Friday’s winner and Cartridge Predictions

I had to post the winner tonight (even though it is early  morning)  so, that I could make way for the FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, SUPER-FUN Back to School Hop tomorrow morning!! 🙂

So, the winner of the Cute Country Living stamps is Lori from

CONGRATULATIONS LORI!  If you could email me your address, I can get you the Country Living Stamp set out  to you Monday morning! 🙂

Also–I wanted to let you know–that I was so busy crafting and working

on my project for tomorrow’s blog hop–that I missed the “special” reward items that were on for Circle Members.  Bummer.

Oh well, there wasn’t any particular item, I was DYING to have–thankfully.  Or, I might have to pout!

On another NOTE:

I have a prediction of the new cartridges that will be released here soon:

First let me introduce you to the new cuttlebug folders that I saw at CHA- that coordinate with the cartridges: Mini Monsters (my sister won this set), Sentimentals, Freshly Picked, and Robots.

Now look at these embossing folders that are coming out– Country Life, Rock Princess,  Happy Hauntings, Give a Hoot, and Winter Frolic…

So what do you think this could mean…these embossing folders are ALSO coming out….

Coolio,  Birthday Bash, Nifty Fifties, and Boys will be Boys….along with Paisley and Simply Charmed.

While at CHA, I did have the opportunity to go into the “SECRET BOOTH” to look at pics of upcoming cartridges–which would totally match some of these embossing folders!

So, what do you think?  Are these carts you might want to see?


  • Im having a hard enough time keeping up with the cartridges, now they spring the cuttlebug folders on me, someone slip me a zoloft!!! I saw the Mini Monsters and Wall Decor Folders at my Ben Franklins last week, somehow I passed on them. Def will have to get Rock Princess when that comes out. Im with Maureen on the new carts!

  • I would LOVE a good tween-older boy cart. Dude is too graphic and I don’t like the style, but I need something with more grown up skateboards, bikes, vehicles, etc. I know these images exist on other carts but they are very childish.

  • I want to see the 50’s
    On another note, I am a circlet and did not know there were special rewards items for us! how did u find out? and how often r we getting a chance? I would love if you could replt, and cannot wait till ur blog hop!!

    • Gaby, just log into your Cricut Circle account, and then go to Rewards–and at the top there will be a WeLCOME CRICUT CIRCLET header. Then you can click on promotional and see what’s new! 🙂

  • Sarah, you didnt miss them!! the rewards is only a preview they are listed as out of stock until everyones points are adjusted to make it fair. You just have to keep checking the site to see when it goes live…rumor has it on thurs..FYI

    • Thanks Michelle–it was late when I stumbled upon it, so I didn’t go into the MB to read about it too much! Although, when it does go live, it wouldn’t surprise me if it did all sell out that quickly!

  • Congrats Lori!
    Sarah – I missed the Cricle rewards also. I knew nothing about it. How did you find out? Hope you have a great weekend!

    • I guess we didn’t miss them–apparently they are just sneak peeks and eventually the “out of stock” will come off! 🙂 Thanks Michelle for that info!

  • I am definitely interested in BOY stuff. They just had the boys cart came out through Walmart, so maybe there’s a full boy cart coming out that isn;t too baby boy! I’d LOVE to see that one!

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