Cricut Search

So, there’s this new little site–that I LOVE!

It is called Cricut Search, and can simply be found at

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With this site you can find anything on any cartridges….

Say, you are sitting at your computer trying to think of which of your 205 cartridges has a car on it– You know you’ve seen it somewhere….

(ps. I don’t have 205 carts, but I know someone who does :))

Simply go to and type in car.  IT will bring up all the cartridges that have cars on them–and let you see them individually! 🙂

Yes, I know if you have  a Gypsy, then you have a search feature on that—but– really, the search feature on the Gypsy is not as in depth as it could be!

I have known about this site for a couple of months– and at first was skeptical…because I own the Gypsy…

But, do you know what I  found??  I found myself going to over and over again!

This is a new site, and improving all the time–but, currently it is up to date with all the cartridges including the LITES!

Here is a video on how the site works!  It’s so SIMPLE!

Do you think this is something you will use?  Check it out at


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