Cricut Imagine – The morning after

So I am sooooo sleepy… and before I showcase what just arrived in the mail, I want you to tell me what you thought of the HSN launch last night?

Leave a comment below telling what you like the most about the imagine.  What you are the most nervous about, and if you were persuaded last night to buy one.  I wanna know… tell, tell, tell…


  • I watched the recorded video on the website. I am really torn- I don’t have the money right this minute BUT! I like to do projects with multiples- like a set of matching cards etc. But I don’t live close enough to a good craft store to make sure I have enough paper to make halloween cards, or invitations or Christmas cards etc so the fact that I could PRINT as many of one design as I want or PRINT and CUT one aspect of a card would really make my life easier… I am nervous to bring the topic up to my hubbie lol! He promised me a craft building and I still don’t have that so hmmmmm. I was avoiding all the information as my way of pretending it doesn’t exist lol but I caved now I am trying to figure out how to make it work!!!!

  • Its a nice machine and all but I just can’t justify the price. I mean maybe if I was more of an avid and professional crafter I might have considered it but I don’t have a job and I’d just feel bad buying something that high when I know in a year or so they’ll lower the price when it isn’t selling like hot cakes.

  • Interesting concept, but the price and how much the ink will be will make it a little much for me. I have an expression and a baby bug already (and a wishblade that I have not even figured out yet LOL), so I can’t imagine getting this machine, too. Kind of cool, though.

  • I love the machine but it’$ ju$t not fea$ible right now. Maybe in a month or two. I agree with everyone else…how much am I going to be spending on ink carts? So, for now, I’ll just continue to play with my gypsy and expression. How about you?

  • i like the machine but to have to buy ink on top of the carts & other accessories…that is a lot of money that continues to go out the window. i already spend too much on this passion. lol also, on one of the posts someone mentioned possible ink fading. that is a concern too. i would like for things to last a while. so i am going to wait to more comments.

  • the HSN demo claims that you can print 150 FULL pages with the two full inks- so that boild down to 50 cents per full page in ink and with the white paper listed on the side on HSN it comes to 19 cents per sheet white paper- so 70 cents per printed page at those prices… yes it is a lot BUT then you can print a whole bunch of one sheet or many more with only filling in the cut/s being made… seems on the reasonable side to me- but I have to drive an hour to the nearest craft stores too… (and I am aware that that is only considering the ink and paper, not the cost of the machine)

  • I would LOVE one!! My husband even said IF we have $500 he would love to buy me one! I’m sure he is only saying that because we DON’T have that money right now. I am more afraid of the extra cost after the machine. I know I might not ever have to buy anything but white cardstock but buying paper stacks is part of the fun in cricuting for me!!! I know how much my regular HP printer cost for ink so I don’t think I would be able to afford to replace ink that often. PLUS it would kill me to waste ink if I messed up or did the wrong size!!

  • It looks like it is an amazing machine! Like the others, the price is hard to justify along with ink replacement. Especially since you can’t use coupons on Cricut items in the store. I think I would wait until is comes down in price a bit.

  • I didn’t even watch the launch because I saw the videos people took from CHA and that was enough to tell me I’m not interested in this machine. First there are the ink costs…then there’s the way I personally think it takes creativity out of creating. I am a graphic designer by trade and can easily create something in PhotoShop to print on one of the 3 printers I already have, complete with an outline of the image to hand cut it on…the imagine is just too costly for something that isn’t very flexible.

    The colors and patterns are all predetermined for you and I like more flexibility than that. Plus, the whole reason I have an Expression in the first place is because I love the way the layered paper pieces look. This kind of hard to achieve with the Imagine if everything is pre-printed.

    If I’m going to invest in another scrapbooking related machine it will be an HP 12 x 12 printer that is half the cost of the Imagine and capable of printing my digitally designed pages.

    I think it’s a nice concept but honestly a step down for Provo Craft…I’m not at all tempted by it.

  • I bought one and I’m so excited!! Can’t wait for it to arrive next week! Love that I can use all my cartridges with the patterns in the 3 imagine cartridges that come with the package!! Free shipping, no tax and easy pay, thanks HSN! I was going to wait but couldn’t pass up it up – I knew I’d end up buying it anyway! Very Cool!

