Zutter Cutter?

Have you seen the NEW Zutter Cutter?

…puts the little paper trimmers to shame! Cuts almost anything, from chipboard, book board, Zutter Canvas Artboard, Zutter Clipboard Wood, foam board, stacks of cardstock, leather and Zutter’s New Corrugated Cardboard. Adjustable blade height allows for scoring, left/right paper guide, 13″ deep cutting platform. Ideal for paper crafters, model makers, architects.

Here is a video on it in action!

So,  my question is…can you justify 169.99 on a heavy duty paper cutter like this??

Oh, and the Blade Replacements are $5.99– that I can handle!

PS.  I know they are trying to tempt me personally with those pink accents 😉


  • I LOVE THIS! I don’t know how I could justify this purchase yet though. It would make an awesome gift if it were just a little bigger. I have two cutters right now – but nothing that can really handle the heavier material. How much are the blade replacements? I would assume the heavier material you cut the more often you would need to replace a blade. Maybe the price will come down in the next year or a nice retailer will have a special. BU I love the idea and the product. Thanks for posting this!

  • I think I would spend that much, only because I need something that is going to do the job right, all the paper cutter out right now just don’t do it for me. I will be getting one of these! I hope you can post a discount code or something, if so I’ll get it from you….

  • for $169.99 I would need Alex (or another equally trained cutter) to accompany it. :0)
    I just could not justify spending that when I mostly only cut paper. I’m sure for those who cut a lot of chip board and such, it would be worth it.It did seem to do a really good job!

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