How to MAGICALLY clean your MATS

I have been promising you all a way to clean your mats, that is going to leave you standing in awe!

Today I have that video for you and I have to say, –you are going to think I have gone crazy–but, then you are going to try this for yourself–and you are going to want to HUG me!! 🙂

It’s okay–I take long distance HUGS!

Also, on another note…I am so excited–because this is my 100th video I have made for you all!  It went so fast– and I enjoyed making every single one.  If you are newer follower–you can go to my Youtube page to see all of the videos– by clicking on the RED Youtube Heart in the top left corner of my page! 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: I am using BRAKE CLEANER not to be confused with BRAKE FLUID

Also, I have been asked a couple of questions– Does your mat smell afterwards?  Nope– the smell evaporates from the air, and doesn’t leave any “smell” on your mats.

You might want to tape off the edges of the mat, to keep it from getting sticky on the green parts of the mat.  I have to admit, I sometimes do this…and sometimes don’t.  :/ I am a pretty good sprayer though–and usually don’t get much on the edges! 🙂

And…the spray adhesive I used in the video is something I picked up at CHA– but, you can find the same kind of thing at your local craft store–(I always want something I can go buy–and not have to order and wait for it).  Just look for REPOSITIONABLE SPRAY ADHESIVE.  3M/ Scotch makes it, so does Krylon, SLICE and maybe Aleene’s.

***Another question, I have been asked–is does the cleaner leave a residue? It may leave a slick residue, but can easily be wiped off w/ a papertowel.   I have sprayed my sticky right on afterwards and been fine.  But, for the best result, wipe down w/ dampened papertowel before spraying your adhesive!

***Disclaimer: Removing the original adhesive and adding new adhesive voids your machine warranty for any new Cricut owners


  • That’s ingenious! I have been using the temp spray adhesive, but I have just been using baby wipes to clean the gunk off my mat. Thanks for the great tip!

  • AWESOME!!! Long distance 🙂 I have a few mats I need to clean, but like
    you I just bought more. I have seen some posts that give you products to try
    and do this but your video was WOW, and showed exactly what to do. Thanks for

  • Brake cleaner huh…I use Elmer’s Sticky out but it’s the same price or more for a lot less and I had to scrape a lot harder…so totally gonna try this for sure. I haven’t tried spray adhesive but I’ve used the Zig 2-way and it worked ok. The most cost effective method I’ve seen though is tack it over and water brushed on with a foam brush. Check out this video how to do it:

  • Nice! Thanks for the tip! I would suggest people look for brake cleaner at a recycle/reuse center in their town. People are able to drop off items like oil, paint, etc to these and then others can get them free. It’s my Hubby’s favorite place to “shop”!

  • Love the idea about using my husbands tools- spatula! This is a great idea. Glad you also posted about voiding the warranty. I hear from people that “work” for the brands recommend not doing any of these things and just purchasing new.
    I hate to throw them away and not re-use. Thanks for the great hints.

  • What a money saver! Thanks. I have been getting more use out of my mats by using blue painters tape to hold paper on. It works pretty good but you have to be very careful when removing tape not to tear paper.

  • Thank You Sarah this is one reason I love your blog you have all these great ideas to help us out and to show us new things. and just so much more. 100 I can’t beleive it that was fast thanks again


  • Great tip ! I have used a couple of products from Custom Crops that did the same thing but I’m sure are more expensive.

    I’d like to add another tip to this – when re-spraying with the adhesive. Cover the green border parts of your mat with scrap paper or masking tape. This will ensure you don’t get any adhesive on the borders of the mat will would cause to problems/damages to the machine.

  • I think I may try this. I have used baby wipes to clean my mats and then used the zig 2 way wide tip and it works ok, but I think I like the idea of REALLY scraping all the stuff off and starting fresh. I am going to look for the repositionable spray as well… looks much faster and more of an even coat than the Zig. Thanks so much Sarah.

  • I have used the Zig pens and I think it works ok. BUT – with the Zig pen be sure NOT to remove the original Provocraft adheasive before you re-glue it!! I have areas around the edge of my mat that only has the Zig glue and the paper REALLY sticks to it and rips EVERYTIME (unless you just leave the 1st bit of paper stuck there – lol)!

    Also I highly recommend washing your mats with dishsoap every 3-4 uses – it really makes a BIG differnce in keeping your mats usable longer before you have to re-glue them. 🙂

    • Hey ladies, make sure your not using brake FLUID – That will ruin your mats… you need to use break CLEANER…

      FLUID= lubricates and will ruin your mats

      CLEANER= degrease and will prolong the life of your mats…

      Dont get confused… THIS WILL SAVE YOUR MATS… having invested in waaaaaaay to many – keep your money for other crafting supplies, not new mats 🙂

      ~ Mr. Pink Cricut

  • I love this idea. I may just have to go to walmart tomorrow and get some break cleaner, hubby doesn’t have any in the shed. I usually use my repositionalbe spray for quilting. I can’t wait to try this.

    Laurie L.

  • What a great idea! This is why I think your blog is the best…always helpful and useful tips…makes crafting that much more fun! 🙂

  • What an awesome tip!! I am heading to the garage to see if hubby has some right now. I need to re-do many mats. I want to hug your right now, too. =)

  • Thanks for the info!! I used Krylon’s adhesive remover once & it ruined my mat extremely bad!! So thanks for the brake cleaner note, I’m going into the garage tomorrow to steal it from the hubby!! I use Aleene’s re-tack 50% & 50% water & wipe on with a foam brush & it works fabulously for making the mat sticky again & again!!

  • I also use repositionable adhesive spray, but I never take all the old glue off!
    (but my mats aren’t that dirty as your’s :P:P:P)

    Have a great weekend, Hugs Anja

  • Hmmm, degreaser eh? Simple Green is a degreaser…wonder if that would work as well as the brake cleaner?

    BOY howdy was THAT a dirty mat!! Thanks for the tip!

  • Great tip. I am also an embroiderer and just this week got a cool tip to remove adhesive from them using liquid fabric softener. I love you ladies.

  • Wow! that’s awesome. I’ve been using repositionable spray for a long time but haven’t found anything that cleans all the old gunk off like your video shows.

  • Sarah,

    Great tutorial! I have never heard of this method! I have seen glue removers, but can’t buy them here in Canada! I am wondering if my Dad has any that I could give it a try before I buy some of my own. That was one yucky matt you started with.

  • This is an awesome tutorial and a great idea! I use Goo Gone to clean my mats. I buy it in the spritz bottle, spritz the entire mat and wait a minute or two, then use a dry paper towel to remove the “gunk”. It works really well, too.

    Thanks for the info! :o)

  • I have used this several times and it works great…with one caveat. The brake cleaner I used removes the white part of the mat as well. It doesn’t matter and re-stickying it works just fine, but it freaked me out a little the first time I tried it.

  • I was so excited to see this great tip until I tried it. The brake cleaner I used, took EVERYTHING off the mat including the green coloring for the border and the grid lines. Any suggestions on why that happened? I did wipe the cleaner rather than using a scrapper, but I don’t think that would have made a difference.

    Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

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