  • Eh….not totally sold on it. I would have to see it firsthand and be able to actually touch the paper! To me, it almost looks too manufactured. Even when the layers are cut, it just has a “fake” manufactured look more than a handmade item. Kind of has a clip art feel to it. I know, I’m probably the only one who thinks this. Plus, I have a hard time keeping my printer in ink, I can’t imagine having to feed the Imagine too! Besides, I LOVE going to the store and picking out paper! It’s an obsession! Holding out…..

  • I didn’t buy one. I was almost persuaded at times but them just couldn’t justify it. I use my design studio constantly to weld and I don’t own a gypsy so I can’t weld on the new machine. Also, when they were showing us the stack of all the printed sheets, my husband pointed out that a ton of them had lines going through them like the ink was going way earlier. I rewinded it, and he was right!! Maybe after they upgrade and bring the price down, but no time soon 🙂

  • I have been on the fence with this but did end up getting it. My hubby actually was the one that said “just get it”. To be honest, I am excited, but I am already having a little buyers remorse. I am very concerned about the cost of the ink.. especially since Jinger said she got about 87 pages before the ink starting going. On the PC Q&A it states around 150 pages so I don’t know how it is going to work for me. I don’t plan on doing a lot of full 12×12 pages, mostly just individual cuts. Well, we will see how it goes once I get it… I like that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee just in case it’s not what I want. So… what did you get in the mail?? An IMAGINE???

  • If I hadn’t won one from the Gala I would have bought one! I am debating a Cartridge right now. I really want Nursery Tales but I think my hubby would kill me if I buy a cartridge before I have the machine in hand!

  • I just watched the Cricut Imagine segment on HSN. I have to say that I was a little tempted. What tempted me was all of the neat projects they show you and all of the 12×12 papers you could make. Not to mention the titles and embellishments you can make.A very neat concept. I was brought back to reality thinking about all of the ink, new carts, mats, etc that I would have to purchase to go along with it. Granted, I could probably sell my cricut and cricut expression and just have the imagine. Maybe one day, but I don’t think I need to have right now.

  • I got one..just couldn’t wait. I am worried about exclusive ink carts. The price will never be “cheap” if they are special..hopefully someone will figure out a cheat…lol

  • I sat up and watched!! I did not buy. Just don’t have the funds right now. I am excited that down the road I may be able to get one. Love the fact you can enter the RGB code in for the color you want. Exciting to print your own background paper.

  • The price is scary! lol. not to mention you have to buy mats just for it and then the ink. i like the feel of my projects and the homemade of them. I think the imagine is going to make this look too professional. lol

  • I just can’t justify it. I am addicted to my design studio and it won’t work with that. I watched the launch and I was waiting for something exciting to happen. I love to shop for my paper and the colors just looked flat. DCWV has the glitter on the paper and I can’t do that with the Imagine. Not to mention that I can buy it on clearance for 7.00 and that is a whole lot cheaper than the ink carts for like 90 sheets. Nope, not for me. Not impressed. I’ll stick with my expression.

  • I had decided that I did not need or want the I, but, I still watched the launch. I wish I hadn’t, because now I want one, I have no space for it. Hopefully they will be sold out by the time I decide for sure.

  • When I first heard about it I said NO WAY, way to expensive and now I have to buy ink cart.! well after watching the video’s and seeing what it can do I was on my puter a little after 9pm ordering one even tho the launch here wasn’t till 11pm. The hard part now is waiting for that brown trk to arrive around the 23rd.

  • I’m not sold — I think the price is way out of the average persons budget. How much would I really use it — I have soooooooooooo many toys now that I don’t fit them all in all of the time. The ink alone to add to the already high cost of the machine — I just can’t justify that in my budget or REAL wants!

  • I watched HSN last night about the imagine & liked it a lot, was thinking to see if I would really use it a lot, for exspence. Got a phone call, my hubby drives a truck, evidently he was watching TV & made a descision & it will be here next week.LOL I told him that was not figured in on budget, his answer: can’t take it with you. He is electronic guru in family & purchaser. Excited, kind of apprehensive all at same time!

