crafts is…

Eni said…
I am so glad you are having this challenge! I love Pink Cricut and OMC. The stamps are fantastic!!! What a great team!!!

Congratulations Eni!!

From the Post-It Craft Paper Giveaway

this person will win some AWESOME paper and a Purse post-it holder ( I am secretly jealous of this) 🙂

The winner is…..

Suella Gabel Love the craft paper, saw video on my favorite blog Pink Cricut, she gives great tutorials.I use post notes all the time couldn’t live without them.

If you are a winner–please email me your mailing address at sarah@pinkcricut.com


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