A mini-Haul

A mini- haul from Michael’s and Tuesday Morning–

A friend needed to run to M’s–and I happily went along! 🙂   It is not very often that I turn down a trip to a craft store 🙂

This video is especially for Kimi, who did not let me slip a shopping trip past you all! 🙂 Kimi– you ROCK!


  • Great video like always Sarah . I love the stuff you bought . I need to buy a glue runner that doesn’t go all weird lol or gummed up

  • You know the quickutz tool has two tips you can exchange? the spatula end pops out and there is a poke prong type end. Nice little surprise.
    Great haul sweetie

  • I love my Quik Stik too! The little spatula end is good to use when you put letters thru your Xyron 150. Just run it around all of the edges of your letters and then you don’t get that glue mess when you peel 🙂

  • i tried to do some craft shopping today. & the lines were outrageous. i decided that it wasn’t worth long lines. i’ll shop tomorrow & get some deals…not as good as today’s deals but much better shopping atmosphere. glad that you got some good stuff.

  • I always love watching your hauls! I use the same glue runners and I love it! ….i guess I have a haul today too. i went into our Michaels to just get a MS stampset and found a ATG GUN!!! I used my 50% coupon so got it for 20$ woot woot!! 🙂


  • Hahaha!! Love it!! 🙂 And you rock as well!! I dont know why I love the haul videos sooo much….I guess its cause I live in a podunk lil town and dont get to go to the big city to the stores much…You help me figure out what I gotta have and make it a bit easier!! Keep em comin’!!

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