The Embossing Technique You’ve Been Waiting FOR!!!

Some of you saw these nifty little templates I purchased at CHA, that allowed me to emboss,  leaving a blank spot in the embossed paper.  This blank spot allowed me to have room  to stamp!  I thought it was such a fantastically clever and simple idea- that I just had to try to make them myself!!

Well, I figured it out–and now I am going to show YOU all…this trick PLUS another simple, but MUST KNOW embossing trick to use with stamping sentiments from the Pink by Design Stamp Sets 😉 ;).  (or whatever stamps you have laying around)

This tutorial reminds me of another tutorial I did, on making your own EMBOSSING PLATES–you can check that out HERE!  Come on, click it–you know you want to!

So, what’d you think? Was it w

orth the wait?


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