Were we Right? – Hello Thursday Cricut Cartridges

It’s Hello Thursday –and here are the newly released Cricut Cartridges!

The Cricut Circle members did get a sneak peak last night–but, now it is official–and I will share the new cartridges with YOU!

We were right on this one…The Nifty Fifties!

and this one too!  Birthday Bash!

So, where’s Coolio?

And, for you Circle Members–they released the next exclusive cartridge! Shall we Dance?

What do you think of the New Cartridge Releases?  Any that you HAVE to HAVE??

Here’s Cricut.com page


  • I want the birthday bash now!!! LOL
    Just a quick question though. Why would cricut put up a cricut circle cartridge for everybody to see if it is only available to cricut circle members?? Personally I can’t afford to be in it especially with the way the economy is….. just wondering :-/

  • They are awesome! But like you said…where is Coolio?!?!?! lol

    I’m doing pretty good so far…I haven’t been too crazy about the carts that are exclusive to Circle members. But when a cart comes out that I’m crazy about…I will probably have to join.

  • I am so excited about Nifty-Fifties and Birthday Bash!!
    I have no intention of joining the Cricut Circle any time soon as the cost is way more then I’m willing to spend. So I’m glad the cartridges that are exclusive to them have been ones I don’t really want. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  • Nifty Fifties is ok. Not one that I HAVE to have or ill die! But, I’m disappointed that they put so many animals AGAIN!!! They need to come out with something totally fresh!!! And… am I glad I quit the Circle!!! I don’t like that new cart at all!

  • I’m not feeling the need to buy any of them. I like the five little ballet girls on the dance cartridge but the rest are adults and I wouldn’t use them. But you never know… I have several cartridges that I didn’t originally want but once I saw others use them, I had to go out and buy them.

  • i think that i like the embossing folders more this time around. but i do wish i could get my hands on the dance cart since my daughter loves her dance classes.

  • Love the birthday one, might get it but then I just bought the imagine so I need to watch my craft spending for a while. Very disappointed in the circle cart. It is so user specific…again disappointed after not being that thrilled with French Manor either. Would love to see the circle carts geared to a wider audience since you have choice in what you are getting.

  • Totally loving the nifty fifties….it just might have to be my next purchase! 🙂 Have a great day, Sarah! Again, thank you for your posts and inspiration!


  • I agree – not thrilled with the exclusive circle cartridge, again. I may try to sell it on ebay or something. I kept FM in the hopes I would use it, but it’s just sitting there. Frustrating! I like the nifty fifties – it would be fun to use for my parents and aunts or uncles, and the birthday bash is cute, although I think I will hold off with buying any of them until they’ve been out a while and the price goes down.

  • Congratulations! You were so RIGHT! 🙂 I must have the Birthday Bash cartridgeis so CUTE! I’m an avid card maker, & just luv the card & tag features on it.:)



  • I want two!!! Can’t wait to ge my free one, and the Nifty Fifties looks awesome! Birthday Bash is cute, so I may get that one later! Thanks for the wonderful info.

  • Love them all… will wait until the price goes down. probably catch the circle one on Ebay. The circle it too rich for my blood….

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