  • I bought it! 3 carts, 5 payments!!! I think it is a good deal and would be kicking myself in the butt if i didn’t get it. My expression is having an attitude problem with the cut button… so, no better time to upgrade!! LOVE the fact that even though is has preset designs… you can change them with the other designs in the cart… AND when you plug in a regular cart.. with an imagine cart, you can use the designs from imagine to make your old carts SOOOOO much better!!! It’s great that you don’t have to print… you can choose to only cut if you wish. Not to concerned with the cost of ink…. hopefully it won’t be something that has to be replaced 2 often…. All and all I think it’s a thumbs up (from my hubby 2)!!! I live about 75+ miles from any craft store… this helped me justify this purchase!!

  • I ordered one! It was not in my budget; but my wonderful husband still said YES! I can’t wait for it to arrive. I am so excited! I LOVE my hubby!!!!!!

  • I bought mine at 11:02 (Central time) Whoo Hoo
    Now I just need to sell my Big Bug – with the Cake and Create machines, I’m afraid my husband will have a hissy fit! 🙂
    Can’t wait!!
    Also Cricut Circle members get an additional cart from PC

  • I did order one, and can’t wait to get it. Too bad there are so many other things on HSN that I want today, as well!!! Guess my resolution to stop buying so much papercrafting stuff just flew out the window!

  • I watched 30min of it and yes they were very persuasive but I did not purchase one because I can’t financially, will I later, I don’t know. I still have a hard time purchasing carts for my Expressin & Baby bug. I didn’t care much for the carts that have all the graphics, those for sure I will not buy. Overall I love PC and I love my cutting machines but not sure if I will get one :/

  • I don’t have HSN here, but watched the video on their site. It’s an interesting machine, but I’m not sure I would really like the “too professional” effect. I just purchased the Expression, and have ordered the Design Studio, and I’m sure I’ll be able to create everything I want with these.

  • I too can’t justify the price. I love my Expression…I’ve only had it for a few months and I can do so much with it and my Gypsy….and that’s enough for me! I have enjoyed seeing what folks are making with it though. It’s a cool machine.

  • I ordered one! My WONDERFUL husband tells me “Whatever makes you happy!” Thank goodness for flexpay!Now I might be able to swing purchasing a few of the cartridges, maybe every other month. But my understanding is if you baught the Imagine and belong to the circle you get another cartridge. Anything about that?

  • I wasn’t going to get it. Then my father called to tell me about a new machine that I would probably like. Little did he know I was watching hsn at the sametime. Turns out he bought for me. I’m like a giddy school girl

  • I didn’t watch the “official” launch, but watched a bit of HSN today. I’ll hold off until the price comes down. Until then, I love my E!

  • Ay! What can I say, within 15 min of watching the launch I was already on the phone. LOL
    I had told myself I’m not buying just curious and wanted to see. Luckily I live in the west coast so it was on at 9pm Monday. I do have a lil buyers remorse though. The whole ink price thing! I’m sure there will be some websites carrying the inks at reasonable prices. Well at least that’s what I’m hoping for! lol
    I’ll let y ou know how I like it once I get it sometime next week.

  • I jumped on board. When Ginger said it’s like having your own paper store that totally sold me! I’m not even gonna worry about the money… I normally am frugal and wait a few years for things to come down in price and work out the bugs.. but today ‘s my birthday so this will be my birthday present and christmas!

  • I was drooling when I saw the demo for the machine. I love all scrap tools and gadgets. I would have been tempted to purchase yesterday, but funds are tight plus,I have more than I use now. I love, love love my Expression.

    After thinking about it, I would have to know how much the ink costs, and the special mats. Those are big factors everyone should at least consider before buying awesome toys like that.

    Also, since this is a new machine, there will be upgrades and the price should drop also.

    I hope to see one in person and try it out when the retail stores have them. :o)

  • My dear,sweet husband TOTALLY surprised me with one for my birthday which is tomorrow. I feel a bit overwhelmed by it, but I am looking foward to playing with it. I was just planning to upgrade as my oringial Cricut is on its last leg. I REALLY got an upgrade!

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