Light up your projects – Homemade Lightbox w/ Guest

Hey all, its a sleepy day here… as a matter of fact I think I am coming down with something… UGH 🙁

But I have wanted to share with all of you how to make your own lightbox.  I have had personal experiences where the lighting and the presentation of my cards and LO have been less than stellar even though they were outstanding creations.  So here’s how to present your projects in the best light – literally.

Today’s special guest is none other than Mr. Pink Cricut, and without further adieu here he is:


1 – 12x12x12 box or bigger

2 – flex neck lamps

1 – piece of white fabric at least 12 x 36 inches

2 – 23w bulbs

1 – box cutter

1 – hobby supporting husband

1 – Tape measure

1 – Sharpie

Let me know how it goes for you, I look forward to seeing your fantastic creations!!!

Happy Labor Day!


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