It’s Fair Time

I had so much fun with the blog hop this weekend–and am so glad you hopped with us!

The winner will be announced in the morning–I have just a few comments to count! But, here is a project using the stamps that one lucky commenter will win!!

I came from a small town, where everyone would show up at the country fair.  My dad would run into old high school friends, on every corner.  High school kids would walk around, sipping on freshly squeezed lemonade made by cheerleaders–dodging any droppings left by the animals hauled in and out and around the fairgrounds.  My aunts and grandma would always enter their “work” into the fair–whether it be baked goods, flowers, crochet, or dolls.  Then they’d walk through the buildings every 5 minutes, waiting to see if they won a blue ribbon.

Now, I live near a city–where the State fair is held.  And, when we go– we don’t run into too many people we know–because the fairgrounds are packed with people from all over!  The smell of corndogs and pigs fill the air.  It is hot and humid–and you have to pay $4 for a bottle of water.  But, still we go every year.  This year I will go to see Keith Urban in concert–in my cowboy boots, paisley sundress and cowboy hat.

When I asked my facebook friends the other day, what projects they would like me to work on–the Fair came up as an idea–so I went with it, since I had this super cute Country Life cartridge to use along with the Pink by Design Country Living stamps! 🙂

I just love the hog and chicken!! You could put all kinds of the sentiments with this cut– Best Buds, Hogs and Kisses—can you think of any other Pink by Design sentiments that might work?


  • Super cute!!!! Within the last year I moved from city to pure country (and loving it), but this is my first year to submit something in a fair! I’m excited and loving this time of year. That is the perfect little card for my neck of the woods; or in my case, my neck of the farmland. 🙂 TFS!!!!

  • Well, the good thing with county fairs is there is certainly a variety of judging going on! Not only animals, but FOOD, pictures, 4H projects, plants, etc. So you could really have a field day creating fruit (You are Berry Special)…”Sweet Pea” with peas in a pod, etc.

    Have fun with it!

  • Too cute! We went to the fair every year, but never took a camera! I’ll have to take granddaughter and get pics of her now.

  • Love this card. Our fair starts tomorrow and my family loves going to all the exhibits. We always take lots of lots of pictures and I always make a fair album so we can compare year to year. New rides, new food, new exhibits, etc.

  • I have lived in a rural area all my life; however, we do not have fairs here anymore. When I was a little girl there was one called the “Keller Fair.” I remember attending it with my grandparents. What wonderful memories you have brought to mind.


  • Sarah love the lace touch…if you had some of your Grammas work how much more special would that make the card(although you would need to send it back to yourself as a keepsake!. Enjoy your fair.
    Cathy S

  • I love your card!! Very cute. Was just looking over your Pink by design sentiments to see what I would use with the chiken and the pig. Ok, now I’m going to share my quirky side..hehehe. As most of today’s fall fairs have great concerts included in their venue. I would put sunglasses on the pig and a chain around the chicken’s neck and use “Party like a Rockstar”!

  • What a very cute card!!!

    Our fair just ended.
    The demo derby at our fair was my
    Sweetheart and my first date.
    Only have missed two in all of my 58 years.

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