Hands-on Punch Review

Everywhere Punch™ Window System

The Everywhere Punch by Fiskars- sparked some excitement among crafters everywhere!  What a great idea, to be able to punch that circle or square wherever you wanted to on the page–not being limited by corners or edges??

BUT…I got to try this punch system out at a Make N Take Fiskars booth— and unfortunately, it did not leave me excited.  I consider myself a pretty quick learner– but, these were complicated to piece together and then pushing them down was even more difficult!

As, I struggled along with many other women trying to push the punch down– the woman leading the Make N Take, said…”yeah, they are really hard to pus down…my hands are killing me.”

So, if you have HULK strength–I say go for it!  They are a fantastic idea–but, if not….you might want to wait til something a little more user-friendly comes onto the market– or use your Cricut for anywhere circles!

There are other new punches on the market that I did like though…including others from Fiskars.

These super-cute border punches by Fiskars will be a MUST in my scraproom, to go along side the timeless Threading Water and Apron Lace Border Punches !

Notebook Border Punch

Notebook Border Punch

Postage Stamp Border Punch

Postage Stamp Punch

In Stitches Border Punch

In Stitches

I tried my hand at the new Martha Stewart Deep Edger and Corner Punches–and they worked just as easily as her old punches.  A little bit of resistance—but there was no need to stand up and push down with all your weight!

Martha Stewart Deep edge punch- Daisy Fan


  • Love that you shared this post about punches. I HATE when punches are hard to use.
    Hopefully they will continue to improve if we all let them know how we feel about those products.
    Great job

  • I tried these at CHA, too and didn’t like them. My sister’s got stuck so the demo lady just took it and banged it on the floor to loosen it up. It did the punch out ok but you do have to have some strength to do it. Also thought it was a waste to not be able to use the cut out–it had 3 holes punched in it as that’s how it holds the paper in place.

    I do like the other Fiskars punches a lot, tho. Just wasn’t impressed with these

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