Cricut Imagine $499

As, the Cricut Imagine, approaches it’s release on Sept 13/Sept 14th– depending on your time zone– Cricut has been releasing Fun Imagine Facts:

cricut image machine

The one that made me the happiest is this one:

Cricut Imagine Fun Fact #2: Cricut Imagine MSRP is just $499!! Look for the exclusive HSN bundle, bundle price, and financing options Sept. 14.

Not that $499 is economical, but it is better….I had mentioned to some of my friends that Cricut would knock $100 off, and I was right…but, my DH thinks they will add that $100 back on, with a special package deal of some sort.

Here are the rest of the FUN facts they shared:

Cricut Imagine Fun Fact #1: Cricut Imagine prints and cuts nearly any kind of paper (white or colored), cardstock (85 lb recommended), printable vinyl, photo paper, transparency materials, printer paper, some fabric, stickers, etc.

Cricut Imagine Fun Fact #3: Cricut Imagine DOES work with your original Cricut cartridges. And, when paired with a color/patter Cricut Imagine cartridge, your original Cricut cartridge shapes can be flooded with color and pattern, print and cut!!

I am very happy about not being exclusive to their new cartridges.

Cricut Imagine Fun Fact #4: If you have a lot of patterned paper you don’t like and it’s collecting dust, flip it over and print/cut with Cricut Imagine on the plain white backside. No more waste!

hmmm…paper I don’t like??? Don’t think that’s possible 🙂


  • Christmas is will be here before we know it and it would make for a great gift. I wondering if there will be a black Friday deal out there on this.

  • Have they visited the point of~if the Imagine carts will be used with Cricut, Are they still going to make Cricut carts,or, are they soon to be obsolete? I really doubt the obsoleteness, being that there is still money to be made, however one has to wonder. LOL`obsoleteness’, I guess it IS real word, There is no red line under it as I type!

  • Am I the only one who noticed the typo??? 😉 September 13-14….not August!! Silly girl!! but $499 is better then it was…And I’m with you gals…black friday deal would rock!! 🙂

  • $499.00 huh? I’m suppose to be retired! I’ll have to get a part time job if I keep up with all the changes in crafting! I just bought the Expression in March and I still haven’t learned all it’s secrets. What will I do with the Imagine? I’m still out on this decision!

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